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And Down Will Come Baby, Cradle and All.

I haven't had much to say about things for a little while here. However, this blog

Some Powerful Truths Here linked at on yesterday tells a most convincing tale of evil and corruption not seen in America in a hundred years (maybe never) and would include both The Reagan and Nixon years. When you add in the 9/11 coverup, the PNAC efforts and the AIPAC scandals; along with Jack Abramoff's head like a diseased cherry on top of a United Fruits banana split, you have got a dead skunk ten times bigger than Godzilla stinking up the great nightmare highway of the American Dream.

And the press... that gutless whore of a low to the ground plague of shit-sucking weasels. I can say nothing more on this. It is a fetid charnel house of diseased lips sucking at anonymous glory holes in the 9th circle of Hell. What amazes me is that you could actually get people to do this on the promise of money and influence; what real chump change at the price of your soul and the certain ignominy to follow. I don't know what they are made out of, the Brit Humes, the Chris Matthews, the Tim Russerts all those swine at Fox News; O'Reilly and co. and Washpo and the NY Times and CNN and well, just about everywhere you look. These are not human beings, not any more.

I haven't said much because I've been traveling and also dealing with a certain form of crushing seasonal dispair about the lockdown on information and the huge body of sold out talking heads who just continue to lie and obfuscate about the obvious truth. I also am in awe of the closed ranks of legislators and government employees whose massive guts expand out over the corporate troughs; not to mention the odious hypcrisy of religious leaders. The stink should send droves of Wal-mart shopping junkies screaming down the aisles for the exits in search of fresh air. There isn't any outside either. There ought to be huge crowds of people dropping to the ground in a stupor over the horrible cloud of noxious lies and venal gutless grandstanding for fascist interests. It may just be that they like the smell in this new East Rutherford cancer row that runs in all directions until it disappears over the curve of the Earth.

I am in awe. I am in inexplicable awe of the level of corruption matched up with public gulibility and disinterest. We've seen it before. Yeah folks, strike up the band. It's time for another 9/11 blockbuster cluster-fuck whipping up public fear like a massive industrial blender. They can't hold it together any longer. The old truth about evil destroying itself- despite the unwitting (and in many cases witting) complicity of a colossally stupid bovine public- is at hand. It's time for the blood stained fingers at the helm of the ship of state to fire up the war machine to a new level. How far out will that take us? I shudder to think.

I'm usually about writing a pretty exact length of an essay; 3.5 pages in Word. It's become automatic. This time though I am only going to say a few things and get back to other things presently compelling me on other fronts. Give me a week or so till I come back to me and you and whatever it is we have had together on this small ride in this small bus down the wide internet walls of pixalated cyber text.

I wouldn't know what to tell you except to make noise. Point at the big green dead dinosauer skunk in the road. Make noise and be disgusted. I was so pleased with the way you responded to that treacherous Washpo ombudsman. I'm loving the articles and the blogs and the words of support for me and all of the others that I am seeing everywhere. I am loving the tireless agents of various law enforcement agencies and the various departments of investigation; the Patrick Fitzgerald's and the growing army of the convinced that are climbing into the arena without fear to expose and clean up this awful stinking mess. I don't know what we are going to find at the end of it; possibly high walls of wire and concertina rolls, maybe a world burned alkaline white and possibly a great and lasting victory. I don't know but at least we fucking tried. At least we tried.


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