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The Boy Emperor's Waterloo at Lake New Orleans

The dark things from sunken regions that are floating to the water's surface, the corpses bobbing in the polluted waters of Lake New Orleans, are not the only things coming to the surface in this appalling tragedy. The bloated corruptions of America’s fascist administration are also coming into view and stinking in the hot sun of the devastated landscape.

Where do I start? How can I list all of the ugly acts of commission and omission? The list is huge. Let me address just one point that seems to have gone missing in the present snowstorm of crack-whore thank-you-for-the-rock, Pimp Daddy love letters from two-legged rat-fuck politicians (scrabbling like crab lice down in the crotch area below the Bible Belt) to the Reptile in Chief . Days before Hurricane Katrina hit it was known that it was a powerful hurricane. It was known that it would get more powerful over the warm Gulf waters. It was known that it was coming into the Louisiana/Mississippi area. Please note this. Please note that it is at this point that planning by FEMA and executive attention by Bush and other agencies entrusted with protection and rescue should have gone into gear.

We are given the impression that it is only AFTER the hurricane hit that operations should go into effect- even though they didn't happen then either. I personally knew that tens of thousands would be unable to get out of New Orleans and surrounding areas. It goes without saying that the vampire clowns of the Bush Administration were well aware of this too. So let’s forget about the indifferent reaction in the aftermath (just for the sake of argument) and focus on the total indifference to begin with.

We’re hearing things like (just shaking my head) the local authorities had to ‘ask’ the federal authorities to act. We’re hearing, ah fuck this- you know what we are hearing. I don’t want to belabor these points. I don’t need to get into the Texas line dancing of Uberstumpfurher Chertoff or Mr., ‘I got fired from my Arabian horse job and went to work at FEMA’ Brown’s “Well, we didn’t know these things were happening.” responses; even though it is HIS JOB TO KNOW. You know these things or you are a brain dead idiot.

Do I have to bring up the stage construction of Bush’s photo-ops where food displays and levee repair efforts were assembled prior to his arrival and dismantled immediately after? No, you should know this or you are a brain dead moron.

What Bush and Stepford wife Laura deserve is a public expression of the Ceausescu treatment. That is what they deserve. Sure they’re going to Hell anyway but some justice is demanded here on this beleaguered sphere. Of course I’m not God Almighty; that’s good news for Bush and Chertoff and Brown. If I were God Almighty you may be sure I would use my considerable imagination to its best advantage.

This is Bush’s Waterloo and it is also an unbelievable opportunity for us to witness, very shortly, how unbelievable it will be if and when he skates by this too. For someone who falls off so many moving vehicles under his control, chokes on pretzels and butchers the language so consistently, it is amazing what a good skater he is.

I don’t have to bring up Kindasleazy Rice’s chortling at a Broadway play and shopping for shoes while people were dying. I will point out that there are more examples of craven disregard in these last few days that I have ever seen in my life anywhere before.

George W. Bush you are one of the ugliest examples of the human specimen that I have ever seen. You are a cold-blooded, psychopathic, motherfucker of mythic proportions. You are a low to the ground shit-eating weasel and you are a base coward. You are a pig-fucker from a family of pig-fuckers and you deserve everything you are going to get and more.

New Orleans pleaded for money to fix their levees and had the money reduced every year. Meanwhile Bush’s pig-fucker buddy in Alaska got 500 million dollars to build a couple of bridges. One of them goes from a village of 14,000 to a community of 17 and cost 250 million dollars. Tom Delay got 2 billion dollars for some research project. New Orleans didn’t ask for anywhere near this kind of money. You are all damned. You will burn in Hell. I can only hope it happens today.

I said that this is Bush’s Waterloo. It should be Bush’s Waterloo. But I have little faith in a large bloc of the American people. I have NO faith in the countries leaders and representatives. And we know what the press is. Greg Palast told me that George Bush played golf on Thursday before he went to New Orleans. Greg’s not known to lie.

I reason things out. I think about things and I turn them over in my mind. Given the survival instincts of these filthy shit eating slugs in power, it stands to reason they knew what the situation was. It stands to reason that they knew what the fallout would be. The fallout is likely to be so great that impeachment proceedings will almost certainly begin; based on a variety of illegal activities over the last several years. But no one seems very troubled really. The only reason this could be is that they are full certain of their control of events.

I expect that any day the next manufactured terror event is going to take place and all of what now stands before our eyes will be swept out of sight. I’ve been at pains to point out the relentless direction of these neo-Nazis. I knew that there were no WMD’s and knew it from the giddy up and said so. I got the usual mocking denigrations but… there were no WMD’s. Pretty much everything else I have pointed out about these demons in human flesh has also been proven true. My job isn’t to prove myself right. My job is to strive to be correct and to correct myself when I am not.

America, you have been in trouble for awhile. As time passes, the trouble you are in increases. All along, except for the usual miscreants who won’t go along with the program, you have bent over and let your leaders push large objects into your ass, video-tape it and play it on Nickelodeon for your children to learn from. It’s not going to get better. It is going to get worse. The objects inserted in your ass are going to get larger and rougher and the film quality is going to improve. Now the trouble is about to go nova; “Yeah, so what?” or is it “No, you’re wrong.” Well, I’m not wrong about any of the things I’ve pointed out so far. Don’t you think you might want to turn the car around ‘before’ it goes off the cliff?

Right now, get together with your neighbors and everyone you know and don’t know and go to your Senators and Representatives and tell them that if they do not immediately call for impeachment that they will never hold office again. This you can do and because these people are almost exclusively whores they will heed your call. The behavior of a rat is predictable. Use what is necessary to make your rat behave.

You’ve been asleep in Vaseline dreams of material excess for some time; slipping and sliding on greased highways and siphoning up the narcotics that get your wide ass high. The Vaseline is going to catch on fire soon so, you wake up now or your wake up the hard way; your choice. I know you can hear me. Climb out of your comfort couch even if it means some flesh, long adhered to the pleather, may get left behind. You’ve seen the survival acts of those desperate souls in Lake New Orleans. It’s your turn next and things can happen very quickly. You would be surprised how quickly.

I don’t know what it is, but these reptile rat-fucks from Planet X have got something planned. Even if that were not the case (and it is), they have no choice now; it's SURVIVAL TIME. You’ve already seen how little they care who gets affected. It’s time to storm the castle and hang some evil motherfuckers upside down from the lamp-posts.

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