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Is There Really No Way Out?

There are some things that we know today. We may not know the details but we know they happened. We know that Diebold fixed the New Hampshire primary so that Giuliani and Huckabee would finish ahead of Ron Paul. According to disparities between hand counts and computer counts along with exit polls and given the proof of missing votes in Sutton, NH as well as other places it’s a given that shit happened again.

There are real questions concerning the difference in voting results between Obama and Clinton as well. Given what happened in Ohio twice and given what happened in Florida and other places, we know that voter fraud is a reality and that it is shaping the world in which we live by determining who is elected. The motive for this is money and power. You need money and power to shape the vote so that you can have still more money and power.

We now know that there was an event staged in The Strait of Hormuz a couple of days ago. We see evidence of faked video and we find that no one can even determine who the boats belonged to and where the threatening audio came from. The Navy says the voice could have come from anywhere; from the sea, on shore... maybe even out of the sky. Well, I’ll let you read about it here.

We know that Bush has launched his Major Embarrassment Tour of the Middle East in which he will do his pigeon on a window ledge performance and the special ‘bobbing plastic flamingo on drinking glass’ routine for Israel.

It takes a special kind of man to be a george w. bush. Imagine being the front man for policies that have totally screwed up the country you were entrusted to protect as well as throwing the entire world into political and financial chaos. Imagine strutting around like a peacock after having achieved nothing but disorder. Imagine meeting with intelligent people in many countries who know beyond a shadow of doubt that you are a posturing fool and a no-talent circus clown. Imagine pulling this off while looking like a drunk who has pissed himself and managed to crash an uptown dinner party.

I could not do this. You could not do this. It takes a very ‘special’ kind of person. I think of Bush as the forklift in Alien2 and Dick Cheney as the operator of the forklift. Moving along to the inside of Dick Cheney’s head you find someone like Bennie Netanyahu masturbating to a kiddy snuff film. Believe me, the truth of the matter is no more absurd than this imagery and is quite possibly worse.

One thing is certain, the neo-cons and their banking buddies along with assorted corporate weasels and world leaders trussed up like the black gangster in Pulp Fiction, with a gag-reflex, red ping pong ball in his mouth are ramping it up. They are making for the final stage of what we have watched in process these past years. You may be sure that the one thing not under consideration is how much collateral damage this is going to result in.

We are faced with something new this time around. I might liken it to Watergate and the Kennedy assassination but this is so much bigger than those. The present state of criminal enterprise engaged in by the present US administration is beyond anything that has come before. Please note that this administration was not legally elected once. We know this.

Many a dark secret lies hidden at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and near points East, West, South and North. Sibel Edmonds gives us a small look in. There is ever so much more than this. High treason has certainly been committed as well as mass murder and probably every other crime there is. We really do sail on uncharted waters at this time. We’ve never been anywhere like this before and there is no telling what lies ahead.

I’m not a fly on the wall so I have to use things like inductive and deductive reasoning. I have to use intuition and whatever talents I may possess at my present level of personal evolution. As you know, this is an opinion blog. I don’t like to play Madame Cleo. I speculate and a few thousand people will read it and whatever is going on is going to continue going on, regardless of what is written here or who reads it.

Last time Mr. All Hat and no Cattle went to the Middle East bad things followed. We know now that Iran has no nuclear weapons program. But... we knew Saddam had no WMD’s, at least some of us did- and said so before the troops ever went into Iraq. Let’s not allow reality to rear its ugly head because reality and facts and ‘what is’ are no match for the shape shifters at the helm.

Russia is about to install some highly efficient and flexible missiles in Iran. These missiles will radically change the options available to those who have Iran in the gun-sights. Once these missiles go in, everything changes. In all likelihood this is why bush is off to Israel to get a good rogering. The time is now if they want to humble Iran. They could do it after too but it would come at a far greater cost.

This is not to suggest that assault on Iran is imminent. This is just to say, given what we have seen in the past that... it looks like that. They’re up to something. The clock is ticking on this administration. Some have told me that it doesn’t matter who is in charge. Some have told me that there’s nothing anyone can do. Some have told me that everyone, everywhere is a part of the conspiracy and it is possible that I am the only person on Earth who isn’t and that will change as soon as I get into any position to influence anything. According to some of these people even the unborn are working for the Zionazi’s.

Meanwhile Planet X is coming and most of us are going to be toast. I’ve been hearing about that too. I don’t know anything about it. I’ve heard so many things that sound preposterous and I have seen things that I know to be true and which are also preposterous so all I can do is go on doing what I do and trusting that things are not as rigidly controlled and colossally screwed and unfixable as I am told.

What can one say to those who tell us that everyone is working for the dark side? What hope is there in that? As frightening and unpredictable as this world may be there are a lot of beautiful things and real heroes in it. There are millions of good people who struggle each day to improve the lives of others. I know this. You’re not going to doom and gloom me into despair. That said... I would ask you to look at the connections between bush slithering on his belly to his masters... to the event in The Strait of Hormuz... to the Russian missiles... to the administration’s ticking clock and what things it has been up to in it’s time...

The time for voices of outrage is now. Citizens of New Hampshire must scream bloody murder. You have got to rise up in an angry and unstoppable mob and demand an end to Diebold and its proven criminal enterprise. You are so much stronger collectively than your oppressors. You cannot count on voices in the main stream. How many Keith Olbermann’s are there? This is the people’s job this time. This is a rank and file thing.

It may be that nothing in the works can be stopped. How does that change anything? If every time it looked like we were helpless and could do nothing and we did nothing we would not be here now. We didn’t come all this long way to die on our knees before scoundrels and thieves. I just don’t believe that the bad guys win. I can’t believe that and I don’t think you believe it either.

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