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They Will not go Gentle into that Good Night.

If you are not one of those people on the Australian TV poll conducted in the US

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Then you know, as I know, that the neo cons presently involved in running the ship of state on to the rocks are not going to go away easy. You know that they took the 2000 election through voter fraud. You know that they did the same thing in 2002 and in 2004 and they will be at it again this year.

You know that they were behind the 9/11 attack. You know that they are behind all of the fascist tactics that presently plague the former Land of the Free. You know that there is an international consortium of stone evil sonsofbitches who have it in mind to enslave the human race. They can say that we need our tinfoil hats and they can attempt to marginalize us and discredit us but the facts are there for anyone to see. If it is possible to see the facts then you know two things; the evidence is strong indeed and they don’t care if we know. They only have to control the rest of us through our fears and our appetites.

I’m going to go on record here and say that as long as I live and breathe I will never tire of pointing out what craven and vile scum these reptiles be. Sometimes it seems that the light is breaking and at other times it is hard to imagine how it could get so dark. I’m optimistic. I have to be. Humanity has weathered worse. If humanity does not awake however, these coming times will be a poster child for the worst.

One of the key things to remember is that these neo-cons and their agents have broken many laws. They have committed treason against their own country. They can ill afford to have the evidence of their behavior exposed and it will be exposed if they lose. This is not to say that things will be suddenly better if the democrats win. They have proven themselves to be spineless cowards. Further, if the influence of Zionism on American political life is not curtailed then you will learn what the Talmudians mean when they refer to you as insects and not human.

There is no greater threat to American freedom than Zionism. There is no more powerful enemy of your rights guaranteed under The Constitution than Zionism. Too many of you believe that as long as you have some small footprint of land to stand on that things will be okay. Too many of you think that the erosion of your rights is somehow connected to your safety. You do not see that the engineers of this horror show create the appearance of danger on one hand and then promise to protect you from it with the other. It is a game of bait and switch. It’s action, reaction and solution. They create a problem, they react against the problem they have created and then they solve the problem.

The problem is not one thing. It is not the war in Iraq and the coming assault on Syria and Iran, all of which are being pushed and manipulated by Zionist interests. It is not the economy in the toilet; the loss of good jobs, the Katrina response, the blowing of the New Orleans levies to drive the blacks out and the real estate deals that are going on now, the shakedowns, the NSA spying, the phony terror alerts, the phony Bin Laden videos, the whore media disinfo game. It’s all of them and a lot more you don’t know about. Your country is in the hands of criminals, worse than criminals because even The Mafia would do a better job and be more reasonable about it.

Far more people die from car wrecks each year than have died from terrorism in the last century and this one combined; quite possibly in all of recorded history. Terrorism is not a problem except as an excuse for the real terrorists to continue in their work. If you can’t see where you are headed then it is time for you to get out of the vehicle now.

If these swine are allowed to continue at their agenda you are looking at becoming an indentured serf to a permanent privileged overclass. As I have said before, you cannot fight them with guns and the media is unavailable to you. You have to strike. You have to sit down and stop. You have to refuse to cooperate or contribute at all. Someone has to stand up and rouse the populace to sit down because IT IS later than you think. College and high school students need to refuse to attend class. Teachers need to refuse to teach. This is the key location. Churches need to pray in public for salvation from public evil as an example of their faith and as evidence of their opposition.

I tend to repeat myself here, although I try to say it in different ways, because the same thing needs to be said over and over. If I were to break it down to one word it would be “Wake Up!” All over the country people are becoming increasingly aware of what is happening. You need to rise up en masse and demonstrate and you need to step away from the machine. The machine cannot operate without you. If you step away it will come to a halt. It is time for REVOLUTION! These men and women must be removed from the seats of power and they must be arrested and brought to trial. Neither Saddam Hussein nor Milosevic were as bad as these people are. They mean you no good. They mean to enslave you. They are criminals and they belong in jail or on the gallows.

It’s time to stop mincing words. It is time to stop appeasing and hoping and going along. It is time to stick bubblegum in the gears. It’s time to say, “I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” It’s time to get some balls. It’s time to realize that it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

A certain portion of this country are like ticks on the belly of a pig. They are in lockstep with their jackbooted leaders. Another portion of this country is so incredibly stupid that I could not begin to describe them. Another portion of this country is being buggered by a non-existent Jesus who is leading them through the Judas Gate. A majority portion of this country knows what is right and correct even if a lot of them are confused and afraid. It is a great tragedy that they cannot see how it is possible for their leaders to be as bad as I say they are. Open your fucking eyes!

You are being turned into a servant class. You are being closed out. All of the negative conditions in your environment are being engineered to keep you distracted from the real issue. None of us wants this to be the time where we have to stand up and be counted. We would all rather it happened in someone else’s movie in some other lifetime. But this is the time. This is the time to step away from the machine. This is the time to join with your family, your neighbors, your town, your state and with all of the as yet uncorrupted among you and take back your rights.

The stink rises to the Heavens and you cannot smell it? The lies are patently obvious and they laugh at you when they tell them and you cannot hear it? They are at war against all that makes your life worth living and you can’t see it? You can hold your nose and close your ears and eyes for only so long. Sooner or later your world will pass a point of no return. I am ashamed that so many of you support these evil ventures; further ashamed at the rampant cowardice on all sides. I am amazed that common criminals have found their way into the White House and the Congress and the Supreme Court. Bush’s Supreme Court is his ‘get out of jail free’ card.

You mock and deride those who seek to protect and free you. You jeer at your liberators from behind the bars of your master’s prisons. You let it happen inch by inch and day by day and you applaud when others are tortured and murdered in your name. What kind of human being are you? I cannot understand your composition. I cannot understand that you do not see. One thing you can count on, “What goes around comes around.” Oh yes indeed.


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