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Nancy Pelosi to the White Courtesy Phone

Nancy? I’ve got the American people on the phone here and they wanted to say a few things to you about representing them according to their best interests. Of course I can’t let them speak all at once so what I’m going to do is channel a few of the major streams of collective concern. One might assume that you already know about these concerns, after all, that’s supposed to be your job. As I understand it, your job is to work toward the realization of the American publics’ needs and wishes. Your job isn’t to decide what is best for the American public based on who is applying the greatest pressure on you to promote their interests. That’s the job of the Republicans and they were thrown out of control because of systematic abuse. If you want to avoid having the same thing happen to you then you need to take off the red mini-skirt and thigh high white boots and try not to sell your ass unless it is for the good of the American people.

Here are some of the things the American people want you to do. I know that this is what they want because I have seen thousands of comments at websites all over the internet that express these desires and positions. If you don’t address these issues and bring them up for discussion and action then it goes without saying that you have combined the two oldest professions into something less honest than either of them is by themselves.

You must address the influence of Israel on American policy. AIPAC must register as the agent of a foreign power. There should be a detailed investigation into Israeli spying in the US and the results should be made public. The people have a right to know. The people have a right to know how much impact Israeli interests had on causing the Iraq invasion. Unless the truth has been made against the law it should be okay to reveal it. Either one and one is two or it is not. Just look at the evidence and add it together and let’s see what we have.

You must reverse the administration’s actions concerning Posse Comitatus and Habeas Corpus. You must reverse that enemy combatant thing. Failure on your part to do any of this confirms that you support these things or that you don’t have the sand to do the job you are required to do. There’s no need to get complex about it. It’s either one thing or the other.

Let’s move to 9/11. A majority of the American people know that the administration was somehow involved in the attack. The evidence of this is overwhelming. Therefore it needs to be publicly investigated. Applying all of the 9/11 committees suggestions is pointless if it is not known who carried out the attacks. Let the chips fall where they may. It is in the interest of the American people to know what happened on 9/11. The American people need to know why Dick Cheney had the Air Force stand down after the attacks. Experts who are not dressed up like whores need to investigate the peculiar manner in which 3 towers fell to the ground so quickly and all in the same way and nearly all at the same time. The coincidence is too remarkable to be ignored. If you don’t do this Nancy then you are a part of the whitewash. Here’s the thing Nancy, if Al Qaeda wasn’t behind this attack then everything America is doing in respect of it is all based on a lie. We’ll all be the better for knowing.

You need to form an investigation into Diebold. If you can’t do this, if you don’t see the importance of it then you are too stupid to be doing the job you have.

The sheer volume of illegal acts on the part of the Bush administration demands investigation. When such an investigation reveals actual treason on the part of members of this administration then the proper actions should be taken. If you can’t do this you need to find some other occupation. Perhaps you can go back into public relations where lying is the approved form of behavior.

America wants to know what happened and why. America wants some justice out of the carnage of the last six years. America does not want to just sweep it all under the rug and get a bunch of smoke and mirrors about bi-partisanship and moving forward. Crimes have been committed. I’m telling you what the American public wants. It’s your job to see that they get it.

An investigation has to be opened into Cheney’s meeting with the energy bosses. An investigation has to be launched into Halliburton. An investigation has to be launched into the media conglomerates and the manner in which they fabricate news instead of reporting it. The FCC has to get active about all of these media mergers.

America wants to know why nothing was revealed concerning the Five Dancing Israelis and their Mossad connections as well as the many Israelis who were arrested for espionage after 9/11 and then quietly deported. You can read a fascinating article here

Big Problem

about a big problem that America has. If you can’t do something about this we will have to assume that you are compromised. It is unfortunate that certain ugly truths have to be revealed but that’s life. We’re always better off for knowing why certain things are happening.

The question of Palestine must be addressed. Here is the main reason for nearly all so-called terrorist activity. Solving this problem will make the whole world a better place. Unless you don’t want the world to be a better place then you must fix this awful chronic problem once and for all. If you do not it will get worse and worse and sooner or later something really bad is going to happen. Bad things are happening right now. This is how it’s done Nancy. Demand that Israel move back to the ’67 borders and declare a Palestinian State and partition Jerusalem. That’s it, no arguments. Israel can put up their fence then. They can close off their borders if they want. They have the fourth most powerful military on Earth, they’re not likely to be threatened by a Palestinian state and it would create enormous good will for them.

The rich should be taxed significantly. The more they make the more they should pay. There should be no argument about this.

The homeless situation needs to be addressed and health care needs to be addressed and the lobbies that oppose these things must be ignored.

Alternative energy must be aggressively promoted and all of the Bush actions against the environment must be repealed and the gerrymandering across the land undone.

America is either the land of the free and a working democracy or it is not. If it is then the will of the people must be carried out. If you do not do this Nancy then you should be removed from office because you are not doing your job. Should the evidence reveal that the bush administration should be impeached- and it most certainly will, then these proceedings must begin. The people of America demand this. Make it happen or else.

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