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Today is March 19th, step away from the Machine.

Today is March 19th. We celebrate five years of bloody war and torture based on lies. These lies came from Michael Ledeen and various neo-con insurgents like Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearle, Douglas Feith and Dick Cheney, operating in the United States government at various agencies. Well... the Afghan war began on October 7th, 2001 and that was also based on a lie so actually we have had around 6.5 years of bloody war and torture.

The Afghan war came about because America was attacked on September the 11th at several locations. It was said that the attack was orchestrated by Bin Laden who was residing in Afghanistan at the time. It seemed reasonable to attack the country hosting him. But Bin Laden denied attacking the United States. This made no difference in the face of a concerted propaganda effort by the same neo-con operatives already mentioned. None of the alleged perpetrators were ever apprehended. The Afghan war was for geo-political advantage and to liberate the opium trade; nothing more.

As time passed it became clear, to anyone who was interested enough to inquire, that the 9/11 attack was engineered by the same neo-cons who blamed the attack on Bin Laden. They have since used this non-existent threat from a small group of rag tag, Stone Age Arabs to justify plunging the United States into fear and fascism while looting the countries coffers. As brief as this may be, it is the truth, just as nearly everything reported by the government and collaborating media is a lie.

A major player in all of these events and the nation that benefited the most by events and perceptions set into play by these false flag operations is Israel and the trail of evidence leads directly to her door.

In the process of the last eight years there has been no legal election in the United States due to voter fraud and collusion of the part of the U.S. Supreme Court and later due to easily hacked touch-screen voting machines from Diebold Corp whose CEO was an ally of the past two administrations and is on record saying that he would do anything he could to see that the administration was elected.

It is prudent to be cautious when the evidence is sparse. One can form theories and have suspicions when the evidence is sparse but... when the evidence rears up in front of you like an enormous comet of flaming bullshit that fills the sky with its presence, then one can come to conclusions; one can indeed. When the big picture of all of the events and circumstances and evidence is placed on the wall with pie charts and graphs that show who was where when and who made money and who got cachet and who did this and who said that... it is as clear as clear can be.

When top officials of the C.I.A. admit that Al Qaeda is a myth and when Bin Laden who hasn’t been seen in years and hasn’t done anything in years keeps popping up all over the place... and when his entire family is flown out of the U.S. by the government immediately following the attacks and when ten thousand lies are exposed... when one sees who was in charge of security at the 9/11 airports and the London Tube and the Madrid train station and... when one notes Neil Bush’s position regarding the WTC previous to the attacks and... when one sees that Larry Silverstein upped his insurance- really upped his insurance on the WTC against the specific kind of event that occurred- very shortly before the attacks and...

...when one sees the buildings crumble like old Las Vegas casinos in controlled demolition... all of them on the same day, when it never happened to even one before... alas we celebrate not just deception and depravity beyond definition. We celebrate not just bloody war and torture. We celebrate the unimaginable blindness and intransigence of a collective public that willfully disregards evidence so compelling that one is mystified beyond endurance by the sheer scope of the ignorance in play.

When the hammer comes down as it is coming down now, it is hard to have tears and sympathy for a people who have danced down the garden path and into a wilderness of thorns because they allowed themselves to be reduced to the intelligence level of the beasts of the field and they shall be treated like the beasts of the field for their complicity.

The fear of speaking the truth because of the potential for ignominy and slander; because of the possibility of ostracism and loss of income tell us that cowardice and indifference have never been more rampant.

Today is March 19th. Today some portion of the people who are not asleep -or cringing in their beds- will step back from the dream machine and refuse to cooperate or contribute. Today, some smaller portion of humanity will put on the mask of V and they will celebrate their singularity in having seen behind the curtain. It will be no great victory because the mass of us will march forward under whips and inducements toward an increasing density and darkness of confinement and want.

There are no accidents here. The economic devastation; the bloody wars and torture, the calculated indifference following Katrina, the poisoned trailers, the vanishing bees, the tazer-bot police, the strip searches and jailhouse beatings, the secret prisons, the thought crimes, the fear, the rising fuel prices, the scarcity of grains, the spying and the suspension of constitutional rights are all intentional. There are no accidents here.

Let every person who is present on the planet today... let them every one look into their hearts and see what they have allowed. Let them see their sneering denial as it rises into their thoughts. Let them observe their fear which compels them to kneel before their oppressors in hope that they might be allowed to wield a club upon their fellows in exchange for the right to survive.

Across the globe, the indifferent rich sit in self-satisfied insulation from the horrors of the day. They sun and sail. They wine and dine. They cannot hear the cries of the victims of genocide and want. Millions of little fingers tap out inane text messages. They shake their booties to violent rhymes and talk about how “so and so is my niggah.” The world contracts and presses down. Fortunes change. Fortunes disappear. Hundreds of millions pushed beyond endurance no longer fear to die. Life is a far greater punishment. But there are a number of those who are fat and sleek and well ensconced and they... they do fear to die.

Let us see if we can shift the tide. It matters not if we do but that we tried. If today brings no great result then let us plan again. Sooner or later the conditions will demand an increase in our ranks and perhaps critical mass will be achieved. Evil is a constant and it always destroys itself. You cannot eradicate it but you can contain it. Balance must be restored.

The only way to hurt a psychopathic materialist is to deny him profit in his game. Today on March 19th we have a chance to do that. When enough of us stand back, he will be unmanned and unmasked. Everybody knows what they are up to. Change direction and move forward to a better world, or... continue on to perdition. It really is up to you.

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