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Ron Paul and the Sign of the Devil.

Occasionally I have to get personal in my commentary here. Sometimes you have to clarify where you are coming from so that people understand. It’s natural for people to make assumptions. They can be inaccurate though and usually, the best thing is to ask me to clarify something. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen as often as it should. Usually it doesn’t happen at all. This may turn out to be longer than my normal postings which I keep within rigid dimensions. It’s necessary, so... bear with me if you will.

Recently a friend called to my attention a comment placed on The Truthseeker website - they occasionally reprint my articles at this site and I’m very gratified when that happens because I consider this site to be one of the best on the internet when it comes to telling the truth. I’m honored that they give me any space at all with so many fine writers to choose from.

They had reprinted my “Ron Paul and the Seven Dwarfs” piece and then added a caveat in an article above it which had to do with a photo of Ron Paul flashing ‘the devil sign’. They went on to say that this might indicate membership in ‘the illuminati’. This is an organization that may or may not exist under that name and which has been around for centuries and whose purpose is world domination along with all kinds of other evil shit. I’m certain that such an organization does exist. I don’t know if they call themselves that but it will serve for our purposes here. Truthseeker said the jury was out on Ron Paul and there could be many possible explanations for this gesture. They passed no judgment. They just made an observation and well... I don’t know what to say to that.

It is true that a number of questionable world leaders (and those who serve them) have been seen giving this sign. One of those leaders is George W. Bush who does it often and who deceitfully explained that it was in support of the football team, The Texas Longhorns. This is bullshit, no need to go on any further about that. Is George Bush a devil worshipper? If we take the meaning of that term in a general way and base our judgment on what he’s done then he certainly qualifies as a devil worshipper. Does he attend Black Sabbaths and participate in the sacrifice of human life on an altar dedicated to Satan in the classical sense? I don’t know ...he might. Does he sacrifice human life? Yes. Is he laughing in the face of the people who see him flashing this sign and does he intend it in a satanic fashion? I’d say that’s very likely. I remember his interaction with Ozzie Osbourne at a National Press Club Dinner and that speaks volumes. I also remember him laughing at and mocking Karla Faye Tucker. He’s a psychopath to be sure.

See, this is about semantics here and it’s also about appearances. If there’s one thing the ‘so-called’ devil is big on it is ‘appearances’. I have studied in the area of the occult and metaphysics all my life. If there’s anything I have a background in it is this. I’ve also had experiences, one in particular that relates directly to this sign of the devil thing. I’ll give a little background on that but first... let me say a couple of things.

There is only ONE animating force in the universe. This force specializes into every other force. For the most accurate and briefest description of this force please read “The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus”. There is no devil as is commonly understood; no power equal to the ONE that is in a position to threaten or challenge the position of the ONE. It can ‘appear’ otherwise and that is the thing... appearances. There are two relationships that one can have with the ONE and this is where ‘conscious’ and ‘unconscious’ good and evil comes into play. The devil is the way that evil people see the ineffable. This is where your devil is resident. This resistance to the progress of GOOD in the universe is the result of a decision or inclination on the part of any individual to engage in ‘self interest’ to the disregard of his fellows. It’s all about the false self. If there is a devil then that devil is a man, any man, who behaves like one and there are ancient forces willing to inhabit such a man or woman and who are always on the lookout for willing vehicles. This seeming contradiction is intentional.

I happen to know that there are two- what I will refer to as- ‘invisible lodges’ that are involved in a magical war and that everything that happens ‘on the ground’ is the result of it. Much of the evil that gets visited here comes from the dark lodge and operates through human agency. You can dispute this all you want. My personal experience is enough for my certitude. Many magical behaviors accompany the operation of powerful organizations; Masonic hand signals used in courtrooms and elsewhere, symbols on currency, twenty two stars in the Paramount logo etc. Governments and corporations co-opt symbology for their purposes. One can study the origin of the swastika and see proof of this. There are many, many examples. There are progressive initiations and levels. I could go on all night about this. I belong to an esoteric order and if there is one thing we are aware of it is what the ‘other side’ is up to. It appears ‘here’ that evil is always winning. Let us compare that to the exchange between John McCain and the Vietnamese general about how America never lost a battle but did lose the war. No one will EVER control the entire Earth.

