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The Curious Tale of Ash and The Whine

The Curious Tale of Ash and The Whine

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A Novel of the Unnatural and Supernatural; A Tale of Mystery, The Occult and... 9/11

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5 star

'Outstanding book'

'This book, like the authors previous novel is provocative and hard to put down. Les Visible is a great writer and here he takes us on a ride of action, occult and modern day events, put together in a clever style. Interesting characters, real scenarios, simply a great read.'
Robert Sharman

5 star

'One scary, spellbinding book...'

'This is one scary, spellbinding book. If Sam Peckinpah, Quinton Tarantino and William Butler Yeats got together on a tale, it might come out something like this one, although, at its heart, it is a beguiling, bittersweet love story. Elegantly written, plan on a full weekend at least with uncountable ignored interruptions because the intensity and action will glue you to its pages like nothing you've ever read before. Even then, when its all said and done, it will haunt you as a sort of elevated platform from which viewing the planet's population demands more compassion than you thought was possible.

In this way, we can see it as en extra curricular education, a seemingly impossible sudden understanding of people and their situations, crimes and deeds against humanity we unconsciously, and often consciously, prefer to push away as if they don't exist while plainly the author forces us to accept the brutal reality of the world we presently inhabit.'


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