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The 9/11 Psychopathic Merry, merry Month of May.

Softly... softly... stepping carefully among the possibilities of critical hours; I have been thinking about the bombing of the Madrid Train Station on 3/11. I have been thinking about the bombing of the London Tube on 7/7 and the Mac daddy wack on 9/11 and I ask myself; what about May? You have a 3 and a 7 and a 9 but you have no five. I guess it’s foolish to wonder about things like this but that’s how the mind works sometimes.

You might well have expected 7/11 more than anything else and it may be why you didn’t get it. 5/11? Who knows? It’s like the lines to that West Side Story song, Something’s Coming... “Something's coming, I don't know what it is, But it is, Gonna be great!” It probably won’t be great, not in the sense that the song implies but it wasn’t so great in the play either as it turned out.

We’ve got hanging Madam’s and back-shot CIA agents and you might want to read what that link has to say and maybe do a little deeper research into connecting the dots. It’s all there on the internet if you want to look for it. It’s getting to be like it was in Marathon Man after Zell’s brother got killed in that NYC car crash. “Is it safe? Is it safe?” No, it’s not safe. That’s life. Watch your step.

The Democratic primary continues to lurch along like a drunk trying to maintain his balance and find his car keys at the same time. Clinton rakes in most of the white voters and Obama rakes in most of the black voters, while the party whoops it up like the cash flushed whore that the drunk left back at the lap dance emporium. The whore didn’t do anything about the war. The whore didn’t do anything about impeachment. The whore didn’t do anything that Israel told it not to do and all the tapes and Polaroid snaps are breeding in a box at your local Mossad franchise. The whore has whore concerns and no time for anything else.

Strange things are going on in Lebanon and lots of people know it. Given that Israel has a birthday on the 14th, celebrating 60 years of Palestinian extermination; it goes without saying that they are going to want to be able to celebrate in a fashion that exemplifies the reason for their existence... blood in and blood out baby.

America needs water for Las Vegas and all kinds of other places and they’re not shy about getting their hands on it. They weren’t shy about Afghanistan and the opium shortage. They weren’t shy about Iraq; only the real reasons behind it and they aren’t going to be shy about Iran either, not with Israel telling them what to do. Now the opium is flowing again and the pipeline from Iraq to Haifa green-lighted because of all the support Israel gave America during the war; no one’s saying what that support was but apparently it was large. If you ask me the biggest support came from the neo-con dual nationals that lied everybody into the war in the first place.

If you want to know why everything is the way it is, why the world resembles a PCP infused mosh-pit at a Black Sabbath concert instead of the world according to Jacque Fresco, you have only to read this book, Political Ponerology. Most people have never even heard of this book. What it took for this book to find its way into publication is as torturous a tale as you will ever encounter. Do you want to know what is really going on and what really should be going on? Get your hands on the book “Political Ponerology” and see the film “Future by Design”. I would wager that most people have never come across the name Andrew M. Lobaczewski or Political Ponerology any more than they have come across the name of Jacque Fresco. The works of both of these men are indispensable to being in the state of knowing what is going on and what should be going on.

There is an alien race among us and they are scary powerful. They are not scary powerful because they are that much smarter than the rest of us. They are so because there are no moral constraints upon their behavior. They do not have the self-limiter of conscience. They are without conscience altogether. They are psychopaths. No doubt you have asked yourself how certain men and women could do the things they have done; how could they kill and torment millions of people with no regret whatsoever? Study a bit about Ponerology and you will not have to ask this question again.

These men and women account for six percent of the population. They move among us as one of us but they are in no wise human. They are veritable demons in human flesh. All the ancient tales about shape-shifting lizard men; werewolves, vampires and similar creatures from the dark side of being are based on these individuals. Until we can identify them and root them out we shall have no prosperity and no peace. They are the single most pressing problem that faces the human race. Your concerns about fascism and concentration camps, war and pestilence, lack of food and water and any and all of the myriad fears that assail the human mind and condition are most often the result of the efforts of these men and women.

For a long time, these sinister and shadowy figures have tormented the human estate. They are an ancient race. They are at work in the political and religious theaters. They are at work in the media. They are at work in the business and banking communities. They are in the entertainment and sports world. They are everywhere. They are white and black. They are Christian and Muslim. They are Arab and Jew and portions of everything else and they are bad news.

For far too long we have reacted to conditions instead of causes. We have been confused and befuddled by the whys and the wherefores. We have looked at the thing instead of into the thing. Our eyes have been upon the chessboard and not upon the players moving the pieces. These creatures are in the prisons and in presidencies. They are moving in the traffic in the streets. They are our single most pressing concern and until they are identified and called to account there is no point in wasting time on anything else. Nothing else will prosper or come to pass because they are there in the workings.

Courtesy of a link in the comments section I would advise EVERYONE to read this article and you will see what we are up against.

It is unfortunate that you need a mind and must possess the ability to concentrate in order to be able to read and comprehend Political Ponerology. With the passing of time, intelligent awareness is being bred out of the human condition. The majority of us were never that bright to begin with but de-evolution is making it worse than it has been in a long time.

It’s not all bad news. We are talking about it and we haven’t done that before. We are isolating it. We are seeing it; some of us are seeing it. Nothing these psychopaths do can halt what is coming. It is truly unfortunate that so much harm must come to pass before justice can be done.

They know that we know and they are not unaware of forces more powerful than they. This is why there is so much chaos and international criminal activity at this time. Fifteen hundred words are not enough to address the implications of this problem. Read the book, if you have the mind to accomplish it and see the film of what could be ours and remember that the problems are not what they appear to be. The problem is behind the appearances. The problem lies in those who are manifesting the appearances.

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