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There's Something Wicked in the Wind.

There’s a lot of hysteria jumping off of the internet right now; what portion of the internet is still operating. Let’s face it, previous severance of communications links have proven to be a prelude to war. There are all manner of theories chasing this event. Some of them are dark and dreadful if true.

I’ve been given some credible alternatives to the cutting of major communication cables in recent days. One of them is because gold is soaring. Markets in India, Hong Kong and Tokyo were all geared for major trading which would have precipitated a huge flight from the dollar.

Another story I’ve been given is that it’s connected to the opening of the Iranian oil bourse with much the same intention of forestalling economic free fall.

A disturbing question comes into my mind. Wouldn’t these same factors be present once the cables were restored? I’m not an economist so you will have to pardon my ignorance in such matters. It could be that enough time exists in the period before connectivity is back to make changes that can offset what is happening. Still... to me it seems like the situation is still there, just delayed.

The Super Bowl comes on in a few hours. This is a major focus of world attention. This particular Super Bowl has features to it seen only once before and this time it’s even bigger.

We know that 9/11 was an inside job. What this tells us is that there is no limit to what these people would do. There is no moral limiter in their world view. They’d as soon blow up a stadium full of people as they would pour themselves a drink. It’s not a matter of if. It’s only a matter of when.

Let me set the stage for you. For some years now there has been a noticeable transformation in the behavior of the domestic police forces. There have been radical alterations to the constitution and to presidential powers. Thugs control airport security against a threat they have no power to catch or halt. There has been an insidious change in the way domestic policing agencies are operating in present time. People are routinely violated, tazered and abused in various ways. The right of assembly is all but gone and the election process is rigged and manipulated.

Even though they know what is going on there is no real opposition of any kind in either house of congress. Fema camps have been built in various locations in America. We’ve been given various reasons for this, none of them credible.

The Bush administration used a self-created domestic tragedy to justify invasion of two different countries and is revving their engines outside the borders of another.

It was Israeli neo-cons in the administration that engineered the assaults and now lobbies the loudest for the one pending. Israel has the world record for most false flag operations.

They launched a murderous attack on Lebanon and issue new threats against Iran daily.

British soldiers were apprehended with a car packed with explosives while dressed as Arabs. It is well known that Israeli trainers and special ops teams are all over Iraq. Israeli soldiers were photographed inside Abu Ghraib during the period before the scandal broke.

These three countries are the major players in most of the heavy violence taking place now and in recent times. No country that any of them have attacked has attacked them. They have all been caught lying over and over again.

There has never been an American president more out of favor with his ‘subjects’ than is George W. Bush. There is no way he is going to gain any greater favor than he has now. Because of the internet and their own lying eyes, a great number of Americans and people across the globe know what a lying psychopath George W. Bush is as well as the men behind the curtain who use him.

To orchestrate a terror attack and blame it on someone else all that you need is to be in charge. When you are in charge you can send men with identification anywhere. These men can be investigating a terror threat at the same time that they set the charges. If you control the media then you can report what happens any way you want to.

This coming terror attack serves a great many useful purposes. It makes George W. Bush and his repressive acts heroic and perspicacious. It justifies everything that has been done so far. It allows for a heavily increased clampdown on dissidents who become enemy combatants. It justifies the most extreme measures against the countries blamed and in the cross-hairs. It takes the attention off of the domestic crisis. It takes all attention away from the genocide in Gaza and justifies any action Israel wishes to take there.

How do you stop official personnel from going anywhere they want to go and doing anything they want to do when they have the papers and the guns and the ID?

This is an election year and meanwhile the Taliban cannot be stopped. Iraq is out of control. Hamas and Hizbollah are still present and these freedom fighters are not going away. Every day more information appears that convicts the major players in the previous seven years of fascist enterprise.

Since the creation of The Project for the New American Century everything has followed according to plan. Enormous planning and effort has gone into all of it. Millions of lives have been lost and displaced. Horrible tactics have been employed. Mountains of proven lies have been dispensed. The juggernaut moves relentlessly forward without any official opposition. Do you think they just walk away from all of this? They murdered over 3,000 of their own citizens. These are serious people. These are very serious people.

I am not in any way suggesting that something is going to happen at the Super Bowl. It’s been brought up so I’m including it. I’m not suggesting that something’s going to happen today or tomorrow. Something is going to happen though. You have only to look at what has happened and what the voice of legion keeps hammering into the people’s minds.

When pressure builds it must find an outlet. Many technologies harness this feature when they apply force against containment for the movement of machinery. In human circumstance pressure must find a way out too. When pressure is intentionally generated by individuals of selfish intent it usually expresses itself upon the population.

We are dealing with a collection of dark and devious souls who have joined together in an enterprise of great misfortune to us all. Sooner or later they’re going to take that next step.

I am an optimist. I believe that the collective power in the hearts of humanity is always greater than its oppressors and I believe that evil always shoots itself in the foot eventually. It could be they get caught in the act. It could be the wind shifts for reasons we might never understand. Somehow I am certain that we prevail. I would rather that I could write about other things and I do but whatever appears on any day is always drawn from the conditions of the day and needs be said.

Our vigilance and our voices are a powerful weapon and they must be used to their fullest capacity. An informed population is a powerful thing. With every passing day more people discover what has been going on. This in itself is dangerous but critical mass will be reached. I only wish it did not have to come at such a cost.

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