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Welcome to Les Visible's Website

W hether you're a first time visitor or a friend of old, we hope you will find something of value to take away from having landed here; also, that you might find good reason to come back!

Let's keep this short; if you've never heard of Les Visible - and let's face it, most people haven't yet (grin) - he's a poet, a musician, an author, and yes, he writes a blog, too. If you're interested in finding out more about Visible the man, go check out the about page. If it's his blogs you're after go to his blogs page. If you'd like to write to him, go to the site contact page. Simple huh!

Visible also uses this website to maintain a library of books by other authors. It's a modest, but growing collection and every book there, in this writer's opinion, is worth reading. You can view and download individual books, or the entire library, by visiting this site's recommended reading page.

It only remains to add that writing for this website is pretty much Visible's full-time job - and it's a job that comes without any sort of paycheck (not in the conventional sense, at least). So... if you do find yourself drawn to reading any of Visible's essays - whether on his sociopolitical blog, his cultural blog or his metaphysical blog - and draw something of value from them; then please do consider showing your support for him by recommending his own books, music and blogs to your family and friends; you might even consider going to his store yourself and buying one of his books or music albums... and that would be sincerely appreciated, thank you...

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