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When the Law makes you an Outlaw.

We’ve got a lot of things in the windshield these days; the 2008 ‘funny money’ election, the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the Palestinian genocide, the Washington/Tel Aviv fife and drum clubs rendition of “Bomb Iran”, each day’s avalanche of the same old lies collapsing downhill like one of the flaming dumps giving way outside of Manila, ...the endless spatter of revelations raining down which are ignored by everyone with any power to do anything about them. The information and events bleed through the side vents of the ride to nowhere. The gas gauge reads empty but the porcine clowns jammed into the vehicle are passing around the whiskey bottle and giving the nation the finger ...and the crowd? The crowd loves it.

The news of every day could be the news of any day. What’s happening and what gets reported are on separate planets. It’s as if we are looking at a simulated ocean and watching the waves of collective emotion rise and fall according to the whim of whoever is controlling the oscillations; as in the present electoral circus. The ocean isn’t real, the feelings aren’t real. It’s just another distraction to pass the time as the real world gets shaped by unseen hands behind the fabricated scenery. At some point the curtains part and you finally see what all the mis-direction was about but you can’t do anything now.

It makes me think about the advice you get from your parents and your teachers and how that corresponds to your parent’s actual behavior and what you actually encountered on the streets in real time. It’s no wonder everyone is schizophrenic. It’s no wonder ambivalence is the norm or that not knowing whether to shit or go blind has resulted in both. It’s no wonder everyone is guilty and impotent and looking for a dark place to hide. Is this how it ends... with everyone disappearing up their own assholes?

One thing makes your world sane and safe; if we look at it in a strictly temporal way. One thing sets order and continuity and provides for common themes of understanding and well being. One thing is responsible for whether you can pursue your dreams or live in fear of them never coming true. That thing is your laws. Unless you are living in the wilderness with the rare capacity for self sufficiency, you are living in a society among your fellows and subject to the patterns that regulate the flow of manifest existence.

At the highest point of metaphysical awareness there are laws. In the operation of the forces of nature there are laws. All religions have their purported laws of the divine that are set forth to regulate human conduct with the intention of enforcing and maintaining harmony among those who are the living representations of their time.

What made America a fantastic experiment was her laws. It wasn’t just the laws themselves but also the ideas that the laws were constructed to protect. Individual rights were of paramount concern and within the parameters of what the laws permit it was possible for the individual to have the opportunity to enjoy and express freely, to achieve whatever the imagination could envision ...and thereby was a nation made great.

They had a good system. It was supposed to provide ‘checks and balances’ ...that was the idea. If those entrusted with the administration of this system had been honest men and women then all would have been and still would be, well. Alas... human nature is a fickle thing and that is why there are laws to circumscribe its weaknesses and excesses. Round and round it goes... a good system... flawed administrators... lawyers... lobbyists... corporations and banks.

The Founding Fathers were a wise group insofar as their admonitions and efforts show at the birth of the nation. One has only to read Jefferson and Adams and Franklin among others to see that they were aware of the scams past, present and pending. Their commentaries on a central banking system; the potential for tyranny, corruption, the annotation of laws to the advantage of the predators tell us much of what was in their minds. They knew all about it and they warned the citizenry in many ways. They saw to the protection of individual rights and the system itself. They saw to the process of perpetuation and reminded us of the necessity for eternal vigilance.

The idea of the Federal Reserve is anathema to any true patriot or anyone desiring to live in a free nation. What happens when private banks- masquerading by title as a federal agency- are given the right to print money out of thin air and then lend it out at their whim for interest? Do I have to detail the obvious here? I don’t think so.

What happens when the laws which are the cornerstone of your freedom and security are treated like Leggo blocks by those empowered to do so through the machinations of lawyers? Why were there anti-trust laws; laws about monopolies and a free press? These laws ‘were’ in place to protect against the dark side of human nature. Without the power of inflexible law representative of basic ideals you are a victim and a food source.

The power to force a nation’s people into debt is tantamount to legalizing slavery. We have seen this at work in Third World debt which is the medium by which resources are stolen and always by the agency of corrupt leaders who bypass their own laws.

This is why this present administration has been so busy in the area of changing the laws. The law is your protection until... until it becomes your persecutor and slave master. Round and round it goes. It is one of life’s ironies that whatever something is founded on it will eventually turn into it’s opposite unless militated against; freedom into tyranny.

Debt compels those in debt to turn the wheel of industry which fills the coffers of those who put you into debt by lending you money that they created like a product placed on a shelf which you purchase at further profit to them. There are other methods applied as well but this is the heart of it. Debt has the power to still one’s conscience and one’s tongue. No one wants to be living beneath a highway underpass.

The tactics used are not new tactics. The most certain way to enslave a nation's people is to convince them they are in danger of a fabricated external threat and that their laws must be changed to grant the government the power to protect them from something that doesn't exist. It's the government that they need protection from. The banking games, the control of news and information, the trivialization of human dignity are all ancient devices. There’s nothing new here and there is nothing new in what happens to you when you go along with the program.

Bad things have been happening in America for a long time. Yet, always there was the constitution and the laws which could be used to correct the nation’s course. You may not want to see what is and has been happening. You may think it’s all just going to fix itself when the tables are turned and the same people are still sitting there. You may wish in one hand and shit in the other. The result is a product of simple math.

You must resist by stepping away from the smoke machine and ceasing to contribute to the process that keeps the goblins in power. Without your participation there is no product. Until the people realize what is happening it will go on happening. Sooner or later conditions will become so bad that you will have no choice. It is far better to act before that time.

Everything that happens is due to what the laws permit. Corporations must be restrained. It is their nature to evolve into huge devouring beasts. Foreign interests, lobbyists and lawyers must all be restrained by the force of law. They will not restrain themselves. When a handful of people want control over the whole world and an even greater percentage of wealth than they have already, who do you think that control is over and from whom is that wealth to be taken? Think about it.

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