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Visible and The Critical List

The 'Critical List Years' Bundle

Digital Download in MP3 format - 425.0Mb

Visible and The Critical List; Rude, Hilarious and more than slightly NUTS

If Visible's 'Critical List Years' bundle was one of his blogs, it would be Smoking Mirrors; controversial, outspoken, wildly unpopular with the sleeping masses (were they to know of it) and well, a little bit rude on occasion, to be honest.

This is not simply a musical gift from Visible (and Bud, Franklin and the rest of The Critical List crew); it's an essential antidote to all of the politically correct bullshit that is so difficult to avoid during the day-to-day.

You can stream and sample three tracks from each of these four albums using the media player on this page; if you missed it, you'll find it tucked away behind the image at the top of your screen. If you want to sample all the tracks from the albums featured on this page, you can click through to the respective album pages using the links below.

Jews from Outer Space
First released: 12 May 1993
Album length: 36:51

℗ 1993 Les Visible, Franklin Russell and Bud Clifton

La Vierge Sperme Danceur
First released: 1 April 1987
Album length: 41:43

℗ 1987 Les Visible & Franklin Russell- sometimes Bud Clifton

Not Politically Correct
First released: 12 August 1992
Album length: 54:45

℗ 1992 Les Visible & Franklin Russell

The Pope of Rock and Roll
First released: 1 April 1987
Album length: 41:12

℗ 1987 Les Visible and Franklin Russell

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