To fully get into any of these areas in detail would require a book length exposition and that is not possible here. So you have to read between the lines and fill in the blanks yourselves. I am sorry to have to discuss some of the things I am talking about here in Smoking Mirrors. A lot of people visit this site every day and they don’t come here for things of this nature. I have another blog for that. Unfortunately... this is all relevant to the case in question and my personal experiences put me into direct contact with the subject matter. I promise to avoid these areas of discourse in the future as firmly as I have in the past.

In the process of writing here I have gained supporters and parted ways with others who objected to one thing or another. You can’t compromise if you’re going to do this sort of thing or you become another pandering hack. Certain sites won’t publish my work lately because of my talking about Ron Paul. I can’t be concerned with that. Another site that I highly admire may not link to this particular piece because of the arcane subject matter which isn’t a part of his view of the world and he’s a real force for good in what he does. I will try to keep Smoking Mirrors free of this in the future. I honestly don’t like talking about myself in the way I feel compelled to in this post. Most people don’t want to hear it and it gives ammunition to those whose axes are always sharpened in my direction. Let’s move on.

Major pedophile rings, ritual murder and major drug activity; all sorts of crime, cluster around the periphery of the governments of the world. Evil prospers and is infinitely attractive to those so disposed. I know there is a reason for everything and that karma is perfectly dispensed, but on the face of it, it seems that justice is seldom done. Be assured that justice is ALWAYS done in its own time and place... inexorably and inevitably.

I had an experience of initiation. I won’t get into the details of that but I will say that my hands went into very similar mudras to the one in question. There was an irresistible force at work which swept me away. Later on... days? ...Weeks? ...Months? I saw what I had not seen before- I was quite young- I saw some statues of Buddha’s and the Hindu deities and they all had their hands in this fashion. When I was in prison I noted that gangsters would walk around with the back of one hand resting above a buttock, they were bent forward and walked in a pimp roll with the same two fingers pointing down and the other two curled and I saw that this ONE force could be directed in two ways. One of the ways accounts for Good and the other is for channeling Evil. It’s one force and its intention is dependent on the person channeling it. In Indian Tantrism they speak of the right and left-hand path and it is a choice the practitioner makes at a certain point.

Later I found out that what happened to me was a kundalini awakening. It was so powerful that I went about for three years in a constant state with my hands in a particular fashion where it appeared that I was holding invisible reins to invisible horses. This was true. The reins are the reins of the mind and the horses are the senses. If you observe the classic painting of Krishna standing behind Arjuna you will see the hands held in this fashion. It symbolizes a yogic state. So powerful was what happened to me that many unbelievable things occurred in this period (and have continued to) and there are witnesses for it. I also attracted a number of followers who were either looking for me or following me. I was not comfortable with this and at a certain point made the conscious decision to behave in such a way as to discourage it and I have been successful since. I generally veil this process in which I am engaged. This is a very ancient thing whose origin lies far back of this present period of history. This serpent power is often depicted as a cobra with expanded hood. In China it is shown as a dragon. It permeates existence and is back of all activity in life. It can be consciously directed according to the disposition of the one channeling it. It can be both a deadly poison and a healing balm.

It is important here for me to say that I don’t make any claims about myself. I don’t know what it means in my case. All I know is that this force is still very much active in me- it’s permanent and doesn’t go away and I can go into this state at will and my hands and body will move of their own accord in something that resembles certain kinds of dancing seen in the east and also has martial arts applications. Since that time I have been able to see certain things and I write about them over at Visible Origami. I sometimes see energy serpents crawling though every aspect of nature. I see an alphabet of fiery characters written into everything, like my hand, or your hand. I see Hindu Gods riding across the sky in the shaping of the clouds. Transparent energy beings from the sun come and sit beside me on some occasions and talk to me but I can’t understand what they are saying except in a telepathic sense. It feels good though.

By this time some portion of people will assume I am crazy or deluded. I haven’t even mentioned the more intense occurrences and aspects of what this experience caused in me, nor the man I met who initiated it in me, one evening thousands of miles from the place where I had met him some months previously. He also held his hands this way. He was and is far beyond my state. I have not encountered him in the corporeal realm since.

I don’t really care what you think about all of this. My life has been a serious struggle with certain features of it... not the least being elements from the dark side but thankfully I know by experience that they have no power to affect me besides the occasional discomfort caused by these encounters. I know that experiences of this sort and the things I went though would drive most people mad. In fact, several people who were determined to follow me about had to be institutionalized for a period of time because of things they saw. During the experience that I had I went mad too, if going mad can be described as passing completely beyond the bounds of the normal parameters. For some reason, because of the way I am constructed it not only didn’t alarm or panic me but rather filled me with excitement and even today I am very comfortable with it happening and being in wild places even in the dark of the night. I made some kind of authentic connection and whatever it is, is a lot more powerful that any ‘appearances’ I run up against and I do run up against them.

