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The Great Nigerian Terror Scam and Diebold Double Squeeze

Well what do you know? Here comes the handy dandy all purpose Nigerian terror threat complete with an announcement from an administration source that remains anonymous because he/she/it is not authorized to speak on these matters; neither is he/she/it empowered to think before speaking. And a special bonus... it’s set to happen in the first week of November. And what’s the date of the last day of the first week of November? It’s November 7th. Man... the script doctor is a pro.

Nigerian Terror Scam

and it’s right there on Fox News. It’s hard to find anywhere else but I’m sure it’s lurking... lurking.

All kinds of really cool things are happening. The Israeli’s rounded up the men of Beit Hanoun, loaded them into trucks and are taking them somewhere

Let's Do Lunch

No doubt for one of those extended Palestinian meet the IDF brunch get togethers.

Lieberman’s storm-troopers are whacking on Ned Lamont’s supporters

UberSturmfuhrer Lieberman

Now why would this Zionista need to employ such tactics if he is ‘actually’ as far ahead in the polls as the catamite press claims he is? Unpublished (in the catamite press) polls have recently been showing Lamont within 4 percentage points, that’s why. But whether these polls are any more accurate than those manufactured by mass media, one thing we do know, you don’t go into this kind of panic mode unless you are threatened. And-

The US wants to take over all of the UN peacekeeping forces

Stinking Bloody Bag of Shit

Now you probably know that this is being engineered so that the Iraq exit strategy will result in UN forces taking over for American troops and thereby laying this stinking mass of bloody shit right in the lap of the rest of the world who had nothing to do with this illegal invasion and, in fact, opposed it from the giddyup.

And, all over the country Diebold voting systems are showing Republican choices no matter who you vote for. Now, in all fairness, the head goat cheese at Diebold says these are just mere ghosts in the machine and regardless of the fact that he raises money for the Republican machine and also, outrageously, stated a few years ago that he would do everything in his power to help the Republicans win, we should not assume that he is the cynical, lying, manipulating vampire bat that he appears to be. I’m sure we all feel his pain at the HBO special that got aired on Thursday. But-

Wouldn’t you think if there was a ghost in the machine or some sort of a glitch that it would err for the Democrats equally as much as it would favor Republicans? Natch... it’s all Republican favoring. Okay boys and girls, what’s the biggest mystery here? The biggest mystery is that, after the wing nuts have stolen the last 3 elections and given all of what is surfacing at the moment- that no one is doing anything about it. Not only does this bogus system continue to be employed but it keeps expanding across the landscape. Are you people insane or just chicken shit? Both?

We’re down to 3 days left. Three days... 72 hours... 4320 minutes... 259,200 seconds. Meanwhile, across the land... millions are masturbating to computer porn... millions are spraying on Kabuki face lacquer and messing with their hair while chatting on their cell-phones... millions are sleeping under bridges and in doorways... millions are working on getting their bellies into the kind of shape where they need a shopping cart to ferry it through the potato-chip soft drink aisles... millions are waving their hands in the air to a Jaysus who is no more real than the Elvis hair on the heads of their preachers who, more often than not, are paying same sex internet escorts for buggery and amphetamines... millions are pouring across the border in search of the opportunity to get their bellies into the kind of shape that American citizens have raised to an art form... while the majority of the nation sits in a big mess of cottage cheese that some might call an ass and which given enough time will weld to the pleather beneath them, soldiers are dying in a made for TV war for the publics right to de-evolve into hogs rooting through edible murk in the Wal-Mart sub basement of their minds.

It’s a beautiful thing.

It appears that The Empire has something worse than a case of Herpes. This is the first nation to go fuck itself AND give itself an STD.

How do you get patriotic about a country like America? I’d really like to know the answer to this. What is it that you’re patriotic about? Is it the freedom? Sport... that’s long gone. Is it about the super markets and malls? Is it because Jaysus is break dancing across the landscape like a fat transvestite, farting out some perverted gospel of wealth and selective salvation that is inhaled like Rush (that would be amyl nitrate to the uninformed) in the moment of orgasm? Is it the purple mountain travesties... the looted plains... the amber waves of pain? Is it about network TV? Is it about navel jewelry and 13 year olds hooking for outfits at the strip mall? Is it about Hollywood? I can’t see it.

Maybe it’s about the crime and the school shootings and the wet making excitement of snipers on the freeway and disappearing children. Is that what it’s about? Is it about working two jobs and being able to buy a house with no money down and only interest payments up until the time the principal kicks in and you lose the house? Is it about the magic of oil prices dropping and low unemployment that comes around for a few weeks before an election and then shoots through the roof again?

Could it be about the ubiquitous opportunity to not only have your health ruined by the fast food industry and processed food manufacturers; not to mention ‘death by spinach’ but also to then be in the hands of the health industries massive premiums with minimal benefits AND their allopathic slice and dice pharmaceutical enhanced march to the grave?

Is it for the opportunity to fight in manufactured conflicts if you’re not rich so that you can play chess with death in hopes of an education on your return that will never give you parity with the sons and daughters of your elected representatives and their fat cat employers who cheer you on from the sidelines?

What’s your love of country and patriotism based on? I think it’s based on an imaginary dream about a non-existent country. I think you have no clue what your country is about and where it’s headed. I don’t think you have a clue who you are or even what you stand for beyond a handful of exaggerated principles that no one lives up to and a snatch bag of bombastic aphorisms.

You’d better get a clue. No hand is going to come out of the sky and snatch the ship of state back on course. Things don’t fix themselves unless you alter the conditions from which these dread pathologies emerge. They used to lock people up for talking to themselves but none of us have to worry about that now because too many people are doing it.


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