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Turn... Turn that Wheel Little Hamster.

Here’s a short news article to read before we get into today’s thoughts.

I’ve seen a lot of this sort of thing burbling under the waxy patina of the carnival music played by world media. Sure, world media admits that there are a few things wrong here and there but they don’t tell you what’s really happening because the hamsters on the treadmill need to keep the production going. If production stops there’s no more hot air for the balloons and whatever you pump it into to make it swell; think Wonder Bread.

This is why I keep coming back to the idea of a universal sit-down strike. Bring the empire to its knees and you can get up off of yours. Don’t strike and remain on yours until you can no longer even stay up on your knees. It is as simple as that.

Some of us pointed out over a year ago that the housing crash was coming and that it was going to be bad. Some of us understood that a lot of the problem was in the way the loans were packaged and sold off to other industries and nations as something that they were not. Some of us said that the housing crash was going to impact on many other areas of life because the hip bone is connected to the leg bone. Some of us knew this the way that we know that higher oil prices affects transportation and that affects everything transported. It affects the manufacture of plastics; they’ve had to cut back on production of new Paris Hiltons. It affects candle making. This doesn’t matter unless the lights go out but... you see what I’m saying?

Everything is affected by everything. Attitude affects everything. Attitude affects the perception of resources so that resources that aren’t scarce suddenly appear to be. Attitude can create a climate of fear and uncertainty. Attitude can be manipulated. Attitude can be shaped. If something that is not scarce can be made to appear scarce then the profit margin can be jacked up through the roof.

This situation can be found in everything that concerns us as we live our lives. The simple math of the manipulators and the manipulated can be extrapolated out into everything that touches you; everything you feel. Enemies can be created where there were none so that the industries that profit from conflict can make money. Laws can be formed that create tens of thousands of new criminals so that the prison system and all of the industries that are connected to it can make money. Whole landscapes can be altered to bring about desired results; Katrina comes to mind.

Everything is everything and just like in the animal kingdom you have predators and prey. Things have to be the way they are so that a certain percentage of us can live the high life and accumulate more than we can ever spend or need. You can explain in lots of ways. There are dozens of philosophers who have defined life in dozens of ways. There are artists that paint life in so many different ways. There are economists who explain the operation of commerce in many ways but it all comes down to whether a smaller and yet smaller and yet smaller group will have most of what there is and whether a larger and still larger group will have less.

The reason that explanations for life situations are presented in a fashion much more complex than they need to be is so that a certain few can steal more in more intricate ways. This is where lawyers come from. This is why they developed such a complex system of language and specialized terms so that the lawyers on both sides could make a lot of money and their clients could make a lot of money and the resources for all of these payments can be traced to you. Turn that wheel hamster.

They give you credit on money they loan you that they printed off of their home presses. They can print this money whenever they feel like it. They can make the money abundant or they can make it scarce. If you were to take the time to study how the Great Depression came about you would see that this is what happened. None of these things are accidents. Yes... sometimes crops fail and sometimes hurricanes hit but we aren’t talking about these things.

They extend this credit to you to own your ass. That’s as simple as I can put it. This is what crushing Third World debt is all about. Once again... it comes down to you on your knees. Karl Marx understood this well. So... what these manipulators did was to take his concepts and put them into practice their way to do what they always do. This happened with Nietzsche’s philosophy and it happens with everything taken by the manipulators who make a few changes here and a few changes there and presto! ...a bright shiny new set of shackles.

All of the king’s and queen’s, all of the religions, all of the systems of government both physical and seemingly metaphysical are systems that are worked by a few to the detriment of the many. You’re canon fodder people. Napoleon took this one to excess. So did all of the other empire dreamers and money schemers.

You’re slaves even in your apparent freedom. But those who serve the empire, those who run the empire, they are slaves too. They are slaves to their obsessions and if they do get a conscience it’s not going to look good to the other members of the club. Wonder why no one ever blows the whistle on the whole scam? Everybody has something and someone they care about. You can figure that out. I’m not going to take the time to go into it. Also... as imperfect as the systems are and as much as they are vehicles for the predatory few... you have to have a system. Therein lays the crux of the matter.

So... what are we to do? What are we to do given that a vast majority of those enslaved would become slavers in a New York minute if they had the chance (bet on it). We try to make a better system. The best system, whatever that may be, is the one that benefits the most people collectively. It doesn’t have to be world wide as long as you live in that nation. You will note that some times are better than other times. These times last until the predatory few take too much in their gluttonous fever for acquisition. The wheel turns little hamster.

What do we do? We strive for a better system. We strive for a better system by practicing it in our lives and by collectively demanding that our leaders implement such an attitude in their governing. But what do you do when they rig the vote? What do you do when Stalin’s maxim is in place? You rise up or you sit down. Sooner or later it becomes intolerable and you have to rise up or sit down. It’s harder the longer you wait but that’s human nature. The pain and want have to get so great that life isn’t worth living any more and that is why revolution is often such a grim and bloody thing.

This next year is going to be ten times as dramatic as the previous seven. You’re going to hear things you don’t want to hear and see things you don’t want to see. You are going to feel things you don’t want to feel. However, the wheel is in spin and somewhere a connection must be made between the brain of the hamster and the feet of the hamster. Sooner or later the chicken is going to dance on the griddle... or will the frog just boil in the water?

“May you live in interesting times.” So goes the old Chinese adage. These are those interesting times. This is the year of living dangerously. Well, I don’t know, do I? No, I don’t know. What I do know is how the system works and I do know how to look at the system and calculate where it seems to want to go at the time. There are always options and opportunities. There is always strength and courage from long ignored wells. So, what are you going to do little hamster? What are you going to do?

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