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Les Visible's "Just Because you can't see it..." Mug

Les Visible's "Just Because You Can't See It..." Mug

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Warning Triangle
This mug, in common with the others you'll find on this web site are sold at near-cost price - and Visible will make very little in terms of $ on each sale.
Please therefore buy this mug only if it is something that you really want! If your motive for buying is more akin to wanting to support Visible, please instead buy one of his music albums or books - cheaper for you, and that way Visible will see more $ - thank you!

This is nice quality, sturdy, dishwasher and microwave safe glossy ceramic mug. Perfect for drinking tea or coffee or stashing pencils and whatnot.

The important thing is - and what makes it better than many a mug - is that it bears not one, but two pictures of Visible. He is depicted wearing variants of his "9/11" shirt. One shirt displays the first part of a famous Visible saying: "Just because you can't see it (doesn't mean it isn't there...)"

while the picture on the opposite side of the mug completes the phrase: "And just because you can see it... (doesn't mean it is)."

There is a lot of truth in that phrase... then again, it's likely you're only on visible's site because of the truths you will find here.

Despite there being a double Vis pic on this mug there was still room to emblazon it with a snazzy LESVISIBLE.COM swoosh. How classy!

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