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The Eight Hundred Pound Gorilla in the Room.

They’ve got him sedated at the moment. It’s all they can do. They’ve got a large number of the people outside the room sedated too. Then there’s another impressive number of people who are confused by all the colored lights and crowd noises as well as those who are hiding under the bed, literally or metaphorically and... those who just don’t care. Add to this the hard core contingent who support the clowns who sedated the gorilla and you’ve got a whole lot of people. Then there is a fairly large group of people outside the room who can smell gorilla shit in varying degrees of intensity.

Things are happening in each of these groups. Compare it to CB intrusions on your TV set. Compare it to waking up in the middle of the night from a dream you can’t remember. Compare it to falling out of love with your spouse. Compare it to becoming disillusioned with your friends or your job. Compare it to anything that jars your sense of reality and appears to come from a source besides yourself. Shit happens and change occurs. For some people it doesn’t take a whole lot to inform them that things aren’t what they should be or what they want them to be. For some people their house has to catch on fire.

There was a man who came out of Bulgaria. Some called him a spiritual master. He was a brilliant metaphysician and said a number of things that stayed with me over the years. One thing he said that always stuck with me was- and I’ll have to paraphrase here- “When God comes to wake you, he gives you a gentle nudge. If you don’t respond then he shakes you harder. If you still don’t respond then God picks up a two by four.” His name was Mikhail Aivanhov. You don’t have to think of it in terms of ‘God’. Some of you don’t believe in God, though I suspect that what most of you don’t believe in is the fantasy God-construct of organized religion. Transpose the terms; Nature, Rumplestilskin, Kismet or Truth for the word ‘God’ if that works for you. As Shakespeare noted, “There is a destiny that shapes our ends.”

This gorilla has been sedated for going on 6 years now. This gorilla has to be sedated or it will destroy the room and everything and everybody in it. This gorilla is attended to 24 hours a day by a team of specialists called The Media and sometimes The Administration and sometimes something else. There are various ancillary support teams that have a hand in sedating the gorilla. They are the different government agencies, religions, corporations, other nations and business interests whose survival depends on the gorilla being sedated. It’s hard to know who the main hands-on team is. Only the gorilla knows that and the gorilla is sedated.

In less than three months, all of the people from all of the groups mentioned in the first paragraph are going to have an opportunity to vote on the future care of the gorilla. For the last six years the numbers of people in the first groups mentioned vastly outnumbered the people who could smell gorilla shit. So it was easy for the various support teams in charge of the gorilla to manipulate previous votes on gorilla care in order to maintain their position. They were able to control the votes and manipulate the vote totals because of a particular margin. That margin no longer exists today and further manipulation is very problematic according to previous techniques.

If the next vote coming should facilitate a switch in the teams responsible for the gorilla then the sedation of the gorilla is going to come to an end. You know what happens when a gorilla goes off his medication. At that time there will be a wild-assed flight of technicians and groups of aforementioned people heading for the hills because one very pissed off gorilla is going to be unleashed and the room will contain him for only so long.

The present sedation team cannot afford this. The walls of the room that contained the gorilla will be gone. The room will be open on all sides and whatever instruments and records that room contained will be visible to everyone.

Some of the things done while the gorilla was under sedation include terrible crimes. There are crimes that were committed during this period that exceed anything ever done before in the history of the nation that contained the room that contained the gorilla. These are crimes that carry capital murder charges and thousands of other Class A felonies and uncountable misdemeanors.

You can readily imagine that those presently sedating the gorilla are not of a mind for anyone to discover what has taken place over the last six years.

One of the things that will happen if the gorilla stops being sedated is that a lot of people who previously had some part in gorilla sedation- no matter how small- are immediately going to step over the other side and start pointing at everyone else and talking so fast and so exhaustively that six hundred monkeys with tape recorders won’t catch it all. So many people will be jumping off the ship that contained the room that contained the gorilla, in such numbers and with such speed, that the ship could well go flying right up into the air and require a team of specialists to pull it back down to Earth; unless, quite possibly, gravity interferes first and then the usual, “look out below!” would apply.

So it stands to reason that the team presently involved in sedating the gorilla will do ANYTHING... ANYTHING to stay in charge of the gorilla. What might that entail? Well, it might entail ANYTHING.

There hasn’t ever been a time when a similar situation existed. Sure, you could mention the Civil War or the Vietnam War or even the Revolutionary War way back in the beginning when they were still trying to build a room that might contain a gorilla but... the degree of excess and bad intentions never got to this point. Things could wind up just about anywhere. Nobody wants that gorilla turned loose; well, let me take that back. I do. I want that gorilla to go apeshit. I think it would prove to be a cathartic thing and I think no small number of people agree with me. It would clear the air, once all the gorilla shit had been cleaned up.

Those of us unlucky enough to have encountered a force of Nature while it was going about its work; we know how awesome a spectacle that can be. We also know that there is a freshness in the air afterwards before the bodies begin to stink. But that gets cleaned up too and there’s a sense of new beginnings that carries an awesome perception of freedom and freshly minted initiative that makes us committed to rebuilding the world nearer to the hearts true desire.

I know that gorilla wants to get up off the table and I know it’s going to be rowdy for awhile. However, I suspect all that gorilla wants to do is head back to its natural habitat soon enough and you aren’t likely to see it afterwards unless you go looking for it.

I suspect that whatever damage the gorilla might do in it’s early moments of liberty is not nearly so potentially destructive as what will occur if the team presently in charge of the gorilla is allowed to continue in it’s work so... won’t you help me cut this gorilla loose?

This gorilla, though sedated, is very aware of the members of the team into whose care it has been entrusted this long. I believe it's time this gorilla got some payback. Please give what effort you can to see that this comes to pass. Remember, it isn’t only the gorilla that has been lying on the table all this long while. You have all been lying there too; strapped down, hooked up with probes, shot up with drugs and sexually molested at night by the graveyard shift. You have every right to be just as angry as the gorilla.



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