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The Anti-Semitic Club and the Dead Children

It really does appear that no one else has ever suffered or been put upon. It appears that what happened in Cambodia and Rwanda and Russia and Uganda and Armenia and and and wherever whatever didn't happen and people didn't suffer except for the only people who ever suffered well, I hope you know what I mean. If you criticize the only people who ever suffered you are turned into a pariah. If you question anything you can be thrown into jail. If your profession relies somewhat on reputation and the good will of those who may enjoy what you produce you can be destroyed. You can be destroyed not for actually having done anything and often not for having said anything. You can be destroyed just for asking why. When facts given don't match facts observable and you are puzzled you can be told, "Who are you going to believe? Me? ...or your lying eyes?" and furthermore you are told, "Shut the fuck up and watch your ass you filthy anti-semitic."

The biggest holocaust of the last milennium is 'slavery'. The numbers are the greatest. The length of time dwarfs all others so the extent of suffering does as well. Further, the conditions that it spawned remain with us today. Nothing that has happened is in the same league with this. Our duty as human beings is to work to prevent present and future events, not to wring every last bloody nickel from the past.

How did this term ever gain such a currency? How did this weapon, wielded at random and often upon whim; wielded the way those chosen for the inquistion were often chosen, for the same reasons that witches were often burned... because some one just didn't like them; something they said or did.... how did this become so much more dangerous that a bullet? When did the pursuit of truth become akin to the act of child molestation? And if you were to ask how is it that anyone could have this much power you are told that that is a lie and a slander on your part. It appears we must move through this life with our heads bowed before those who have no qualm about letting us know they are better and more important and more precious in the eyes of God than we will ever be. It appears that we might better spend our time less upon the concerns of material justice than upon something pedestrian and safe.

I'm not going to explore this because it isn't even the issue of this piece. Certainly it has a part in it but I wouldn't actually ever allude to or infer something that my lying eyes and filthy mind somehow constructed out of concrete evidence. And anyway... one could go on and on and on about it.

Any fool with the ability to read knows that the Iraqi War was initiated at the behest of pressure from Israel. The chief architects and promoters are all directly connected to her. Anyone reading today's papers knows that the biggest lobby for the coming assault on Iraq is Israel. And anyone anywhere near a TV knows that nearly all of the corruption affecting the American Congress is by provable trails connected to Israel or her bagmen or her agents abroad; whether it be Abramoff or AIPAC. Anyone who has even casually studied 9/11 can see the connection between Mossad and the attacks. The deeper you go the stronger the connections and don't get me started on Odigo or the thousands of inter-locking bits of data that all point in the same direction. But of course, none of this is true and I want to go on record as never having said any of it.

When Paul Wolfowitz was asked about the term 'neo-con' he said, "it's anti-semitic".

I need to point out at this juncture that I never wrote this piece and you are not reading it. Everything that you don't read after this is not actually written here. I don't exist and neither do any of the things that I didn't say.

Everyone knows that if the Palestinian Apartheid situation did not exist there would be no reason for 90% of the things that happen it the Mid-East and upon which all of the present madness is based by connection one way or another. Everyone knows that Israel was the biggest supporter and assistant to the South African Apartheid State... or maybe they don't. I don't know that and it can't be true even if it is. Once, not really knowing much about a lot of what I now don't know I was at a nasty little forum site on an internet far away and someone posted a list of all of the owners and operators of the MEDIA. He pointed out that it was largely run by Jews; meaning also controlled by. He set off a shitstorm. I didn't know if this was true and I didn't really care. But I was curious why he couldn't say this if it was true. So I asked this question, "Is there something wrong with someone asking a question? Is this true or isn't it? If it isn't, wouldn't it be useful to prove it out? And if it is, is there anything wrong with pointing it out? Well, my shitstorm was even bigger. I was stunned. But the good thing is that none of this ever happened and since I haven't written any of this I don't have anything to worry about.

