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The Care and Feeding of the Practical Psychopath.

Every generation has its challenges, its wars and its peculiar identity. Every generation replaces the one in front of it and gets replaced by the one behind it. The enemy of each generation is always the same. It changes its clothes and terrain. It moves in and out of political ideologies and religious dogmas but it’s the same enemy.

Defining the enemy isn’t an easy thing. You’re dealing with continuous shape-shifting. You think you are confronting it in front of you when it is actually leaning over your shoulder and advising you. You find that it agrees with you and is on your side only to discover that it has used its seeming alliance to discredit what you believe in; to misrepresent what you believe in.

One day it’s the communists, next day it’s the Nazis, today it’s the Zionists. Tomorrow it will morph into something else. It’s always about disinformation and confusion. It’s always about treachery and deceit. While it is filling your head with Al Qaeda and terrorism it is muscling up against Russia about Kosovo and running Columbian insurgencies against Venezuela. It’s always moving on to the next conflict where it’s selling weapons to both sides.

It’s controlling the information into the mass mind. It knows that you know about it. It also knows that all it has to do is to control the larger portion of humanity that does not possess objective reasoning in order to make you ineffective.

It controls the flow of money. It opens the tap and closes the tap. It prints money out of thin air. It goes back to ‘the big dogs in the yard’. No matter what time in history you find yourself in, the big dogs are there along with the pigs and the reptiles. It’s an unfortunate truth that animal characteristics express themselves through human agency when the human agency is open to that expression. This comes about when greed and the will to power predominate over the inspiring angels of our higher nature. You see a lot of it when materialism is in the ascendant as it is today.

You can say we’re at war because of external threats; political differences, the machinations of bankers, hegemony and the demands of empire or any of the usual appearances which history has shown so many times. But... there’s only one war going on and that is the war between our higher and lower natures. The corporations and the bankers and the politicians and every enemy of the greater good for the greater number all work to turn you against yourself; to make humanities lower nature predominate.

This is what dumbing down is all about. This is why the usual entertainments are all cheap entertainments and why what passes for music today is full of ‘pimps’ and ‘bitches’ and ‘ho’s’. This is what tabloids are about and what Rupert Murdoch is about. This is how you get worked and controlled; by playing to your lower nature and by making you appear to be less than you are... by demeaning humanity in it’s own eyes. The trashiest aspects among us are being held up as icons of success. The worst liars have the most airtime. There is nothing accidental about any of this.

The sub prime mess and housing crisis... the millions living on edge; this has all been intentionally manufactured. The first thing we must all realize is that we are considered as nothing more than pawns and canon fodder to the big dogs in the yard. The next thing that must be realized is that we are dealing with psychopaths and it would behoove us all to know just what that means. It is also important to remember that though psychopaths are not human as we understand that term, they are practical. More on that later;

You become a slave when you cease to be your own master. None of what is going on is new. It’s older than ‘bread and circuses’. It’s about distraction and Jack in the Box non-existent enemies that the state creates. It points at the enemy with one hand and draws you into its protective embrace with the other. It blows up trains and buildings and makes laws to protect you from these events which results in increasingly restrictive legislations against your freedom of action, speech and thought. It is right out of Orwell but it was going on long before that.

I tend to believe what Oswald Spengler taught. I believe in cycles. Sometimes it looks dark indeed and sometimes it seems to be “getting better all the time”. The fact is that is just moves from one to the other. The fact is that no one has ever taken over the planet and that no particular evil has ever prevailed. It is true that millions upon millions have been murdered and tormented in unpleasant ways but the vehicles that caused these things did not last. Somehow humanity moved on. This present evil will not prevail either. Do not believe that.

Do not believe the doomsday prophets. Do not believe that the big dogs in the yard will prevail. Despair is just another weapon of the enemy and it always comes back to the way you are made to feel about yourself. You are made to feel powerless. You are placed into debt so that you have to struggle to stay afloat and not be given the luxury of dissent or you will not even have the job that keeps you bobbing in the waves. You are being blackmailed with the threat of greater misfortune if you do not continue to turn the hamster’s wheel.

We hear that Don Imus actually went down because he threatened to reveal things about the 9/11 false flag op. Now we hear that Dennis Kucinich has backed off of his impeachment effort. We notice that with the absence of Cynthia McKinney there might not be another honest member left in congress. Something very heavy is going on behind the curtains. No one is speaking truth to power. What can this be that is pressing down on all of our legislators that no one seems to have the balls to talk about?

There can be no doubt that the psychopaths are running an efficient game upon the human race. There can be no doubt that they intend us harm upon harm. There can be no doubt that we have no elected officials with the will to oppose them. There can be no doubt that the present American administration is a criminal enterprise. There can be no doubt that America is under the control of a foreign power.

Psychopaths are practical, remember that. Realize that we do not have the guns to storm the castle. Besides the reality of this fact there are other ways to succeed. I have said it before and I am going to say it again. We the people must stop the wheel. We must cease to work and to consume except for basic needs. If we do not feed the beast with our time and money the beast will have to adjust. Somehow, some way, what I am saying here has to be repeated all across the internet. Somehow, some way, some courageous souls must organize and it must catch fire across the country and the globe. A week must be set aside in which some large part of the planet does nothing, in protest of what is happening. It must happen again and again until it succeeds. Psychopaths are practical.

Large spontaneous gatherings of people need to occur. People need to gather in large crowds as a statement that things, as they are and have been, must end. These could be like the old ‘be ins’ of the 60’s. There is no need for anything more than the presence of the crowd. There is no need to chant or act out. Silent witness is a good ticket.

Those who sponsor the liars and support the horrors visited upon people in foreign lands should have their products boycotted across the board. Somehow, some way, enough of us have to catch hold of this idea and make it happen. I guarantee it will work. There is no greater power that we have than this; that we stop contributing to anyone and anything that does not have our best interests in mind. We the people. “We the people.”

You have a choice, seize the moment and bring these big dogs to heel. We are far more powerful than they. Your choice is whether you now cry, “Hold! Enough!!!” or whether you have something far worse thrust upon you further down the road. There is no avoiding this issue. Either you act soon or you will be compelled to act later after even greater and more protracted suffering. We can expect nothing more from our leaders. They have failed us. We can expect nothing from public and religious leaders and famous entertainers, nor can we tell the difference between them. We must now expect something from ourselves. We the people.

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