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The only question to be asked is, “Are the American people as stupid as they have shown themselves to be in recent times?” What have we here? Five little motorboats appear- or so we’ve been told- to have threatened 3 United States Navy warships. I’m waiting to hear about another related but under-reported event which involved a handful of Iranian schoolboys throwing rocks at a Navy submarine. This event seems to have resulted in the submarine coming within minutes of launching a Tomahawk missile at the boys. The ship’s commander, who remains anonymous as does everyone reporting on everything concerning all of these incidents, said that the crew of the submarine felt gravely threatened by the boys and that several of them had to receive onboard counseling.

I’ve seen a lot of transparent bullshit these last few years but now it’s gotten to the point of their saying anything, no matter how comical, ridiculous or absurd. I guess the Edmond’s thing is rattling a lot of cages.

I’m going to state unequivocally that no Iranian motorboats threatened any U.S. Navy ships. It’s possible that the main shit stirrers in the Middle East (Israel), with the cooperation of the U.S. Navy, staged a kindergarten stunt in preparation for a coming false flag operation.

Israel is hopping mad about the NIE report which stated that Iran stopped their nuclear weapon program in 2003. They are seething, foaming at the mouth and, with no other outlet available at present, have increased their genocidal assault on the Palestinians in Gaza to let off steam. They want blood and they are determined to get it. Israel is like a petulant child that has never been denied anything from the senile Sugar Daddy whose ass she owns.

It’s no accident that President Dipshit is crawling on his belly to Israel to plot out how it’s all going to go down. Last time Dipshit headed that way bad things happened and we can expect more of the same this time.

I was told by someone that The U.S. would never bomb Iran, not with the recent geo-political shift. I wouldn’t bank on that or anything. We’re dealing with driven psychopaths here. Keep in mind that they planned to go after Iraq before Bush even entered the Oval Office. Keep in mind that Iran has been the target all along and that Afghanistan and Iraq were mere precursors. Do you really think the sort of reptiles presently running American policy are going to settle for coming so close to their goal and just fade away? One way or another... pilgrim.

I realize it is hard to imagine the kind of thinking that would go after Iran with Russia as their ally but, once again, we are dealing with madmen. The neo-cons in power in Israel and its military arm, The United States, are clinically insane. They bear no resemblance to normal human beings and they don’t consider you to even be one.

You have to understand that this is their last shot. This year is all they got; for awhile. They have to readjust their tactics after ‘the new boss’, comes in. You have to remember too that an enormous amount of work has gone into all of the legal changes such as the suspension of Posse Comitatus and the other legal tactics designed for crowd control at home. This isn’t all an accident. Don’t you ever wonder to yourself why so much of this has happened with no clear justification? There has to be a reason.

This administration with the assistance (and possibly at the behest of) Israel with 'a tip of the hat' to London launched an attack against their own country. Let the reality of that sink in. Did you think there was nothing more to it than just to snatch a portion of the world’s oil? Keep in mind that things like this are happening all the time and that we are on the verge of tremendous breakthroughs in technology that will reshape the world in coming years. There’s more to it than oil.

How big of a moron do you have to be to believe that Iran, which just had a major PR boost from the NIE report, would harass Navy warships with small motor craft? When dealing with psychopathic lying sacks of shit always look for the point of the action.

Have you heard anything from Iran? Shouldn’t someone have asked Iran what was going on? Why isn’t there any word from Iran? A person of a certain amount of intelligence would see this as a news blackout. It’s a frame job and Israel is behind it as they have been behind so many dark things in recent times. It is very interesting to find that Sibel Edmonds says that Turkey has been deep into the same dung heap of activity as Israel. When you add to this the fact that Ashkenazi’s originate out of Turkey it suddenly makes certain things clear. I suggest that everyone read what Sibel Edmond’s has to say - read this Counterpunch article

A major crime organization is operating throughout the world and using a manufactured threat of terrorism to steal your freedom and security. Meanwhile they are trafficking in every illegal and immoral activity that there is. This is a fact. You don’t want to recognize this, that’s your problem.

The real problem is that it’s not over. The real problem is that they are not done. I wonder how many of you actually read the PNAC paper.

This just in as I said... bullshit. Trust in Michael Rivero to get the details ASAP.

As I have been saying for some time, this year is going to be one of the most interesting periods of time you have ever seen. Many things could still go either way. I don’t believe in a fixed fate. There are a lot of things that are in our hands. One of the most important duties that the citizens of any Democratic country have it to speak up when wrong is being done in their name.

Judgment when it comes comes within our conscience. We are our own judge and jury for what we did and did not do. It’s built into the dynamics of life itself. Sins of omission are not necessarily less egregious than sins of commission.

I am heartened to see some of the things that are happening right now. I really do think some portion of the world is waking up. For some, their sleep is too deep to be affected by anything less than death itself. That may not even be enough. For some, their motivations are so wrong that no amount of reasoning is going to influence them.

It’s time for the right people to stand before the court. It’s time for the right people to find themselves behind bars. I have no hope that they will come to any epiphany over it. These people extinguished the small light of their humanity long ago. The purgation necessary to bring them to realization would mean the end of everything that they are. That wouldn’t be a bad thing. Keep your eyes open.

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