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Les Visible Sacred Couplet Bundle

The 'Sacred Couplet' Bundle

Digital Download in epub, Kindle and HTML formats (E-Book) and MP3 (music) - 119.0Mb

Sacred, Cultured, Sophisticated, Erudite, Scholastic...and Profane.

F rom the svelte tones of Vanity on the Sacred and Profane music album, through to the eye-popping sensitivity (and apparent authenticity) of Shakespeare's Lost Plays; Soliloquy Extracts...

You can stream and sample all of the tracks on "The Sacred and The Profane" using the media player on this page; if you missed it, you'll find it tucked away behind the image at the top of your screen.

I Love Country Music ~ 3:50
Gone Too Far in Front ~ 4:05
Graveyards of the Heart ~ 4:42
Lucky Day ~ 4:01
Nothing More ~ 5:08
You Remind Them of Me ~ 0:59
Vanity ~ 5:10
The World is a Rumor ~ 1:27
Mountian of Release ~ 3:57
You Wanna Dance ~ 3:58
Miracle of Love ~ 2:57
Death is Calling My Name ~ 3:33
Listening to God in the Morning ~ 6:51

The Sacred and The Profane
First released: 3 October 2007
Album length: 51:15

℗ 2007 Les Visible


The Lost Plays of Shakespeare; Soliloquy Extracts
2 Sample Soliloquys

All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2014 Les Visible

This is a book and music gift for those who have an eye for beauty; and anyone who enjoys the finer things in life. It should appeal particularly to academics, faux-academics, art historians, members of the British upper-class flapdoodle and otherwise people of good taste everywhere. (Not for sale in Canada).

You can get more detail on both the album and the book by clicking through on the image links below, 'though more detail yet, by clicking on the 'Add to Cart' button above.

The Sacred and The Profane

The Lost Plays of Shakespeare; Soliloquy Extracts

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