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Why is Karl Rove Smiling?

In a fairer world, where opportunity is constant and honest effort not compromised by the necessities of deceit and deal-making for advancement, a man like Karl Rove would not be smiling. A man like Karl Rove would be out of a job. Karl Rove exists because the collective dishonesty, fear and confusion of the human race have given him the tools to apply the Karl Rove formula successfully on behalf of himself and his clients.

Of course, the Karl Rove formula would not have nearly so great an impact if it did not directly benefit that portion of the world whose main intent is profit and control. This is a club of individuals. If it is a conspiracy it is a conspiracy after the fact. Quite naturally, people of a certain temperament and intent are brought together by common interest and condition. Homeless people recognize each other. Junkies recognize each other. Whores and John’s recognize each other. Criminal and spiritually minded folk encounter each other in the course of their movements. There’s a certain magnetism that exists in life. You can deny it but that doesn’t affect it.

The rich and the powerful, the ambitious and acquisitive, all gravitate to a common feeding ground. They play in the same recreation zones. They shit where they like. I call them, ‘the big dogs in the yard’

One thing everyone should realize, in order to avoid dangerous encounters and to have a pre-cognitive awareness of the events that ebb and flow like ocean tides; micro-cosmically and macro-cosmically, is that there are those among us who are not human. They wear a human mask. They walk and dress and talk like humans but they are not human. You need to know this. Power and wealth does not confer virtue. Celebrity is not indicative of intelligence or insight. Connections are not a determination of anyone’s intrinsic value.

When a people are deceived there is not much you can do for them. Events must run their course. People must suffer to learn. If they refuse to be attentive to begin with they ‘will be’ informed of the value of attentiveness after the fact.

Many of you are caught in circumstance. You have families and jobs. You have responsibilities. You have to weigh the degree to which you will allow your conscience and your honor to exist based on the possible cost to what you value. Some few have cut all connection to anything but the truth. For everyone else, the truth is an enormous and unaffordable inconvenience. It is into this space between what you have and what it means to you that Karl Rove operates.

Karl Rove fixes things for big dogs. Karl Rove is not a big dog. You may think he is a big dog but he is not. He facilitates events and conditions in the lives of small dogs in order to benefit the desires of big dogs. Big dogs are not human beings. They are not even dogs. I use that image for the sake of argument. The needs of human beings are not the same needs as those of big dogs. The needs of human beings are of no importance to big dogs. Human beings exist for big dogs for the same reason that cows exist for ranchers. As simple as that seems it is the whole of the dynamic.

It is the hope of human beings that things will not become unbearable. They hope that they will be allowed to go about their business and their lives and enjoy some part of it. Sometimes this is so and sometimes it isn’t. This particular time is not a good one for human beings; especially for human beings trapped in circumstance.

Why is Karl Rove smiling? Why do your leaders seem so certain of things in direct conflict with appearances to the contrary? They are big dogs. They do not have to abide by the rules that you assume to be in force. These rules are only in force in appearance. In practice they are in force until the big dogs decide to alter them to their needs. It has always been so.

The only way to get the big dogs attention is to realize that any one handful of small dogs can tear a big dog to pieces. There are far more than a handful of small dogs for every big dog. There are so many small dogs that most of them would never even get close to the action if it were to start to happen. Sometimes a revolution is the only way out. It becomes the only way out when the other agencies that were available to the small dogs have been nullified or compromised. When you cannot vote, you must rebel. You may not want to but you have to. The space you inhabit will get more crowded, more small, more lacking in amenities and finally so absent of oxygen that you cannot even breathe. This is how it goes.

Karl Rove and the other dogs are not going to be struck down on the road to Damascus and rise up in joyful epiphany. They are going to enslave you, hook you up to milking machines and herd you through the Judas Gate on to the killing floor. They are going to do this in concert with a number of small dogs who have taken their place in the schematic due to self-interest and survival.

Today you find yourself at a point in history. One could say that you would always find yourself at a point in history; some are more bearable than others. Some offer more hope. The world is not a perfect place but there is often enough balance to allow you to breathe and to grow and to survive in a relative harmony within the imperfections. Sometimes you can make your choices and rely upon the archetypes and intangibles to support what is collectively defined as good and decent.

When extremists and that which is not human have grasped the controls of the world there is, sadly, only one option. That option is revolution. Revolution is never pleasant but sometimes it is necessary. Sometimes a sacrifice is demanded so that all you have worked for and believed in will not be lost. Sometimes you have no choice.

There are two kinds of revolutions, violent and non-violent. History has shown that neither of these is pristine. They each will contain elements of the other. In a non-violent revolution, especially in a materialistic culture, it is enough for a majority of the citizens to refuse to show up; to just stop contributing. The world of the big dogs will grind to a halt if the small dogs don’t show up, if the small dogs just sit down. You will never get the big dogs to agree to make the world a fair and human place but you can ‘compel’ them to adjust the scales. You can force their hand. You can do this.

If Karl Rove is still smiling on November 8th then you know what happened. You should be in no doubt of it and you should just collectively agree to stop. I know that it might be tough for awhile. I know that you might have to tighten your belt. However, your relative potential for suffering in respect of this will not hold a candle to what many have suffered for the same thing in the past.

If you cannot collectively force the big dogs to make big adjustments then you are deserving of your fate. You will deserve what follows. If some honor and conscience remains in you, should events not turn out fortunate for you, then it is your duty and it is your only option to wipe that smile off of Karl Rove’s face and off of the faces of the big dogs that he serves. Whatever it takes, that is what you must do. The alternative is quite simply, unacceptable.


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