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By The Rivers of Babylon

Thought I might let the dust settle for a couple of days. Now with the announcement that Virginia has gone for Webb it feels comprehensive enough to speculate on what appears and what may be.

We know that there is a great propensity for an unfortunately large number of democrats in both houses to play the whore. It is up to the people of The United States, the people who voted for a change in leadership to hold their feet to the fire. There will be certain energies at work to simulate the appearance of change without actually effecting change.

Personally, I hold the proponents of political correctness in equal contempt with the fascists. Both of these forces are negatives in respect of the greater good of humanity. The whoring for special social interests is not better than the whoring for corporations in terms of damage to the maintenance of balance at home and abroad. The democrat’s chief challenge is to see the uncompromising press of the gay agenda and more radical abortion proponents in the same light as the deep pockets corporations. At the same time, the religious fascists need to be kept at the same distance from policy as AIPAC. The bottom line for good government, despite all the smoke and mirrors and obfuscations at work, is ALWAYS, the greatest good for the greatest number of people. And mind Vox Populi.

At the moment there is a great deal of surface chatter about cooperation between the Republicans and the Democrats. Like a slippery eel moving through an ocean of mucosa, this seemingly noble call to a unified perspective is bullshit. It is bullshit moving through an ocean of bullshit. Under no circumstances should the Democrats cooperate with the Republicans on ANYTHING... unless... it works toward the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

That worst of all presidents in American history, George W. Bush, is mouthing what can only be called, ‘a load of crap’ about working across the aisles with the opposition... yadda, yadda, yadda. This is the same crap that he came up with when first he ran for the highest office in the land; that he was a ‘uniter’, not a ‘divider’. The observable facts are that he polarized the government and the people beyond anything ever accomplished before. George W. Bush is, among many things, a liar, an incompetent, a whore, a mass murderer, a fascist and a demagogue. He is also, as Bill Clinton perfectly defined him, “a turtle on a fence post”.

The people of America showed up at the polls in such numbers, seeking a change of course, that not even Diebold was able to do anything about it. Voter fraud is only effective when the margins are close. The margins were not close. The people spoke and now the people must be obeyed. My heart is very much with John Conyers who intends to proceed with impeachment hearings, despite Pelosi’s indication that she won’t let it come to a vote. This is not Pelosi’s decision. This is the decision of the people and whether Bush should be impeached or not relies entirely on the evidence that emerges.

The Democrats have a mandate to investigate and bring more than a little of Brandeis’s disinfecting sunlight on to the sausage makers in the sub-basement. We need a real life Sinclair Lewis novel to rise out of the moment and be written on the sky above our heads.

The country of America has been in the hands of a criminal organization for six years. At no time in that period did the ruling junta show a single sign of policing itself... not once was there an honest disclosure of anything.

Today a great many Americans are feeling the joy. Today there is a sense of common purpose in the people. But the people must remember that this new government is not seated until January. A lot of things can happen between now and then. It is in the critical days leading up to the transfer of power that America faces its greatest dangers and challenges.

The solution to Iraq, like the solution to the Palestinian genocide is fundamentally simple. These things are always simple. They are simple the way the legend of Alexander and The Gordion Knot is simple to understand. Never mind that he did not ultimately conquer Asia. Situations become complex due to interests on the part of cabals who do not have the good of the greatest number of people uppermost in their mind. Complexity occurs when the waters are muddied by those who profit from confusion with the intent to get their way. When powerful temporal forces want to get their way then complexity and confusion are their tools.

Right at the beginning, some few of us proclaimed that the Iraq incursion would lead to a fundamentalist state. We knew this because no other force is so well organized in that locale. Some few of us also posited that the only solution was to divide Iraq into three separate states and to arrange a ‘written in stone’ agreement about the oil reserves that would benefit each of the states equally. This is the immediate solution. In time to come, Iraq has the opportunity to reunite; should the people be in common agreement about this and should the leadership possess an honesty to effectively achieve it.

In Israel and Palestine the solution is a withdrawal to the ’67 boundaries and the recognition of a Palestinian state. The common lie is that The Palestinians refused to recognize the state of Israel. In fact, it was Israel that refused to recognize Palestine. Their actions over the decades reveal all we need to know, should we be capable of avoiding the complexity and confusion. Israel’s use of false flag activities is well documented. It’s a useful ploy when hegemony is the objective. Israel’s superior might guarantees their security as does the slavish obeisance of the world’s super power. It’s a no brainer. Give the Palestinians their land and an autonomous government. A larger more powerful country always triumphs when they grant easement to a smaller more vulnerable people. That it has not been done is because it does not serve the wider intentions of those seeking their own gain.

The construction of a Palestinian state will effectively reduce Terrorism to a very manageable level and bring a universal sense of diminishing tension.

Every problem can be solved with ease and expedience when the greatest good for the greatest number of people is considered. America could be a wonderland if they could manage to get the rich off their backs. The time is here. Here is one more opportunity to do the right thing. Far too often the right thing has been sacrificed for the venal interests of a small handful of vampire bats.

I do not expect that there will be a fine and noble revolution in the hearts of the people and their leaders. The world is the world is the world. Balance is the key. You may not get all of it right and we may not all prosper but you can listen to the angels of your better nature and you can try to do the right thing, should you know what that is. If you do not know what that is then reconsider the comment about the angels of our better nature. We shall see.


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