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We've Got To Drive These Steers to Kansas City.

I’ve been in a rural location in southern Europe for about a month now. Getting internet has been a problem but I have finally found an external location that should permit me to post on a regular basis again. I’ve even got someone coming to the house today so that, possibly, I might even soon have it in my house. All in all, the signs are good but I’ve dealt with disappointments here before. I do know that sooner or later it’s going to work out; technology, like fascism are relentlessly moving forward... even in a backwater like this. In any case, my internet difficulties are not the point of this posting. The point of this posting is what I have seen on TV in the month I have been away.

I don’t usually watch TV ... at all. I might just as well sit here and stab the back of my hand with a fork. Both of these activities give me about the same general sense of pleasure. So I watched World News on CNN once in the morning and once at night for as long as I could stand it and sometimes it was my misfortune to encounter Larry King sniffing the hind-end of one prancing chimpanzee or another as he sat upon his throne in Tabloid Hell dispensing the fairy dust of plastic celebrity. It had that fascination which you only get from lurid crime stories and bad machinery accidents; trains crashes, car crashes and natural disasters. If you’re not careful you wind up watching it as it sucks you down into the septic tank like an amusement park ride.

I can’t take more than a few minutes but I always do try to find out what the point of the interview is about; trouser trout and fly fishermen- with a constant changing of position in the kind of obscene kiss-fest that could only take place in this banal age; but I digress.

This isn’t about those things either. I’ve never fancied dumpster diving or reading oracles in shit. This is about the- between the lines, trickle down truth experience that you can get if you are watching carefully. Some things are self-explanatory and come as no surprise for those of us savvy enough to get our news from truth sites and, some of these things one intuits... though intuition is not always required; just common sense and an objective reasoning capacity.

The cause of the rising price of oil... though not mentioned at all, can only have to do with an impending attack on Iran. Indeed, there was the fear that an attack on Iran would drive the price of oil up to a hundred dollars a barrel and there you go. It’s already there, like it had eyes.... they haven’t done it yet but market forces know all about it already. They know it’s coming up fast. Or... you tell me... what else could be the reason for such a thing? Yes, there’s rising tensions in Kurdistan (where the Kurds are being referred to as ‘rebels’- though I have no idea why). Turkey is Israel’s big buddy in the Middle East, primarily because a great many of the present day Israelis are Turks, more or less; if you want to do the ashka-Nazi math.

And there’s the looming crisis in Pakistan; Musharraf is on the ropes and handling things in a way guaranteed to guarantee his fall in the same way that most tin horn dictators usually accomplish it. There’s the ongoing conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan which is now costing about 1.3 trillion dollars. There are all of these conditions but it’s about Iran. Israel is engineering their sneak attack on Iran’s nuclear energy program and the pigs at the trough want to bleed every bloody dime they can manage from the profits to come.

That’s all it is. But not a word is said about this as the newscasters segue into speculation on how truffles taste by comparison with something else.

I was struck by the huge difference between what is and what is being said. I haven’t been able to get to my ‘truth sites’ and I never tire of mentioning them;

Signs of the Times
What Really Happened
The Truthseeker

So this is what the genus ordinarius watches every day. These are the news vehicles that inform the public; the news vehicles that take the wretched and uneducated with camera crew and sleazy news personnel out for the first look at their burned to the ground homesteads and then milk the onsite tears and tragedy for tabloid effect. These are the news organs that ignore the Ron Paul phenomenon. These are the news organs that make shit up and form the shit into crude shapes as if they were in Pottery 101 and then display these twisted pots, ashtrays and candle-holders as if Leonardo Da Vinci were responsible for them.

I’m not going to flood this piece with examples of the lies and inferences that make up the daily efforts of these venal weasels. You see it or you don’t.

It explains a lot. It explains the busted elevator fall of intelligence. It explains the dumbing down. You have to make people stupid enough to believe it and be entertained by it. It explains that the long term goal of fascism is to make people docile and deluded enough that they will gladly eat offal if you bake it with a meringue topping.

Television is the lidless red-eye of Sauron. Contemporary music is the stupidity massage soundtrack to the daily life. Newspapers and magazines are the snack food. Sex is the carrot on the stick. The fatter and dumber the people get the more they imagine themselves rolling in the hay with Murdoch’s Baskin and Robbins flavors of the moment as presented in all their silicone glory through the mediums he created for the sole purpose of inflaming the minds and desires of those too stupid to think and for whom taste is just another bad product.

They don’t have to make all of us stupid. They don’t care that some of us know. We’re unimportant overall. They just need the herd to behave and react according to stimulus. We can say whatever we want to say and we can have all the rock hard evidence anyone might need to come to the obvious conclusions but it doesn’t matter at all.

This is why history repeats itself. This is why it first comes as tragedy and then as farce. This is how and why the world is Cain- rampant on a field of blood and bones. This is why there is no irony in the neo-con cabal’s murder of over a million Iraqis and Saddam’s pitiful comparative numbers. This is why no one gives a shit about four million displaced Iraqis or the genocide in Palestine. It isn’t real. It’s not really happening unless you happen to be one of them. This is why when they discovered that there were no large plastic shredding machines into which human bodies were being fed by Saddamites that nobody bothered to report it. Once you make up the news and you’ve got the hook in the fish’s mouth you can move on to the next lie and the next fish and the next lie and the next fish.

On and on it goes; pointless debates between candidates who are sworn to do the bidding of Israel. The greater world twists in an agony of indefinable hunger and unfulfilled desires. Massive shadows of imaginary fear loom up on the landscape and the herd of steers merges to the left or merges to the right or continues forward just as if the fantastic mirages of fabricated fear were sheepdogs barking at their heels. Their guts spread and their brains shrink and there is only the trail ahead. Quo vadis? Who the Hell knows? The Shadow knows.

“No time to understand them, just dope and rope and brand them, death’s waiting at the end of the ride... head ‘em up, move ‘em out... RAWHIDE.....”

It doesn’t matter what we say; how cogent our argument may be or how true and damning the facts may be. But we go on saying it. Every now and then some of the steers peel away from the herd. Every now and then some few get their shit together and move away from the fan. We’re not going to get on Clear Channel and Larry King but we may get somewhere they aren’t going and that is all the reward anyone could ask.


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