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We are glad you were motivated and curious enough to bother. We hope you will be entertained during your visit; read a few sample chapters from some of Visible's books, sample a portion of his tunes or, stare hypnotically into space, awaiting some strange epiphany that will provide answers for your unanswered questions (visible would probably say “grin” right about here). He tells us that the reason he writes out the word, “grin” is because he very much dislikes smileys and “lazy ass abbreviations like lol and lmfao”. Visible views this kind of thing as a product of Cellphonitis, which is a chronic condition that results in degenerative idiocy and bad highway manners.

Les Visible is a kind of Renaissance Man, being as he is responsible for a prolific output of artistic renderings in various media. He is a lover of God, a performing singer/songwriter, a poet, a standup comedian, a radio personality, a novelist, a contributor to various blogs- “read around the world” under the guise of Dog Poet Transmitting (this appellation came about due to Visible's resonance with the Sirius Cluster), a metaphysician, a theater actor, a student of the martial arts, a practitioner of Shiatsu and other body working techniques, a psychedelic voyager and occasional visitor to the inner kingdom where he hangs out (when permitted to) with his invisible friends. There is a great deal more that can be listed and was listed but Visible says, “this is already embarrassing and more than enough”.

Visible's life is a fascinating travelogue of meetings with known and interesting people, mysterious strangers as well as alien intelligences. Why these things have happened to him is something he doesn't know, or at least that is what he maintains. He's been thrown into some awful prisons and jails for extended tours of duty and was held for 16 months at the maximum security, John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane. This is the present location where they are constructing the Homeland Security complex. This was (at the time) one of only two secure Federal facilities, where the truly dangerous and insane were housed. Visible met serial killers, mass murderers and all kinds of fascinating life forms. While he was incarcerated there, some of these very dangerous people were released, only to kill again. Dr. Kunev, who was Visible's physician, declared that Visible was far too dangerous to be released, even though Visible's only crime was to facilitate the purchase of two ounces of pot during a government setup, orchestrated by Scientology, which had declared Visible a suppressive for no good reason, other than simply telling the truth.

Some years later, Visible was once again set up by government agents and was facing a mandatory 60 year sentence. Miraculously, with only a court appointed lawyer, he managed to prove entrapment in the state (Hawaii) with the highest conviction rate in the nation. He is still the only person in the history of that state to achieve this. Finally Visible got a clue and realized that the Zionist owned states of America was toxic for him and he moved to Europe. Until a successful revolution takes place (if ever), Visible is not setting foot in America again.

The greater details of this interesting life will be covered in full, when Visible writes his autobiography, if he ever does (his words). If you've got questions about anything and they are questions that Visible can answer, just put them in the comment section provided for that purpose. Thank you for coming by. Feel free to purchase anything and everything you might find of interest to you and also, please consider donating in support of the important work that Visible does each and every day for free. There is a Paypal button at the top of the page. Thank you one and all. Om Amitabha! Hare Krishna and Ahrooooooooooooooooo!

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