This brings me to my point. During the Israeli-Palestinian romance, 200 children have been shot for throwing stones. They are killed because- so they say- Palestinian gunmen use them for shields but so far no international observers or reporters have spotted this. Asma al-Moghraia, age 14, went up on her roof to gather laundry and got a bullet from a sniper who must have been bored or pissed at his wife because there doesn't seem to be any other reason (and then he shot her little brother too). Iman al-Hams, a nine year old girl, was wandering around some 200 feet from an IDF outpost and, I guess she looked suspicious so they shot her and she ran and an Army Commander went after her and unloaded a clip into her young body. This is called, "confirming the kill.". There are many, many, many, many stories like this. The horrible things happening in Palestine beggar belief. In Gaza, half the people are under 16 years old. Just yesterday or the day before they blew away another little girl. They say her stomach was exploded from where the bullets hit. These IDF guys thought she might suddenly leap a hundred yards from where she was wandering around and blow them up. What I then wonder is... did the price of megaphones and sirens and warning shots and whatever other solutions there might have been... did the price of them go up so high that they can't use them? Are all the other options besides the outright slaughter of children just too unsafe or not cost effective? Because you see, here I am asking a question that my occasionally rational mind wonders about and I just don't get it. I know there has to be something I'm missing because otherwise I am anti-semitic. What's even more confusing is if you take all of this behavior and I'll give you just one link with links up the non-existant wazoo

About as clear as it gets

and you factor it in with every other thing that hasn't been mentioned in this piece that wasn't written that you aren't reading... well, that's scary and it's a good thing I'm not trying to put that together.

Oh, I know there's more to it. I know that both sides hate each other. But the thing is, it's like 9 year olds with rocks going up against fully armed SWAT teams and the 9 year olds have their reasons and the guys with the SWAT teams could very quickly do something about those reasons and ensure a lot more peace than you have but... for some reason they don't want to do this and that has something to do with the theme of Zionism which, correct me if I'm wrong; the founder, Theodor Herzl said that anti-semitism should be used as a club at any and all times to ensure that the needs of Zionism should be met. He said it didn't matter if it was true or not or relevant or not as long as it advanced the cause. If it were verbatim it would be in quotes; but what does it matter? I didn't say any of this and neither did he.

I don't know, maybe the whole thing is a lot more complicated than I get. The part that isn't complicated is the ongoing murder of children; not as a result of collateral damage or bad lighting but what seems to be target practice and a contempt for life. Well, it's hard to imagine having more contempt than what it takes to zone in on children who arent' even throwing rocks but who might be making dirty laundry bombs or something. I hope you'll read that link I didn't put here in this piece you aren't reading. Now, using kids for target practice is bad enough but when there is an ongoing systematic slaughter of people in various locations all based on the idea that some rag-tag bunch of former goatherding mountain dwellers is about to take over the world when, it appears, somebody already did that well... and further... when the trend of events seems determined to plunge the whole world into disorder and war and when most of what is taking place is based on False Flag operations and strangely appearing video tapes of people who are dead and passports that fall out of the sky while Air Traffic Controller tapes are chopped up and distributed into different waste containers then I just have to ask you... doesn't this all seem unnecessary and absurb? Doesn't it seem insane?

Well, we know by now in this piece I never wrote that I am not only a filthy anti-semitic but that I am delusional too and it's a good thing for you that this piece you aren't reading never got written because otherwise you would be more than a tad suspect for reading it and in this world that doesn't exist, that I fabricated, the next step is that you are going to be in a whole lot of trouble just for reading it, never mind about me. I don't exist.

"For Asma al-Moghraia"

the cross-hairs fix
across the rooftops
wind from the south-
....five knots
and leading
across the space where birds
have flown
but now
in the hunter's eye
the young girl's form
in laughing dance
arms gathering the laundry

she dreams
and surely she must hope

as finger tightens
upon trigger...

when it came
the explosion was
of such a force that
he came too

like Romeo's ghost upon
the imagination's palanquin of night

the bearers of the darkness
they toiled
underneath the thrust
of bullet and finger touching
the silenced heart
blood like a fountain
sprayed upon the sheets...
....some secret code
...that she read as
she fell dying to the roof

his Rachel Corrie moment come
round at last.

Thank you for not having read this. I forgot to forget to add that just about NEVER is any punitive action taken against these killers. They are routinely exonerated. Can you imagine any country in the world where you can use children for target practice... not once... but over and over and... nothing gets said about it? How come it never shows up in the news as a shocking event, condemned and deplored? See, I'm still scratching my head and I don't want to think what my logical mind might come up with. And since the link I gave was over a year old it always helps to update with recent observations. Here by the same blogger Lawrence_of_Cyberia

signed, Nobody from Nowhere.


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