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Goebbels Would be Proud.

How did it get like this? How does it continue? Yes, corporations are running the show and that guarantees fascism; that’s how fascism happens. Yes, the leaders are all in hock to the money men. You can’t get elected if you don’t have the money. Yes, the people aren’t as bright as they once were and that isn’t saying much. Yes, the glitter of bright shiny plastic and the star power veneer of bimbo and bozo celebrity as well as the gangsta soundtrack make what should embarrass a borderline intellect look hot, but, what’s the real problem?

The real problem is the hydra headed Bitch Media. The real problem is who is controlling the appearance and flow of information; the perception of reality. Goebbels would indeed be proud.

Somewhere around 700,000 Iraqi’s are dead. The numbers we hear are between 30,000 and 100,000+. Why is that? Why isn’t the disparity in the numbers even discussed? Why isn’t there a headline that asks, “What’s the real number of Iraqi Dead?”

According to eyewitnesses, which include police, journalists and residents, the kidnapped Israeli soldiers were taken on the Lebanese side of the border. Here is what happens when you go looking for previous stories reporting that;

Check out the top links on this page

which go directly to that story and click on the links. That news has been expunged for the most part. Why?

Israeli forces were mustered all along the border, well previous to the kidnapping. No one talks about this manifest proof of prior intent.

Israeli forces dropped 1.2 million cluster bombs on Lebanon

and most of them were dropped ‘after’ peace had been agreed on. Half a million of them are unexploded and laying around as party favors; fireworks for children.

What is presently happening in Gaza is obscene. But where’s the story? Goebbels would be proud.

Try an experiment and listen, attentively, to mainstream radio and TV news for a couple of days with the intention of getting a feel for what it is determined that you should hear. What do you hear?

For days there was a constant barrage of tales about Nimrods looking to blow up things in London and Scotland. There wasn’t any story in the story, just a lot of booga booga. Why is that? Ratchet up the fear; fear and paranoia to keep the public on the edge of their seats in order to increase surveillance and make them comfy under the all seeing lidless eye.

Ahmanedijad is alleged to have called for the destruction of Israel. But this is a lie

why are we being told a lie? What about the killing of al-hariri? Here is just one polemic that casts a different view on the matter

and you can find much more by simply looking under the sheets. But you won’t find it being discussed in the local or international press.

Why is Olbermann the only mainstream commentator to speak with any outrage against the Bushjunta? More curiously, we should ask how he is allowed to.

Those who control the press and the information released, control the public’s perception of what is happening in the world. It’s like a large dark blanket that vibrates with a message that you can’t quite hear and it has been pulled over the heads of the world. It feels safe and scary under the blanket. It’s a lot scarier outside the blanket, under the bed, in the closet, just beyond the periphery of the trees in the yard.

I can watch the news and see, without any doubt that I am being lied to. Recent history shows us that the majority of everything we hear through official news organs, concerning the war in Iraq and elsewhere and most of what is connected to the war on terror is a lie. We have the daily ongoing proof of many, many lies. But the lies continue as if they hadn’t been told only the day before. Ironically, the mass media is forced to reveal various lies as physical proof presents itself…. Yet somehow it’s okay. The lies aren’t really lies. It’s something else, something we can’t quite see or catch.

The official numbers of American dead and wounded are not the actual number. Unless you die right on the battlefield they don’t count you. Creative numbers crunching is the rule. If you go looking for the truth you will at least find out more than you have been told. How many of us go looking? How many of us actually care? There is a big difference between something you hear about and something that happens to ‘you’. Sooner or later something will happen to you. Quite often it happens because you lived according to things you were told that were not true, or acted on things you were told that were not true. Bad information can be fatal.

What about all of the inconsistencies in the 9/11 story? What was Mohammed Atta doing on Jack Abramoff’s gambling boat the week before 9/11? Why isn’t the press curious about this? I could fill a large book with only some of these lies, known and still repeated lies; but that’s not my job. That’s their job.

Lies; there is a huge towering tidal wave, a tsunami of unqualified bullshit; day in and day out. Gleam-smiling androids with wax museum hair tell you lies and then break for commercials for more lies.

There is the curious phenomenon of the sloganeering neo-cons and their army of retarded Schmoos. You saw them at the Palm Beach election center. You hear their spokebots on radio and TV. You see the all caps responses in forums. They have been told what they know and now they know it.

Lies have become reality. Maybe they always were but they were never so pervasive. Those who chase the money have their lies. The sex-obsessed have their lies; the alcoholics and religious fanatics, the old and the young, those who are afraid they know but don’t want to know, those who just want to get by. Living a lie, dying for a lie, on and on into the darkness they march. The truth that you find at the end of a lying darkness is not a soft truth. It’s not an easy truth. It’s not the lantern in the window at the journeys end to a warm hearth and the welcome of your loved ones.

Somehow you think it’s going to be okay. You’ll get by. The sad reality is that lies take more than your body and your freedom; they rob you of the most important things that make living a wonderland of possibility. They co-opt your mind and heart. Lies take your fire and kill your hope. Lies kill what you might have been. My advice to you is to stop nodding your head. I suggest you look deeper. It all comes down to whether you care or not. It comes down to how much truth is inside you.


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