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Rip Van Winkle Wakes up in Toad Hall.

The country is finally getting its act together. It’s haphazard but wide-spread. You can hear the hunting horns in the distance; the baying of the hounds. The foxes were running in a pack but they’re splitting off into every direction now. These foxes have human faces with all the characteristics of foxes. You know who I am talking about.

Behind the scenes, all the bagmen, all the moneyed interests... all the combines and collectives of pigs and wolves and hyenas that make up the corporate control net are switching the money supply to the other side. The Murphy game is afoot and the badgers are getting ready to run their game as it becomes time for all the faceless manipulators to morph into the tireless warriors for the good of humanity that they have been all along but were too humble and modest to take any credit for. Black’s going to be the new white, neo-cons are going to be the new liberals and FoxNews is going to tell you just how much we all love Hillary now that Rupert and Hillary are an item.

Yes, I shouldn’t slander the animal kingdom as I am doing and I’ll probably hear from PETA about it but it’s metaphorical. Even I am metaphorical.

Finally... finally... somewhere the final straw has broken the camel’s back and critical mass has been reached. You see it in the California convention of “No More Wars for Israel.” Even though they kept getting bounced from their hotels because of the kind of pressure that never lets Mearsheimer and Walt into a university lecture hall; the same kind of pressure that makes it impossible to put on the Rachel Corrie play; the same kind of pressure that allows for the torture, murder and starvation of the Palestinians to be presented as a Disney World attraction.

You see it in the Watertown meeting about the Armenian genocide and, despite all of Foxman’s efforts to derail it you see it become a congressional mandate just in time to piss off the Turks. You see it in the Ron Paul candidacy that is sweeping the country like a brush fire. You see it in the Dali Lama showing up at the White House or wherever they hosted him, just in time to piss off the Chinese and take our minds off Myanmar.

You see it in articles like this and this, and this...

Yeah baby, “Bring it on!”, “Let’s roll!”

It’s a curious thing. If the Zionists hadn’t actually non-stop practiced apartheid and genocide on the Palestinians -and weren’t presently starving them to death- we wouldn’t have all those photos and videos that so many people are watching. If they hadn’t used their unopposed power at every level of American life to shut down their critics from saying that they wielded enormous influence over American life it wouldn’t be so obvious as it now is that they wield enormous influence over American life. If every politician beside Ron Paul weren’t kissing their ass in the public square the American people wouldn’t know that they control the American political system. It’s all good...

...except for the deaths and dismemberments, except for the agony and loss, except for the collateral damage and the side effects and all the blood and tears and greed and lies and theft and dozens of other things... except for that it’s all good.

There’s a shift in the wind people. There’s a window of opportunity here. The serial killer that lives in the house had to go out for groceries or to buy more duct tape and we can go through that window. Be careful... he might come back soon. He might be tired and concerned but he’s not dead. Should we be careful? How many of us are coming through the window? Maybe we shouldn’t be careful. Maybe we should get really loud and the hounds will hear us... because the hounds are coming and the horns are blowing and something’s up.

Its make you wonder why, all of a sudden all kinds of strange things are happening. Did somebody throw a switch? Did it just all add up, one lie at a time; one life at a time, one scream, one tear, one bird of hope on the windowsill? Does it matter? Carpe Diem...

People, it is time for revolution. It is time to take back the country. It is time to pick up your pitchforks and rakes and shovels and march on the castle. It’s time to drag Dr. Frankenstein out of the castle and hang him from the lamp-post. It is time and past time to cut the monster to pieces and toss the pieces into the air so they turn into the bright confetti of freedom returned. It’s time for the sun to come out from behind the clouds and flash off of the confetti and set the sky on fire with music.

I probably sound like a lunatic but that’s okay with me. And who is responsible for this shift in the wind? That’s the first question. The bloggers are responsible and sites like

Signs of the Times
What Really Happened
The Truthseeker

...and courageous online newspapers like Uruknet are responsible and everybody who sounded like a lunatic in the neighborhood pub and lost their job teaching at the elementary school and universities for talking about the 9/11 cover-up and every soldier in harm’s way who said, “This is bullshit!” and wasn’t afraid to say it again. For all of the Pat Tillmans dead and alive... thank you.

Every man and woman who has had the courage to stand forth in their lonely hour and tell their disbelieving neighbors and associates... thank you. Every minister who told their congregation that the real evil afoot was in the government empowered to serve them... thank you. We aren’t many but we are a lot more than we were and we are growing by the day.

Who is not responsible but even now is re-positioning themselves and revising their history and getting a new hair weave so that they can look like they were in the vanguard of every bright and beautiful thing? That would be the lying swine from the pig-farm press. That would be the faux investigative journalists and sundry whores who skated around naming the sources of our distress. They are the ones who sold their honor and their asses for a paycheck. They are the ones who bent over for the Murdoch’s of the world and squealed like the pigs that they are.

Yes, some big branch fell off some big tree and landed on Rip Van Winkle’s head and a whole lot of Americans woke up and they are getting rowdy and standing up and not backing down and whether Ron Paul gets elected or not he had a lot to do with it and a sincere and heart-felt thank you to him as well.

Make no mistake; they still want to bomb Iran and all of the sleazy Democratic and Republican candidates whose asses belong to Tel Aviv are all trying to out Bruce Willis each other. They’re talking tough, they’re standing tall. They don’t care how many other people’s lives it costs, they have the balls to make it happen. Make no mistake, just because a lot of people suddenly stopped getting confused, or found their stones, or discovered a standard bearer, the blood-winos aren’t going to be going to any vampire AA meetings any time soon.

Maybe I’m hallucinating, I wouldn’t be surprised. Sometimes you want something so much you can make it appear before your eyes for awhile. I hope I’m not hallucinating. I don’t mind going down for something I believe in. I don’t mind losing if I gave it everything I had... but I do mind going down quiet without a fight. I do mind getting down on my knees for merciless scum for whom that will never be enough. I mind my former country being a gigantic warehouse for lazy-assed big bellied, slow walking, junk-TV watching impotent Schmoos.

Watching the tide rise... seeing the people join together and strike a blow against the empire. Seeing the best part of people come forward and hang the cost... that makes me feel good. You know who you are. Don’t give up and give yourselves a hand. You deserve it.

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