Certain events of my life are well known by a number of people of good character who will attest to what I say here and who were able to see some of the things I discuss when they were with me. This gives me no greater importance than anyone else so put your egos aside. I’m just talking about something that happened and my whole life is the result of it. I live as a near recluse. I operate with minimum possessions. I seek nothing from the world and don’t care if I leave my mark or am heralded in any way. I’m just ‘trying’ to tell the truth and serve when I can. I’m not evil in the way we know the people in question to be but I am involved with ‘the same force’ in a different relationship. We can accurately judge whether someone is good or evil by the result of what they do; “by their works ye shall know them”. My hand occasionally rises of its own accord into the mudra of blessing which we see the pope and his priests engage in. The present pope has about as much connection with Jesus Christ as Bush does. That does not make the gesture evil, nor make me good.

I have made mistakes in the past and behaved outrageously. There were reasons but that is neither here nor there. What I say about this force and these hand gestures is all based on direct personal experience. Evil often appears to be good and what is good appears to be evil. We’ve got plenty of historical precedence for this. It’s said that even the very elect can be deceived.

Let me say that the basic nature of ‘the world’ is corruption and everyone who enters into the political and religious area comes into contact with some portion of it and ‘most’ come to ‘terms’ with it- make ‘deals’ and are, sooner or later, put into compromising positions. The areas of politics and religion as well as commerce are the dominion of a particular manifestation of the force. Those who have shaped our world for the better have all come into conflict with the authorities in the areas where they operated. Sometimes they are killed... imprisoned... framed and discredited... whatever.

Usually I can sense the nature of a man or woman just by looking at them and hearing them speak and I haven’t been far wrong yet about anyone. Now let me get to the essence of what this is about.

Some people assume that because I speak well about Ron Paul that I am a Ron Paul supporter and that I agree with every position he holds on every subject. This is not true. I have never said I was a Ron Paul supporter. Please look closely at the way I frame the things I say. If you have questions about my intent about anything I say in any posting I would suggest you read more closely. I am thinking about this very thing the whole time that I am writing. Quite often your question is answered already.

The Truthseeker made no claim in this regard about me but in other places I note that people have. This is not about the Truthseeker comment, which I agree with. This is in a general sense.

When I look at Ron Paul I do not see the satanic in evidence. He seems to me to be a man with sharply delineated and simple values. He appears to me to be just what he is, a country doctor who went into politics and whose record speaks for itself. If Ron Paul is an ‘illuminati’ or devil like the others... then that is bad news to be sure. I can see that Hillary is a tool of the Zionists. I can see that Obama is ambitious and callow (not enough experience for the job) but may be a good person- so far. He’s mostly traveling on show biz charisma. I can see that John Edwards is pretty decent but I’m not sure how strong he may prove to be were his integrity set against a hard challenge. I can see that Dennis Kucinich is telling the truth but I do not see completely into him which does not mean anything, I can’t see completely into any of these people but I can sense what I require to make a judgment that satisfies me and which experience continues to prove out.

I can see about the Republican candidates pretty much what I said in the last article so you can go back and read that if you haven’t yet.

Can I be deceived? I think any of us can. It can happen just from having a good heart. But I go with what Lao Tzu said... “I believe the liar if I am true enough.” I’ll leave you to figure out what that means.

I do not like Republican policies as they have been demonstrated for most of this century. They are the party of big business and they are elitist. They engage in class warfare, they separate, divide and conquer. They’ve learned to accuse the other side of exactly what they are doing. Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh tell you all you need to know about the contemporary Republican Party. Lately they represent the very worst things in America and they are presently base hypocrites when it comes to the real life application of their principles and platforms. I haven’t seen one like Ron Paul before. It astounds me that I would think this well of a Republican. He really seems to me to be speaking the truth and that is what America- and the world- needs right now. He has the right ideas about so many things. He comes across as a human being and a great many people see this. I would be shocked to find that he was a demon in disguise.

However, the world is the world is the world. To My eyes Ron Paul stands head and shoulders above the other candidates. I get arguments from people about his position on abortion and other issues. Most of their arguments are a form of hysteria and mis-informed. Most of the time the arguments I hear are surface judgments where the protestors haven’t even bothered to investigate and that’s business as usual on this plane. I don’t argue with people. I don’t care if I convince people. I put out what I think and you can take it or leave it.

