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Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and the Weight of Empire.

To say that I was surprised would be an understatement; when I heard Ron Paul was scaling back his campaign and closed out any possibility of an independent run. WTF?
You see, I had assumed his candidacy was not his own but that it belonged to his supporters; that he was just the standard bearer. Suddenly... just like that... lights out. It sank under the radar the same way his campaign stayed off the radar and everything just kept going on the way it was going on.

Then I see that Dennis Kucinich backed off of his impeachment effort, shortly after a visit from AIPAC and sundry. Word has it they guaranteed his seat in the next round. Was his seat in danger? Does that matter? Did this visit influence his choice? I don’t know that either. What I do know is that there is no honorable reason for him to have backed off. Either he had his price or someone told him they knew where his family lived. I don’t buy the re-election support thing. It sounds like something they cooked up to hide the offer he couldn’t refuse.

I was attracted to Ron Paul for two reasons; dismantling the so-called Federal Reserve and cutting off aid to Israel. I didn’t think his Dr. No persona would be very effective in the White House but it was a good place to start from. I’ve read so many untruths about Ron Paul that I have to wonder if the people making these statements are reading the chronology that I have read or just pulling their opinions out of that place where the sun don’t shine. One wag of a zealot actually said, “They keep making up excuses for his support of Apartheid Israel” As far as I know... and I could be wrong... that isn’t true at all and I never saw hide nor hair of that sort of activity but I’m not omniscient.

One of the things I didn’t care for about Ron Paul and don’t care for was his timidity in the face of uncomfortable truth. Yes, he spoke out on the war and common issues like the economy and he had some positive, radical ideas but when it came to 9/11 he danced out of the way. I allowed for how that might be a good idea at the time because he was running in an election. I thought, maybe after he is elected he’ll open the gate. One thing keeps disturbing me though. You would think as smart as he is and as smart as some of his supporters are that he should have addressed all of the issues from day one because it was always very unlikely that he was going to win so why not use the campaign to focus the world’s attention on something that is the lever for all of the rising fascism of the day?

Dennis Kucinich presented himself as a knight in shining armor defending the honor of the American people. You can’t just put on your metal suit and go out and have a few practice rounds with sword and mace and then say, “Man, I’m tired, I’m going back to the clubhouse.” I was always leery of him and that’s been cleared up now.

When Paleolithic Barbie Doll, Nancy Pelosi slid into the speaker seat one of the first things she said was impeachment was off the table. Wouldn’t you think that members of the Democratic leadership would know more about what’s been going on the last seven years than I do? It appears not. I don’t think in all of American history that there has ever been a more damning case for indictment than this. The crimes of this administration would make Stalin proud; given that it was visited upon a people considered the freest in the world and given that Stalin’s weren’t free to begin with.

So... it goes without saying... or it should go without saying that there is a mystery here when a tractor trailer load of skunks collides with a sewage tanker on Main Street and nobody smells anything.

Somebody is putting on the long arm. Something is pressing closer and closer to some Big Kahuna of an event that’s connected to a row of dominoes. In the Rand Corporation they’ve bio-engineered an Archduke Ferdinand and as we speak stage hands are guiding him to the podium. Because... look at the progression. Look at the quiet bowing out and the careful stepping back from every opportunity to speak truth to power.

Scan if you will the ranks of entertainers of every stripe with name recognition; scan the religious world, scan the scientific world, scan the political world, scan all the worlds and what do you find? Sometimes you find silence. Sometimes you find smirking contempt. Sometimes you find that evasiveness usually born of fear. Sometimes you find indifference and sometimes hostility but seldom do you find the natural indignation that should be the first response of any human being at the evils practiced upon a nation from 9/11 until the present day.

It falls to the bloggers and independent news sites alone to carry the standard. Is anyone, anywhere else saying anything at all? Maybe I’m just not seeing it. I want to.

Is my reasoning faulty? You see, I’m drawing the evidence upon which I base my conclusions from actual recorded events. I look at the PNAC manifesto and then I see 9/11. Then I see major inconsistencies in the 9/11 story. Then I look at cui bono. Then I look at the likely suspects who also have left enormous pecker tracks across the crime scene. I’ve tracked Bin Laden’s history and associates. I know he’s dead. I’ve looked at the increasingly draconian measures taken against the ordinary citizen and the blatant manipulation of fear for profit. I’ve looked at the wars and the lies and the “step by step, inch by inch” all the way to “Niagara Falls!”

Meanwhile I have studied our leaders in every field and what they have said and done in these years. I’ve compared that against events and I’ve compared events against their words and deeds and lack of words and deeds. It’s like I went to sleep one night and much of the worlds people were replaced by Stepford Wives. This fear of standing forth and speaking the truth... isn’t anyone going to come forward and tell us what they were threatened with?

By now there can no longer be any question that there is a group of temporally powerful people who fancy themselves a global elite who are, in reality blood sucking weasels that hide from the light. See, I’m not afraid to say it. Why should people far better placed than me be afraid? Is it because of the placement? Do they fear the loss of their job or their income? Is this more important than their integrity and honor? Did they have none to begin with? I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t sell my ass to a master who held me in contempt just so I could continue working for him. And by the way... a lot of us see this you sad fools. You can prance around in your appearances of fame and power and wealth but we know you are bought and sold like cattle. It must be a bitter pill to trade all that makes you human for a cruise through the wreckage. We may not have much but we are richer than you will ever be. We still have our souls and our humanity.

I wish someone could explain to me what it is that made being a whore a job market plus and a social climbing accessory. Sometimes I am thinking that this is the very generation of vipers spoken about in that book that’s utilized as a baseball bat with nails studding the head.

I wouldn’t be much surprised by anything now. The one thing I do know is that no matter how bad it gets these blood sucking weasels will fail and when they go down so will all of their ticks and fleas and sycophants. You can’t kill the human spirit. It will come back. There is something unquenchable within it. Call it what you will. These are quite simply dark times ...but we carry our light with us.

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