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We Hold These Truths and These LIES to be Self Evident

In the midst of the chaos and the greed; the mismanagement and the incompetence, the fascism and suppression of rights and the general loss of legal dissent and self-expression- which has been the hallmark of this illegal American administration- it is easy to be distracted and confused by the machinations of the press and the government in their efforts to convince us that all is good in this best of all possible worlds; cue Dr. Pangloss.

Day by day the engine of malicious dysfunction rolls on. Day by day the catamite Soviet-model press chugs out an altered reality that bears no resemblance to the actual events that it reports on. Day by day people are tortured in secret prisons in the name of freedom and a democracy long gone. Day by day neo-con think tanks draft new plans for the control and enslavement of the human race. Day by day, inch by inch under a Niagara of lies we are led into a new world of fear and confinement under the watchful eye of the formerly farcical Big Brother. Big Brother the Reality Show has become real. And the contestants who compose the collective humanity within the enclosed environment match their television counterparts in stupidity and complacency. What time is dinner? Guess who’s coming to dinner as the main course; you and everything you ever held dear.

Let me go on record as a former resident and citizen of the once free and seemingly democratic United States of America and say, “George W. Bush, you are a lying murdering sack of shit and I oppose you to my last breath. Dick Cheney, you are a murdering lying sack of shit and I oppose you to my last breath. Members of the American Congress and Senate, you are a pack of cowardly, murdering, lying shitbags and I oppose you to my last breath. Zionists of the world- casual, indifferent murderers of Palestinian children and oppressors by extension of the whole of the physical Earth, you are Nazi’s, you are hegemonic pigs, you are murdering lying sacks of shit embarked on an agenda of new world disorder and I oppose you to my last breath.

”Let me say to the disinfo mass media. “I see through your bullshit. I declare you liars and willing accomplices of murder worldwide.” To every soulless hack who writes what he is told, without regards for the results; who writes from ambition, for the sake of a paycheck, who have no conscience, who know that they are lying and do not care- who will blame others for their lies afterwards- I call you liars and cowards and accomplices to murder.

Tony Blair; “You are a lying murdering cowardly sack of shit.” Jack Straw; you are a lying, murdering cowardly sack of shit.” To every suck ass Iraqi politician and every bought off Arab mouthpiece who justifies with lies and excuses for lies and murders done for a proclaimed greater good; “You are all lying sacks of shit.

”May you be damned as you surely are; all ministers of bogus religions, all sold out entertainers, all writers and artists and statesmen; “may you be damned for your silence.” May history record your names with the names of the despicable collaborators and traitors and cowards of history.

May you be damned Hillary Clinton and all of the rest of the spineless, opportunistic Democrats who greased the wheels of fascism with your consent. May you have a special place in history among the ugly twisted specimens of treachery to the human race.

To all of the corporate slugs who turn the wheels of industry to their own profit and never mind the consequences of their actions and back door dealings, which doors swing open to the screams of your victims and are greased with the blood of their victims; “May you burn in Hell.” To the rock musicians who showed up to play for money at a ten million dollar Bat Mitzvah thrown by a man who made his profits from body armor for the Iraqi war, “May the world know and hold you in the contempt that you deserve.” Halliburton; “May it please the coming destiny of the world that all of your officers and representatives be hung from lampposts and stoned by the populace.

”My heart and my support are with the insurgents. I actively wish for American defeat in the Middle East. I celebrate each setback. I cry out against you as do the mothers who have lost their children, the husbands who have lost their wives, the wives who have lost their husbands and their families, the children with no parents, the common Iraqis with missing limbs... blinded and burned- the widespread fear and anguish that fills the air throughout that tormented country.... “May the fat assed, indifferent Americans who support this war of lies and murder have the same come upon them with a vengeance!”

Goddamn the British and American and Israeli mercenaries and black-op specialists who set car bombs in camouflage and blow up mosques in order to orchestrate civil war among the population. “May you reap the whirlwind. May your lives reflect some greater portion of the misery you bestow.

”Damn every selfish, indifferent man and woman who goes on about their business of pleasure and profit and does not question and speak out against the outrages of our time. May the whole of the rest of the world rise up against you and may your shame be recorded for generations to come.

I would rather die in a prison myself than live as a willing or silent supporter- or a supporter by default as a result of my silence- of this carnage, this ugly, ugly consistency of machine like murder and torment of others for the sake of a wasteful lifestyle.

No American or Israeli life is worth any more that the meanest or impoverished Palestinian and Iraqi life. Wealth and status do no confer a greater value to one life over another.

You are not like us, you stinking and depraved swine. You are not human. You have shit upon the espoused ideals of your own country. You have sold out your soul and your conscience for profit. You have swallowed convenient lies that justify anything and everything you desire to be proven true. You orchestrated an attack on your own country and blamed it on those you would subjugate and eliminate. There seems no limit to what you will do. There seems no limit to the blood you will spill. There seems no limit to the lies you will tell. There seems no limit to the selfish and evil ends to which you give your attentions and energy.

I know you intend another fraudulent terror attack against yourself to justify the coming assault on Iran. I know you intend to attack Syria. I know that you will do anything to convince the stupid and selfish and frightened among us that you are right in your actions and your course. I am not deceived. Others are not deceived. You are murdering, lying scum and you will go down. I know that you will go down and the spirit of what is free and good and noble in all of us will dance on your grave.

May we never forget what our ignorance; our fear, our selfishness, our greed, our ambition and our lack of conscience has cost the world. We must never again let men and women such as this any where near the corridors of power. I oppose them with every breath in my body and I do not count the cost.


Les Visible
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