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Greg Palast Takes a Dive in The Midnight Hour.

Most of us who seek the truth that glimmers behind a web of lies know who Greg Palast is. He presents himself as an investigative reporter. He’s been a counter-culture hero of sorts who likes to picture himself as a Sam Spade in fedora sort of a guy who tenaciously digs to the real facts when the smoke machines and the light show hit the stage. I’ve enjoyed some things he’s written. I’m not a regular reader but I run across him. It appears that Greg Palast is not who he presents himself to be. It appears, from my view, that he is a disinfo specialist.

I cannot say that he has not reported the truth before. I have no means of checking this. What I can say is that he has put himself solidly on the side of untruth with his name-calling dismissal of Dr. Steven Jones -a world renowned physicist. Is Greg Palast a physicist? I don’t think so and if I’m wrong about that I’m waiting for correction. For some reason, Greg Palast thinks that Dr. Steven Jones is a fruitcake for questioning the official 9/11 story and for subjecting the official explanation of how and why the 3 WTC Towers fell to the disciplines of the science in which he is widely considered to be an expert.

Dr. Jones is not the only credentialed scientist to dispute the absurd conclusions of the official 9/11 story. There are hundreds of scientists and academics from all over the world who dispute it along with a majority of the world’s citizens. A child in primary school knows that 3 +2 does not add up to four. Greg Palast indicates that he does not know this in respect of the bad math in the official 9/11 story, yet... we are led to believe that Greg Palast is a truth seeker and an intelligent man. Pay close attention to the video interview with Greg that is coming up here shortly. What is the explanation for Greg’s position in defiance of hard, empirical science, mathematical law and common sense? It can’t be that he doesn’t know. That’s as absurd as his rejection of what is obvious to an ordinary layman. So why... why does he defend the official story?

What about Noam Chomsky?

He won’t touch the 9/11 cover-up and his commentary is the worst kind of disingenuous patronizing. What is it about these famous and seemingly passionate defenders of the greater good with feet of clay? Is a person’s honor of less value than their VIP entré and a paycheck? I can’t fathom it. Thank god there are enough of us around that if they tried to bury us in the Chateau D’If they wouldn’t have the room. They wouldn’t have the room in Madison Square Garden; maybe not even in all of the fallen towers on a busy day... still, there are all too few.

Most of us don’t make the big bucks getting cozy with the suits. Most of us don’t put on a manufactured persona of cool and then disappoint the people who rely on us. Most of us don’t posture as something we are not just so we can hang with the money men and get published and go to awards dinners and whatever it is that they do in the private railcars of the midnight hour when the brandy and cigars come out to play. Most of us are all too few.

At one site, Pilots for 911 Truth there are dozens of professional pilots with thousands and thousands of hours in the air who have ferried tens of thousands of passengers and flown in combat and even flown the very planes that hit the towers and who all say it could not have been accomplished by the alleged perpetrators. There is overwhelming agreement that we are the beneficiaries of obvious and outrageous lies.

Let’s go to this video ....what am I missing? Can Greg Palast be telling the truth about everything else and 9/11 too and I am just too stupid to see the light? Can Greg Palast be as stupid as his position makes him out to be? See, it doesn’t make sense. Something is wrong with this picture. What might that be?

This is what you find when you go looking into circumstances surrounding 9/11. You come up on Israeli involvement. You absolutely come up on Israeli foreknowledge. I think we can be pretty conclusive about that. It’s a funny way for one of your so-called ‘best friends’ to behave. Could this be what Greg Palast and Noam Chomsky do not want to have to deal with? No less redoubtable a source than Fox News put out a four part video on Israel spying (very quickly removed from their web site) on the U.S.

We’ve heard about "The Five Dancing Israelis" and there is a whole lot more that you can keep finding out until you realize that somehow, in some way, Israel is involved in 9/11.

