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The Dung Also Rises

That’s what they’re up to. You can sort of see it forming in the air. You can see the rhetoric and the images condensing down, precipitating down through the atmosphere into corporeal reality. It might happen the same way they say God originally clothed himself by breathing life into animate earth. Maybe the bad guys, our resident Sarumans, do the same thing in perverse; like making Orcs from Elves or whatever it was that he made. I’m not that clear yet this morning.

I saw Mick Jagger do it at Altamont. I saw him do it. I didn’t hear about it and I was crystal clear that day. I saw him pound the stage with his belt during Midnight Rambler. The crowd was already freaked and the Hell’s Angels were getting into a groove with the pool cues. I was right up front. I know someone punched him on his way to the stage. You could argue that was what set him off. It didn’t look like that though. It looked methodical and deliberate. It looked like what he wanted to do. Then, whatever the song, when the crowd would surge and the Angel’s would lay into them with a will, he’d go, “Peace brothers and sisters, Peace.” He was unctuous and diabolical. Then he’d wail into the hard shit and they’d be at it again. I watched his mock alarm. The Walrus and Carpenter act was transparent.

Readers of this blog, or whatever this is, know that I predicted this would come about; have been predicting it would come about this summer. I’m not psychic. You can see the groundwork had been laid. Careful observers could easily reason out the intention and direction. The first time I heard of bushligula and could see the money trail, the big money trail that fishtailed in his wake, I knew. It wasn’t long after that that I got it together to leave the country. I’d have stayed and fought. The times I stayed and fought before I went to jails and prisons, or faced life in prison, or went to the John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I’ve had the Richard Lovelace virus most of my life; the vaccine is worse that the condition and anyway, I will “live free or die” and I would rather “be a traitor to my country than to the human race.” You could say it wasn’t smart but I’ve got long range plans just like them and that means not intending to hang with ‘them’ in the dark aftermath of their inevitable judgment.

I’ve studied these national hysterias. I’ve seen the films of Joe McCarthy with Cohn and Kennedy in a weasel smile duet behind him. I know about The Reichstag Fire. I saw it burning again in New York on 9/11. I watched what happened in Cambodia and China during one of Mao’s little experiments. The men and women who initiate these programs and pogroms and dinner parties of death are all cut from the same cloth. They’re always coming and going, looking to happen here or happen there. It’s a particular crop; something that grows when you sow the fields with salt.

There are those who think things like The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and The Furies and The Harpies are just so much myth or unruly voices from the unconscious; well they may be some portion of the latter but the question of whether they are real or not is evident in the tracks of history. It’s a rose by any other name but we’re not talking about roses.

What’s the final intent of these stolen cars? These vehicles that might once have been human but are now demolition derby cars for the Kingdom of Hell; what’s their ultimate purpose? What are they after? Do they know? Is it a prison planet or is it wild screaming chaos? There are devotees of both. At every point where the inquisitors and tormentors have risen, in every time when the Stalins and The Hitlers have come upon the scene there has been that dull acquiescence; the confusion of events, the disinformation and sleight of hand, the manufactured scenarios. They have come about because the public was uninformed, often incurious and caught up in sensation and excess, or sometimes gripped with religious fervors and fevers that manifested in reaction to the sensation seekers and decadents. Often you get both streams as counterpart to each other.

So it is with 9/11 and these London bombings. So it is with the Bin Laden under the bed. So it is with the phony terror alerts that come and go depending on need. Seemingly intelligent people can’t seem to get the picture that this is orchestrated. Evidence spills out in all directions but the connections aren’t made. Of course Fox News is telling the truth. How could they have that big network and all those talking heads; all that money, unless they were telling the truth? Of course the president is doing his best. Come on Visible! There are terrorists out there!!! I’m sure there are but they aren’t your problem. Your government is your problem. Your governments are the terrorists and just like Jagger on stage at Altamont they press the crowd toward panic while urging calm.

I never see any police where I live; oh, now and then, doing seatbelt checks or just riding by but it could be months between sightings. There’s no crime. Even in big cities where I have lived in Europe, excepting The UK where I won't go, I see little evidence. Of course, over here, the poor are allowed a basic living. You may not be rich but you get by. There are reasons for social unrest.

I live in a fair sized house. I could take in a few guests and probably feed a few more but… I can’t help the crowd that needs shelter and sanctuary. Will this all just calm down soon? Ask yourself, have the people who are manufacturing this gotten what they want yet? Be real with yourself. Look at what is happening; look at the sort of people who are running the show. Do you think these people, given their other agendas; tax cuts for the wealthy, corporate giveaways, bombing their own cities, media consolidation and blackout of the truth and a good THOUSAND other things- do you think they have your best interests in mind?

Look at Halliburton and the billions missing from Iraq during Bremer's tenure. Look at the terrific resistance to a 9/11 inquiry and the white-washing that followed. Look at the proven lies that caused the war in Iraq. Look at the new lies emerging about Iran. Look at the hundreds of pieces of evidence that clearly indicate malfeasance and bad intent and tell me; what sort of people are these? They’re common criminals on a large scale, that’s evident, that’s obvious. So, are they suddenly going to find Jesus? They’re already talking about Jesus. Does the Jesus they are talking about match up with the Jesus you’ve heard about?

Bush and all of his co-conspirators are lying, murdering thugs… and I’m being kind. These are the people you need to look out for, not a bunch of rag tag Arabs.

Back to my suggestive beginning at the beginning of this piece; I’ve seen it all before. Here’s what’s up. Hatred is being whipped up against the Muslims- against the Muslims in America and Britain. They’re going to let the coming war in the streets, the rage of the common man against a perceived enemy set the stage for everything they desire and they’re fanning the flames right now. Look at some of the suggestive headlines at The Drudge Report this morning. Meanwhile they are going to superficially pacify the mob with “Be calm brothers and sisters. Peace” They’re going to push the riots and then step in as an agency for domestic control and remain ineffectual in stopping anything. Did you not see the Patriot Act move like shit through a goose in Congress? They renewed it didn’t they? Nice timing. Have you heard anything about the man shot dead in London while already lying down? Oh, they’ll get to that, or not.

Where are the black boxes from the 9/11 planes? Why was everything carted away and the steel shipped to Asia before any forensics could be carried out? My God, why were no fighters scrambled? Hello? Doesn’t that seem odd? Why, why… a million times why? And you just don’t get it. And they all lived happily ever after… fade to black.

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