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Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World

Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World

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A Modern, Self-Help Guide

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5 star

'A Masterpiece.'

'It is what it is.
A Masterpiece.
A Piece of Master.
A Master's Peace.
A Peace of Master.

I '4 Starred' Laotzu's writings, because I'm almost sure he would have wanted it that way.
I '5 starred' Les Visible's writings because I'm pretty confident Laotzu would have wanted it that way.'


5 star

'Exquisitely Resonant'

'Have you ever picked up a book that just resonated?

That experience whereby it seems that the author is expressing not just truths, but truths that you suddenly realize you know and recognize, but the book elucidates and reinforces them far better than your internal processing had? The ideas and concepts don't just ring true, they are truly resonant and illuminating? This book, for me, is one of those.'

Ignatious Ingvald

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