Did I want to find this out? I’m a writer and a recording artist. I have a lifetime of effort in certain areas of endeavor. Is it not career death for me to refuse to knuckle under to a lie? Is it not a difficult thing for me to ask legitimate questions? It certainly is. However, some of us do not find the enslavement of our souls and sale of our integrity for a “mess of potage” to be a fair exchange. It comes down to what you value. It comes down to where your heart is. To quote Richard Lovelace, "I could not love thee (Deare) so much, love'd I not honor more."

The truth is not a thing of convenience, something that can be altered on a whim to suit us all. Heck, if that were the case, Mossad would have long ago altered the truth and there would be no evidence. But there is evidence, all kinds of evidence; nothing absolutely, smoking gun specific but the kind of evidence that a husband might have when he sees some guy hotfooting it away from his house through a window when he arrives home unexpectedly a night early. He doesn’t know what went on but his wife is in the house, she’s dressed for bed and she doesn’t want to talk about it and well... you get the picture. “I don’t know honey, maybe it was a peeping Tom.” Maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t. And then you see things. You see things you don’t want to see. The windows not closed, the bed is in disaray and you really don’t want to believe “your lying eyes”. But you have got to wonder.

Maybe Greg Palast knows “which side his bread is buttered on.”

The other day, this (so-called) news story appeared in FoxNews and then, the next day on Who knows where else it has appeared? The headline says, “Hezbollah: We Are Ready to Attack Israel Again”. The actual quote- QUOTED IN THE ARTICLE- turns out to be "We possess and we will continue to possess rockets that can hit any area in occupied Palestine if Israel attacks Lebanon," That’s a lot different from the headline. That’s a serious disconnect. Then in the article, once again, as it has been repeated thousands of times, it is said- again, by faceless correspondents that the Israeli soldiers were ‘kidnapped’ on Israeli soil when, in fact, as eyewitnesses to the event; police, journalists and citizens have stated, they were ‘captured’ several miles inside the inside the Lebanese border.

Please note what has happened to most of the links in this article. Many of the articles which announced it at the time have been since expunged from The Web. Is this the media Greg Palast has to deal with? Is it the media HE DOES ‘DEAL’ with?

This is my problem. When I set about seeking the truth in a matter, I weigh the evidence. When the evidence turns out to be inconsistent with ‘official’ conclusions that are declared to be the truth then I begin to wonder ‘why’ that is. When the evidence shows signs of warping and having been spun, folded and mutilated and when powerful interests begin to apply pressure for compliance with official explanations then I wonder more. I can’t help wondering why someone insists that 2 + 3 equals 4. I can’t just say, “Okay, you’re probably right.” just to avoid conflict or to protect my income and my personal safety. I’m not made that way and that’s a problem you may be sure.

Watch the videos people. Read the links and extrapolate out a bit and ask yourself... “Does this make me wonder?” Look at the trend of the last six years. Look at how one thing has led to another, based on information PROVEN false. Study what we have learned about 9/11 and compare it to the official fairytale and then you tell me... you tell me if you’re comfortable with what your reason and your intuition suggest as opposed to what you’ve been told.

Step by step, incrementally we go into a deeper darkness. We don’t question. We follow the Judas Goat through the ramps and out to the killing floor. The soothing voice from the speakers tells us that everything is going to be alright. We want to believe that voice. Deep inside we are afraid. We are afraid the voice is lying because what we are hearing does not match up with what we are seeing and smelling. What will we do?

It’s your world people. It’s your life. You must decide whether it is preferable to live on your knees. Do you think it ends there? Do you think that maybe you will lose just a little liberty, a little freedom and then it will even out? Is that what you think?

You must demand that those who represent you are loyal first to the country in which you live. You have no idea how strong you are when you are united. Take the blinders away from your eyes and look! There is something in us that is greater than all of that which seeks to oppress us and drink our blood. It is up to you. It is up to us. Do you have the honor and integrity to stand up for yourselves and your family and your community or are you going to take that dive in the midnight hour? That is the question you are going to have to ask yourself. Sooner or later... sooner or later it is going to show up at your door.

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