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♫ And We Could all be Free ♫

Les Visible

"I guess this song is about things I believe we ought to be thinking about instead of using issues to promote our craven agendas..."

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There was a foreign writer
Who wrote about his land
The government objected
And cut off both his hands
She dreamed she was a dancer
Who never wore a veil
They took her somewhere private
But we never heard that tale

The tiny whores and soldiers
You've heard it all before
The virus killed their parents
Along with genocide and war
Millions without medicine
My God that sure is cold
The bankers took the diamonds
The women and the gold

And we could all be free
And we could all be free

You can buy a boy or girl
As young as you might wish
In many cities of the world
They'll serve them on a dish
And you can have some sex with them
And you can beat them too
And you can even kill them
You know some people do

In London there's a mile square
That regulates the wealth
And a black-hearted nobility
They think of nothing else
They stir up every conflict
Then they blame it all on you
While pocketing from every side
Yes it happens to be true

And we could all be free
And we could all be free

The priests and politicians
All got Jesus on the 'phone
There's so many more like Jesus
That get to die alone
Love is the greatest power
Like the truth it makes you free
But Love and truth and freedom
They are very hard to see

I've been listening to our leaders
But some things don't seem that clear
Like how all the good that's coming
Why it never shows up here
And all the good we say we've done
That we did not achieve
When we packed up all our garbage
And shipped it overseas

And we could all be free
And we could all be free

I suspect that something's coming
'cause it can't go on this way
There must be some accounting
At the ending of the day
We're all judged within our conscience
By the lies that we embrace
Then we look into the mirror
But don't recognize the face

Yes where there's life there's hope
But you're running out of time
Now what was that guy saying
Don't you pay that fool no mind
How does it feel to be so right
And find out you're so wrong?
Well you'd better think about it
'cause soon you may be gone

And we could all be free
And we could all be free

'And We Could all be Free'
is track no. 8 of 10 on Visible's 2006 album

Songwriter by Les Visible

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