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Songwriter by Les Visible


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Songwriter; (and isn't he just?).

Songwriter was first published in 2006; Visible (perhaps unusually) talks about some of the tracks on it:

Gone, Baby, Gone
'I suppose this is a strange song- but I'm pretty strange myself. It just came out of nowhere and there it was. It's atmospheric and sort of a hi-purple chiaroscuro [1] winking by narcotic riverbanks.'

Rocket Ship
'Well, we can't actually be stranded here. Death might even be a flying saucer to other worlds. I know that faith is. If you lose faith it's the same as running out of gas. Of course, I use electro-magnetics... and faith.'

Iridescent Dreams
'I feel honored to have been allowed to write this one. I'll feel better later though, if, and when I understand what I am talking about. It's different, I'll say that for it.'

God Bless You Cindy Sheehan ~ 4:47
Everlasting Love ~ 4:37
Fade Away ~ 3:37
Every Fairytale ~ 4:09
Some Lovers ~ 5:00
Gone, Baby, Gone ~ 4:20
Rocket Ship ~ 4:10
And We Could All Be Free ~ 6:34
Smoke and Mirrors ~ 4:03
Iridescent Dreams ~ 4:57

First released: 26 June 2006
Album length: 46:38

℗ 2006 Les Visible

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