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The Brave and the Beautiful Lives of Our Times.

We’ve been talking about the lying media and those who purport to be apart from the lying media as well as those who are actually presenting the truth; the voices in the wilderness, those that collect and present them, the urbane, the mundane, the articulate, the less intricate and the Jeremiahs on the mountaintop.

I’ve mentioned Rixon Stewart and Ragnar Johannessen. I’d like to add Mike James, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Paola Pisi, Len Hart, Joe Quinn, Henry See, and I see where it could get complicated to read this. Although the numbers are small comparatively, they are large for the purposes of this brief tale. It further complicates when I consider the brilliant individuals that contribute to this site with their commentaries and which I cannot list because then it becomes a list and stops being what it is about.

Some of these people I have met in person and some I have not. I may be in or out of favor at a given time with any of them but that is what the truth is about. We do not always agree until we agree. For those who love the truth, agreement is eventually a fait accompli; sooner rather than later after a small musical number and an arrangement of seats.

If I didn’t mention someone then maybe I forgot. Maybe I have not encountered you and also, maybe you wouldn’t be on my list in any case; “Many are called but few are chosen.”

I have always been interested in spiritual things. I am far less interested in material things and the state of my life provides the evidence of that. I’m not a person who goes to war to stop a war. I prefer to wage peace. Unfortunately, since I am contained in this physical envelope in this world we share, I am among you and I see things. As a human being I feel compelled to say something about some of the things I see and therefore controversy will ensue. I would rather not have to engage. I would rather dance in the meadow and prepare food for my friends but... there are those who object to my given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They do not object only to my right but yours as well. This I cannot countenance and so it goes.

I can’t say when I knew something was wrong about the 9/11 fable. It was probably very soon thereafter. When something puzzles me, I inquire and I inquire. So it is that I discovered Michael Rivero and and it changed my life. It is because I found this site that whatever has followed, has followed. Yes, I’ve been on the road to truth for awhile and that powerful desire was the first thing that opened my eyes, however... I would have known so much less and would never have met the people I mentioned were it not for Michael Rivero. You can learn a little about Michael at this location and in the succeeding one.

I think I speak for a great many people when I say that What Really Happened is where I get my news. Michael has the gifted ability to separate the truth from the bullshit and make it available to you. He’s a little like Fred Astaire with that. Primarily what I like about Michael is that he cares. When people care, they get my attention. Caring always involves some sacrifice. If you aren’t capable of sacrifice for the greater good, I don’t want to know you anyway.

On occasion people have said bad things to me about Michael. It comes with the territory. I’d be a fool not to look at what they say. The truth is more important to me than Michael. The truth is more important to me than me. There is no me without it. Otherwise you are living a lie and a lie will always come up against the truth eventually. Only the truth endures and that defines truth in a certain way where religion; metaphysics, archetypes, ideals, sciences, arts and language all touch but do not define. Everything touches something but the truth, like the cheese, stands alone.

After the first couple of times I didn’t bother looking anymore. I’m sure Michael makes mistakes. I know that I do. That doesn’t concern me. Intention concerns me and his intention is good. Things come and go and I don’t miss them. I’m not in this world to be here. I’m just passing through but I know I would miss what Michael does. It is important to me. It affirms me. It informs me. It’s essential to the trip. Michael is part of my roadmap and yours too.

I don’t think Michael or any of the others I mentioned does this for praise or profit. I don’t. I think we do it because it is the right thing to do. People seem to have a problem with doing the right thing. Part of the problem is that there are psychopaths among us who despise the right thing and delight in the wrong thing and the herd emulates them; serves them, sleeps with them, obeys them and wants to have what they have and figure that’s how you go about it. That’s not how you go about it. You don’t get what is yours by taking it from someone else when there is plenty to go around.

It’s not the right thing to murder people so that you can supplant them. It’s not the right thing to traffic in them and use them for canon fodder and target practice. It’s not the right thing to imprison people who object to the way you mistreat them. It’s not the right thing to rape and pillage and laugh about it over martinis with your banker friends. It’s not the right thing. It’s not the right thing. It’s not the way to go but fools will follow when bad men lead the way.

Michael Rivero has done something exceptional with his life and included you in it. I have tea with Michael every day but I never see him. It’s funny because for years we lived only a few miles from each other and I never even knew that he was there.

I’ve said it before. You have to trust somebody, sometime... These days, I’m just glad that someone makes it possible for me to trust them... the usual days of a fair shake and an even break are long gone in the mainstream but not where these souls swim. It’s still possible to get the truth if you know where to look and gratefully I do. It was because of Michael that I found The Truthseeker and Signs of the Times. It’s because of Michael that I found Uruknet and The People’s Voice even if one led to the other it is still what really happened to me.

I know that I left out some great people and efforts but I’m not writing War and Peace here. There’s only so much space. I’m just pointing out how I was helped in my understanding and led to finer things by some guy called Michael Rivero. Don’t be offended if I left you out. Tomorrow is another day.

Michael’s site is changing and some of us are going to be talking to each other now. I’m hoping for deeper colors but I will settle for the same deep truths. As a great Yogi once said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” Let’s all spread a greater light by letting go of our own darkness. Because all the light wants is to come through. We only have to get out of the way.

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