I think Ron Paul is the best candidate by far. I think he’s the best thing for the country as far as I have looked into the matter. I’m not wearing a Ron Paul button and I’m not marching in any parades. I am just trying to give people my impressions on what I see and I am willing to change my position in a heartbeat the moment I find my position to be wrong.

I find that picture disturbing and I don’t know what to think. My immediate impression is that he’s seen that gesture around and doesn’t have a clue that it implies anything more than the “I love you” deaf signing or something... I can’t comment on it. I just know what I get viscerally.

I apologize to my readers for telling you more than you probably wanted to know about me and making myself vulnerable to the usual wacko labels. I manage my life pretty well in any case. Personally, I feel that most of the world is crazy and I see it all of the time. People do find me strange and I will admit to being so but you’ll just have to take the things I say the same way I take the things other people say. You’ll have to look inside yourself and see if it feels true.

I appreciate what was said at The Truthseeker...

BUT YOU HAVE TO TRUST SOMEBODY SOMETIME. And I find Ron Paul to be far and away more trustworthy than any of the others and I feel it is my job to say it. If in the future I prove to have been misled or misleading, you have my deepest apologies for that in advance. Once again, I will change my positions immediately the moment it is made clear to me that I am wrong. I have no ambition greater than to know and speak the truth. I realize this is impossible but I’d like to get as close as I can.

I did not want to have to believe that the Zionists were deeply involved in orchestrating and carrying out 9/11 but that is what the evidence shows... ...REPEATEDLY and conclusively. I’m not likely to get very far as a writer and a recording artist for publicly saying this but the truth is more important than my career as an artist or whatever reputation I may or may not have. Regardless of how damaging it may be for me to say the things I say in terms of my life’s work I would be just like every other sold-out, fear-based coward if I just played the game and went along with the program. I’m not going to play the fucking game and go along with the program and you shouldn’t either. That is a BIG part of the problem. It’s all of our little greed’s and fears that allow the big fears and greed’s to prosper. We turn our heads more often than we should.

I do not like having to say the things I say but someone has to say them and I’m not the only one. The amount of disgusting lies that are perpetrated daily must be addressed. People need to know that the Israeli soldiers WERE NOT captured in Israel but on Lebanese soil. People need to know that they were all set up to attack before it even happened. People need to be told they dropped around a million cluster bombs in Lebanon AFTER peace had been agreed on. Direct evidence proves this and it proves a great many things to be otherwise than what is spewed and spun every day.

People need to know about Myanmar’s cozy relationship with oil companies. People need to know what China is up to in The Sudan. People ‘have the right to know’ about what is going on. The media is real keen to use this ‘right to know’ excuse when it comes to the pathetic lives of the Lindsey Lohans and Paris Hiltons in this paparazzi age but they swerve right around the truth or just make it up when it comes to the important issues. Mainly they feed you swill because they consider you a lower life form.

People need to know that 911 was an inside job. People need to be told again and again about building #7. People need to know about Mohammed Atta on Jack Abramoff’s gambling boat and about PNAC and who is in PNAC. People need to be told the truth about Iraq and Iran and all the other places in the gun-sights of the psychopaths. People need to be told that the Zionistas control most every aspect of the media and that is easily proven at any time and every argument otherwise is bullshit and that has to be said.

People need to be reminded that Ariel Sharon told Shimon Peres that he didn’t have to worry about America because, “we control America.” The powers that be can’t disprove any of these things and thousands more I could mention. They can’t disprove them because they are true and the evidence is there. They can try to shout us down... They can tell more lies... They can try to marginalize and slander us but you cannot disprove what we say because it is the truth. End of story.

Somebody has to say these things so why not me? Why not you? Somebody has to say these things. Ron Paul is saying certain things and I agree with him. To me he appears to be telling the truth and he appears to be sincere. I will stand corrected the day I learn otherwise. Thank you for your patience in reading this post. I’ll be in the rubber room if you need me.

Footnote; I read this a few times before I posted it and my initial intention was just to toss it. Then I thought about the people who would read it. Some would find it entertaining. Some would get it and, due to certain features in the presentation, accept it as true. Others would take a ‘who knows?’ position and a certain portion would get pissed off and flames would dance on their head. I figured with all of that going for it I might as well put it up. Besides, that’s just how it is.


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