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Lying, Murdering Scoundrels and the People who Believe Them.

Before I go on to whatever it is that I say today and... I usually don’t know what that’s going to be, I want all of you to read this fine article from one of the better and more courageous writers going, Israel Shamir and then I want you to read this article on Ted Olsen.

These articles aren’t connected except that they are both to be found on The Truthseeker. Across the space of the internet there are all too few sites where you can get real and truthful information. Others are What Really Happened also Signs of the Times and The Peoples Voice. Prison Planet and others also tell us things we usually don’t find anywhere else but you probably know about them and you probably go there. If you don’t then you should visit these sites every day because they will tell you what is going on rather than telepathically invade you with messages crafted to form assumptions in your mind; assumptions that have no connection to the truth.

I try not to get angry and usually that’s not difficult. I’m not an angry person generally... I do have a problem with injustice. As much as I know that karma is a reality and that everything is under control, no matter how it looks, it still seems to me that we are required as human beings to protest and speak out against injustice. It is less important that we succeed in any particular mission than that we tried. You have to ask yourself what your life is about and what is important to you.

In these days the navel-gazing, self-absorption and pursuit of personal gain is epidemic. Even when people take the high ground on bad behavior, the motive is often the pursuit of their own celebrity rather than giving a damn.

Speaking the truth feeds an oxygen tank that allows you to breathe in an ocean of lies. Compassion is a protective device that defends your life. Love is a power that, when truly possessed, makes one invulnerable. Courage is the reward of conviction. I could go on and on about what these things mean to me, making up pithy phrases; Les Visible sound-bites that came out of one place and head off into another without either location ever being known. We’re traveling through dimensions and environments that we don’t understand and either we are trying to make sense out of it or we are trying to make money off of it.

Anybody who is paying attention knows that if the neo-con weasels and their banking backers want to hit Iran they have to do it before January 20 of next year. This is because no matter how much they think they know and no matter what steps they take they can’t be certain that the same evil process will remain intact after the election. I’m not a Barrack Obama supporter but I will give him a chance. I want/wanted Jessie Ventura and Ron Paul as the ticket. Obama is not likely to assault Iran so they have to get to it before the deadline.

This assault is the brainchild and desire of Israel. America is no more than the dog being wagged. Here are a few truths that are not being said except by those of us who are motivated to do so. Iran cannot and will not have a nuclear weapon by the end of the year. This is being said so that the attack can take place according to a fabricated desperate need. Israel is a rogue nation with nuclear weapons which does not cooperate with the IAEA. Israel doesn’t want Iran to have nuclear power or weapons because Israel, possessing these weapons, can act with impunity in the neighborhood and go on practicing genocide (Palestine) and mass murder (Lebanon 2006). If Iran were to have such a weapon then pressure could be brought to bear on the Nazi regime in Israel. Balance of power is not a bad idea and certainly Iran and her people are not crazier than many of the belligerent countries who are presently waging war around the planet.

Hamas and Hezbollah are not terrorist organizations. They have a right to exist and defend their homeland against terrorism. What is being practiced in Palestine is terrorism. What happened in Lebanon in 2006 was terrorism. Bombing non-existent nuclear facilities in Syria is terrorism. What happened on 9/11 was terrorism as was what happened on 7/7 and 3/11. When you connect the dots it becomes very apparent who the real terrorists are.

Here are some other truths. Israel massacred a lot of Palestinian people back in the late 40’s and continues to do so until today. They drove 700,000+ of these people off of their ancestral homeland. Israel does not have a right to exist so long as they deny the Palestinians a right to exist. Israel has profiteered off of an intricate manipulation of the facts concerning events that took place during World War 2 and the Zionist movement aided and abetted these atrocities. They have fashioned a slur called ‘anti-Semitism’ to defend against any criticism of their pathological behavior and they keep pressing to have this word redefined until it includes every thought word and deed of which Israel disapproves. Although Israel makes up a very small part of the world’s population they are very highly represented in the neo-con movement. They were the motive force behind the 9/11 attacks, the Afghanistan invasion, The Iraq War and the orchestration of political and media pressure to attack Iran.

Israel’s celebration of 60 years of existence is actually a celebration of 60 years of bloodshed practiced on her neighbors. The facts given for the ’67 war and ’73 war are lies. Israel caused these events and hard data backs it up. Take the trouble to look into it. Take the trouble to find the last war that Iran ‘started’. Compare Iran’s warmongering with Israel’s.

It appears that telling the truth is anti-Semitic. Telling the truth is anti-Semitic. Looking for the truth is anti-Semitic. Finding the truth is anti-Semitic. Disputing anything that Israel says or does is anti-Semitic. The word neo-con (according to Paul Wolfowitz) is anti-Semitic. Not being Semitic is anti-Semitic. Breathing and having a free mind appear to be anti-Semitic unless you are one so defined as Semitic and which does not include Palestinians but does include Ashka-Nazis who are NOT Semitic. Personally, I think an enormous wall should be erected around Israel’s ’67 borders. It would be better if it were a dome. This is not with the interest of protecting Israel from the rest of the world but rather the rest of the world from Israel.

There are some wake-up calls coming for Israel and one of them is China down the road. Israel ought to be relocated in Myanmar where there is not only space but a political predisposition that dovetails with their own.

The two articles that I gave you in the beginning of this essay point out some significant truths. One of these truths is that a war is being fought through cultural manipulation with the intention of changing reasonable laws into unreasonable laws in order to create international police states so that the few can live at the expense of and upon the backs of the many. The other article shows blatant and certain lies which further indicates that there are other lies about the 9/11 attacks.

My feeling is that we are all looking at a long hot summer which shall prove to be anything but metaphorical. Maybe you have no interest in the truth. Maybe you would not recognize it if you encountered it. Maybe you don’t care what happens to other people and maybe you do. Whatever the truth of that may be will be clearly shown by what you say and do according to what you believe. When enough people speak and act from their conscience, psychopathic, reptile behavior will naturally diminish. So long as you do not speak and act from your conscience you are a contributor to the conditions of the times.

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