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Big Lies, Small Lies and False Flags Waving.

It never fails to amaze me, this daily stream of lies and half-truths- this couching of suggestive and subliminal acupressure upon the human mind. From the shit-shillers to the acrobatic word whores, everywhere you look someone is being paid to lie about something. Invariably these lies have something to do with putting money in the liar’s pockets. Sometimes it’s just to encourage you to buy their car over that car, unless you are smart enough to buy Japanese... or this beer over that beer. Getting you to buy one product over another, encouraging brand loyalty is the daily doing of the liars in the market place.

There are many levels of lying and lying ability. Some of them must be indirect because they are patently evil. Such as lying a nation into war in order to sell munitions, war paraphernalia and to steal another countries resources and profit from the needs of soldiers in the field. Or it could be in order to control the price and flow of oil. There are some among us who are disposed to believe that their government wants to stabilize the availability of the oil for the benefit of its citizens. That is an obvious lie given the degree to which they manipulate both the availability and the price for their own benefit. The theft of billions from California through the machinations of Bush oil buddies is a textbook example.

There are those who fabricate non-existent enemies in order to invade a country. There are those who plan and carry out attacks on their own nation in order to blame these events on fabricated enemies in order to invade another country. There are those who manufacture memos based on fabrications and who manufacture intelligence from sources that cannot be named in order to engineer the invasion of another country. There are those who misquote world leaders in order to drum up international sympathy for an attack on another country. One example is quoting Ahmanedijad as saying that Israel should be destroyed when he clearly said, “the Zionist Regime”. Another is to present Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy program as a cover for the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

There is another way of lying which is to omit significant facts that would render a lie just what it is; for instance, to suggest that Iran is operating in a rogue fashion when in fact they are abiding by the dictates of the Nuclear Energy Commission. It is altogether possible that Iran might one day seek to possess nuclear weapons given the overt hostility displayed toward them by the Middle East’s chief trouble maker, Israel. Were Israel the fine democratic nation they pretend to be they wouldn’t be involved in genocide against the Palestinians.

Another kind of lie is to label a militant faction in a particular country as terrorists. Hamas and Hezbollah are examples of this. Neither of these groups are terrorists. Even a casual inquiry would reveal the origin of these groups and cast an entirely different light upon their principles and intentions. It is safe to say that if Palestinians were no longer being arbitrarily slaughtered and Lebanon were to be allowed to live in peace there would be no need for either group.

Some lies have been around so long that they are automatically assumed to be true. One such lie is that the Palestinians refuse to accept Israel’s right to exist. That’s a lie. The truth is that it is the other way around. When Israel was created the Israelis drove hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes, employing murderous acts to facilitate this. Israel has refused Palestinians the right to exist from the beginning. Today they bulldoze their homes in the ghettos where they have imprisoned them, destroy their olive orchards and crops and increasingly encroach upon their properties with violent settlers who can do what they want with any stray Palestinian they might encounter and with no fear of reprisal.

Much is made of rockets fired into Israel by individuals claimed to be Palestinian radicals. How much of this is actually the case is very much in doubt. However, as long as Palestinians are denied their own country, which they had before Israel started jumping up and down on their heads. As long as Palestinian land is stolen and apartheid is in place and as long as Palestinians can be rounded up and imprisoned, tortured, their women and children used for target practice, just so long they have a perfect right to retaliate. It’s clear that they do not possess much of a means to do much damage. They also have a perfect right to use suicide bombers because it is the ONLY weapon they possess. A people must be severely oppressed before they resort to that kind of activity. Life has to have gotten to the point where it isn’t worth living.

One huge lie is how endangered Israel is. Israel has the fourth most powerful military in the world. The Palestinians have just about nothing. Israel could solve their professed Palestinian problem in a heartsbeat but they will not and they will do everything possible, including false flag ops and the like to keep the tension high... because Zionism wants the land.

There are other lies as well that thread through the history of that region. There are some very big lies about the cause of the Six Days war and who started it and why. There are other lies about the other conflicts that are just taken as true when they are not. A little research would shed much light on all of them.

There is a big lie of victim perception on the part of the Israelis who are in fact the chief victimizers in the area. They could change the entire face of the mid-east conflict and stabilize the region if they wished. They do not wish to.

Now there is the big lie that Israel is trumpeting that Iran is an ‘international problem’. The neo-con Zionist Israelis who fabricated the lies upon which the Iraq conflict is based are now doing the same thing with Iran and they are leaning hard, very hard on America to fight this war for them too.

There is an enormous representation of Zionists at a variety of levels concerning the 9/11 attacks. The same Israeli security firm was in charge of security at all the 9/11 airports. They were also in charge of security in the London tube for that attack AND at the Madrid train station. That’s an awful lot of coincidence. Then there are the five dancing Israelis which is a very curious story and then there is the whole tale of Larry Silverstein/WTC and there is much, much more. If there is fire where there is smoke then we have a lot of smoke and fire.

No one is allowed to look into these things for some reason. The AIPAC lobby, which says that it isn’t extremely powerful sure seems to shut down any mention of anything they don’t like. Personally, I’m not on anyone’s side. I just think the truth should be known. Why should we mind knowing the truth? If there’s nothing there then there’s nothing there.

One curious thing that remains among all the lies is; what was Mohammed Atta doing on Jack Abramoff’s gambling boat mere days before the 9/11 attacks? I would surely like to know the answer to this. The FBI photographed it and reported on it but.... just another mystery I guess. It’s too bad that reasonable folk in power can’t be bothered to investigate what really happened. Something or someone doesn’t want that to happen.


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