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Are you Drunk, Stupid or Asleep? Part 1.

To those for whom this post may seem strange I ask that you just ponder what's here and it will all come clear (one hopes) in Part 2 tomorrow.

When I was younger I had a burning desire to know what was going on. I think that it came in part from a desire to know why I had been born into such difficult circumstances. I know there are some horror stories out there but the entire time I was growing up I never encountered anyone whose story was as brutal as mine, unless you count my brothers.

Part of it came from the instinctive awareness that things were not what they should be. It just didn’t seem to me that life was supposed to be the way it appeared to be. It was impossible to fit in. I thought for a long time that I was crazy and actually institutionalized myself to find out. This was even before the government decided to institutionalize me later on. All I discovered was that the doctors and the staff were crazy and that the patients were just more obvious about it. There was no help for me there so I left.

While I was in this institution I read a magazine article about someone called Dr. Timothy Leary. What the article had to say fascinated me. I’ve never forgotten how I felt while I was reading it. About a year later I was living near Dupont Circle in Washington D.C. with some early prototypes of a new consciousness. I took some Sandoz LSD and I can remember (who could forget?) looking around me and how it dawned on me that I wasn’t crazy at all. The wealth of information that passed to and thru me during this single event would take a long time, if it were even possible, to tell. I saw, clearly and unequivocally that not only was I not crazy but that the world most certainly was. Nothing I have seen since has changed that.

Along with a multitude of supernatural and occult experiences, I came to see that the world was just phenomena that recycled in the process of repeating itself. The people of the world looked to me like toy soldiers that got wound up and marched off until they walked into a wall and fell over and then they made rotating circles on the floor until there was no crank left in the key.

Governments and religions all looked like what they were; experiments and assumptions. The experiments ran from very, very bad ideas to occasional good ideas that wound up in bad hands. In every society there are those who seek power, control and fortune and eventually they control the experiment with money, guns and lawyers. As for religion, it always came out looking the way certain people decided the incomprehensible, inexplicable, unexplainable ought to look. This necessitated a holy book and a priesthood and a great deal of money to be the gas that powered the car and the oil that lubricated the engine. Somebody always had to be in charge and, because it was always impossible to get the man himself to show up in person, somebody had to stand in for him and you can see what happened after that.

There’s only one good government and that’s the one whose purpose is the greatest good for the greatest number of people. The less aware that you are of its presence the better it operates. Sooner or later the people I was talking about before show up and it goes through a variety of stages until it becomes an object of fear and ridicule (that’s where you are now). There’s only one good religion and that’s the one where everyone behaves like the person upon whom it was founded in the first place and which was the reason everyone thought it was such a good idea to begin with. It’s that simple. When it becomes complicated ...any of it... it’s always for the same reason, “What’s puzzlin you is the nature of my game.” Whenever something is wrong with any human collective system that usually works (and then stops working, or starts being badly worked) it is always for the same reasons. A certain handful of individuals have gotten together to steal and control everything in sight. That’s where you are now. Fascism is defined as a state where the corporations control the government. That’s where you are now.

Revolutions shouldn’t have to be bloody but they almost always are. Even when you take a guy like Mahatma Gandhi and all that he practiced and all that his followers practiced, it was still a hard road to travel. The same was true of Martin Luther King. You need a revolution. I don’t know what shape it’s going to take but it’s unavoidable unless you want to see what it’s like to be a Palestinian.

It’s a curious thing about America. You should probably watch this video about now. That’s pretty interesting isn’t it? All over the rest of the world people know about Ron Paul and are supporting him. It’s hard to understand how they even heard about him but somehow they did. He’s got websites in most countries that are put up by residents of that country.

Like you, I don’t know what the deal is on Ron Paul. I do know what the deal is on the other people. It’s possible that Obama has some hope of being a square shooter but anyone who feels the need to continuously kiss Israel’s ass in public makes me nervous. Ron Paul doesn’t do that. I can tell you right now that if you all got together and decided that you were going to vote for Jessie Ventura for president with Ron Paul as his running mate that you would have gone a long way toward correcting your situation. I suggest it this way instead of the other way around because Ventura is much more the sort of man that needs to be the front guy while Ron Paul is a specialist who shines in areas that are less understood by the public though certainly as important as anything could be.

The people of America (at this time) remind me of the kids in the back of the bus who always get smacked in the back of the head by the bullies and don’t do anything about it. I know something about bullies and there are very few options to choose from in terms of dealing with them. It might take some work to get yourself into a position to do what you have to do but you have certainly got reason for personal initiative. In terms of a government you are supposed to have LAWS that protect you from bullies both foreign and domestic. You’ll note that it is your laws that are under attack due to an attack by someone. This got blamed on a rag tag assortment of members of a so-called terror group that according to high ranking CIA agents doesn’t even exist. Now, your LAWS are being altered to protect you from a danger that has been orchestrated by elements in your own government with the assistance of a foreign nation that is supposed to be your best friend. That’s what all the evidence says. That’s what the evidence says.

Jesse questions 9/11. He has publicly said so. I can’t imagine how you would want to elect anyone who isn’t willing to cop to this. Jesse Ventura says the right things. Jessie Ventura would be a good president because he wouldn’t want to let himself down, much less you.

I don’t know what’s wrong with you people. Are you that stupid? Are you that drunk or stoned? Are you asleep? What is wrong with you? It’s not suddenly going to get better. The people responsible aren’t going to stop what they’re doing and say to each other, “You know what? This is wrong. Let’s do the right thing.” They’re psychopaths... do the math. This is why you ‘had’ LAWS in the first place. Laws are there to protect you. When laws become selective in application and open to whim and caprice and the interpretation of the law becomes the province of those whose position and livelihood depends on corporations... you’re screwed.

Let’s work on the concept of Six Degrees of Separation. Everyone reading this knows someone who knows someone and someone knows someone who is in a position to make the right thing happen. Everyone talking to everyone will soon find that everyone pretty much agrees that criminals have taken over the government. The only people who don’t agree are part of the operation or too stupid to be part of yours.

This essay is just a portion of the continuous, unavoidable necessity to keep asking the American People to pay attention and tear their asses away from the flesh/plether bonding of their ass to the TV chair.

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