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Les Visible, Dog Poet Mug

Les Visible's "Dog Poet Transmitting......." Mug

This item ships from California and both the shipping charge applied and time frame for delivery may vary, depending on your address! Please allow up to 21 days for delivery outside of the continental USA.


Warning Triangle
Sorry, that we can't sell this mug just yet.
Harsh fact is, that in order to sell any print item, we have to have what are termed "Extended Image Licences" and you'll be unsurprised to learn that these licences don't come free. The hope is that we can get the money (it's somewhere around $400.00 total, with taxes) through book and music sales, so please watch this space.

Meantime, and to anyone who might help towards raising this licencing money - your humble elf will be sincerely grateful, and thank you!

This is nice quality, sturdy, dishwasher and microwave safe glossy ceramic mug. Perfect for drinking tea or coffee or stashing pencils and whatnot.

The important thing is - and what makes it better than any other mug in the Multiverse - is that it's triple-themed...

You'll find Teczatlipoca, Ganesha and Shiva (representing all three of Visible's most popular blogs) topped-off with Visible's opening mantra: "Dog Poet Transmitting.......".

This is just one of a collection of Visible "blog" themed mugs which are, or will be available. Hopefully, soon.

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