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Les Visible Music Bundle

Visible's Big Music Box Bundle

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Digital Download in MP3 format - 1.25Gb

It's the BIG ONE. Every Visible Music Album...

At the time of writing, it's all of them, anyway (Mr. Apocalypse has yet to arrive). That aside, this collection represents all of Visible's albums to date, including the 4 albums he made in the 80s and 90s with The Critical List - and for the first time ever, they're available in one big bundle.

This is something which all Visible fans should own...

...though if you don't buy it for yourself then do think about some other Visible fan who might enjoy it? What a gift! And you know what? I know someone who I think would really like this; Visible himself (and no, he has not put me up to this; he doesn't 'put me up' to anything). Fact is, I know that through hard-drive failures, memory sticks going astray and general inattention, Vis himself owns probably less than half of his own music collection (grin).

Every MP3 track in this collection (and in every album) has been lovingly stamped with both the album artwork and MP3 metadata - so watching these tracks in your own media player will be as easy on the eye as keeping them organized in your music library. Enjoy!

You can stream and sample one track from each of these 12 albums* using the media player on this page; if you missed it, you'll find it tucked away behind the image at the top of your screen. If you want to sample all the tracks from the albums featured on this page, you can click through to the respective album pages using the links below.

*Plus one track from The "Mr Apocalypse" Album, though that album is not included in this bundle...


9/11 Was an Inside Job
First released: 11 September 2002;
Album length: 51:05

℗ 2002 Les Visible

Almost A Capella
First released: 3 October 2007
Album length: 48:13

℗ 2007 Les Visible

Color Ball
First released: 3 October 2007
Album length: 53:20

℗ 2007 Les Visible

God in Country
First released: 14 February 2001
Album length: 47:38

℗ 2001 Susanne Kramer

Jews from Outer Space
First released: 12 May 1993
Album length: 36:51

℗ 1993 Les Visible, Franklin Russell and Bud Clifton

La Vierge Sperme Danceur
First released: 1 April 1987
Album length: 41:43

℗ 1987 Les Visible & Franklin Russell- sometimes Bud Clifton

Les Visible, The Album
First released: 1 September 2002
Album length: 42:57

℗ 2002 Les Visible

Not Politically Correct
First released: 12 August 1992
Album length: 54:45

℗ 1992 Les Visible & Franklin Russell

First released: 26 June 2006
Album length: 46:38

℗ 2006 Les Visible

The Pope of Rock and Roll
First released: 1 April 1987
Album length: 41:12

℗ 1987 Les Visible and Franklin Russell

The Sacred and The Profane
First released: 3 October 2007
Album length: 51:15

℗ 2007 Les Visible

Visible Unplugged
First released: 20 May 2016
Album length: 48:54

℗ 1981 Les Visible

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