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Jews from Outer Space, Visible and The Critical List

Jews from Outer Space

Digital Download in MP3 format - 96.8Mb

Jews from Outer Space; buy it, while it's still legal.

More mayhem from Visible and The Critical List. Possibly, the world used to think them mad. Now, any halfway sane person knows that it's the rest of the world that's mad.

As an aside, before the album was released and when Visible was on trial in Hawaii, and looking at a life sentence - music tracks from this album were produced in evidence. The state lost.

You can stream and sample all of the tracks on this album using the media player on this page; if you missed it, you'll find it tucked away behind the image at the top of your screen.

New Age Woman ~ 2:35
Anorexia ~ 3:17
Overweight Lover ~ 2:58
Herpes of the Mind ~ 7:46
Jews From Outer Space ~ 2:53
Beirut ~ 2:53
Third World Bummer ~ 5:35
What Love Is ~ 5:38
I'm Rich ~ 2:53

Jews from Outer Space
First released: 12 May 1993
Album length: 36:51

℗ 1993 Les Visible, Franklin Russell and Bud Clifton

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