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That Same Old, Same Old- Here it Comes Again.

Before I go wherever this essay takes me I’d like you to read this. Every now and again I read something that pulls at the fabric of my shirt, just above the elbow and seems to say, “See...?” It’s one of the reasons that I think the light is breaking; all the little evidences of people waking up and wondering how they came to fall asleep in the first place.

I see the same news that you see. I see where oil is expected to rise to $160.00 a barrel and I remember when they said it would go to a hundred if Iran were attacked. I guess that was some kind of serious under-estimation at the time, given what they are saying here. Then there is the disappearance of the bees which, since I mention it a lot, you can assume I think it’s a very big deal.

On the geo-political stage the neo-con American government is foaming at the mouth about Iran. Every day they’ve got some new piece of information being delivered to the press by, “a source who can’t be named because they are not authorized to speak on the subject”; about how Iran is behind everything from canceling Deadwood to the long brown hair in your hash browns. They fired Admiral Fallon and General Hayden got all choked up about the people the neo-cons murdered on 9/11. It’s not as cutting edge Theater as Bush and Cheney doing the Walrus and Carpenter but it’s good enough for TV.

Israel hasn’t missed a beat either. When they’re not building massive settlements anywhere they can find a Palestinian family to evict ("double your pleasure, double your fun..."), they’re doing things like this. I’d like it if you took the time to read that article carefully. These despicable Swedish aid workers have the nerve to walk Palestinian school children home, right in front of Israeli settlers who are already contending with Palestinian sub-human’s occupying land that God gave to the Israelis and which involved keeping it clean of pests and a player to be named later. It’s an established custom for Israeli settlers to have the opportunity to pelt Palestinian children with rocks as well as club them to the ground and why the Swedes thought they could just waltz in and interrupt what is basically a religious ritual... well, I think you get the picture.

There aren’t too many things that possess as much sheer poetry as watching a ten year old girl’s head explode into a red mist through a sniper scope. Little cameras on the rifles make it possible for all Israeli’s to share those special moments and it’s totally déclassé for foreign vermin to get the mistaken idea that they’ve got some sort of right to interfere in another country’s business. God didn’t just give the Israelis all the land from Antarctica to the Tigris and Euphrates. He also gave them the Palestinians to do with as they wished. I got so mad when I saw this that I nearly hopped a flight to wherever that was to see if I couldn’t bring some succor, healing and closure to the settlers who must be suffering terribly from the interference.

Along with the rising food prices and the subprime gold rush are a host of shadow dancers, hoofing it like deranged Rockettes in front of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Let’s face it, it don’t look good but...

I’ve seen this before. I’ve seen it in other lifetimes at Waterloo and Gettysburg. I’ve seen it along with the rest of you when we ran out of potatoes in Ireland and during the pet rat period earlier on in the rest of Europe. We saw it in the blood-soaked trenches of Second Ypres and on the Russian front in the next war after that. This isn’t anything new. Somehow all of those darknesses went away and things got stable for awhile until some new darkness formed, west of Mirkwood and east of Eden, by way of the Same old Same Old, Here is Comes Again.

I’ve got a funny feeling this time. I can’t give you hard evidence of why I feel the way I do. I don’t like to talk about it because people’s eyes glaze over when I get all mystical and stuff. I’d ask you to imagine that I commune with my invisible friends and they tell me it’s going to be alright on down the road.

This doesn’t mean that hundreds of millions of people won’t die. They well might. This doesn’t mean that plague and famine won’t be doing a tango across the landscape. It could get a whole lot worse before it gets better but it will get better. It’s just something I feel and I want to tell you that because a lot of you are getting a little too down in the mouth for my tastes.

People talk about Armageddon but Armageddon comes to someone every day. Doesn’t the whole world end inside someone’s mind every time they die? In a hundred years almost no one presently living will still be here. They’ll all have died and gone. Is that any less of an Armageddon just because it happened in stages instead of all at once?

Not everyone’s dream comes true either. Look at poor David Rockefeller. He’s been dreaming of eugenics all his life and he’s still waiting. What will the poor Israeli settlers do when they run out of Palestinians? Have you considered that? I can see a time in the future when sad eyed, neo-con settlers sit by the roadside with signs that say, ‘Brother can you spare a Palestinian?” or “Will work for Palestinians.” It is to weep.

We need to be more grateful for what we have, although it occurs to me that it might be better if we could identify what we actually possess.

I’m going to get a little esoteric on you now and I hope you’ll forgive me for this and I hope it won’t prevent some web sites from reprinting this just because it gets a little spiritual. Anyway, a lot of the evil against which humanity contends is invisible. You can’t see it. Often these invisible entities will possess a person in a moment of weakness and do terrible things and then abandon them like a stolen car by the side of life’s highway ...before they move on.

Every two thousand years, at the beginning of each new age, a teacher comes. As this teacher approaches, he drives all of the darkness of the inner planes before him. These invisible entities have nowhere to go but outward into human form. This is the actual meaning of Armageddon in occult terms.

All of the dark denizens are forced into vulnerable flesh where they can be dealt with. It appears to them that they are wielding great power and that they are untouchable; even as we see it now in Bush and Cheney, Rupert Murdoch and all the rest of what are, in fact, demons clothed in human form. The stage is being set for them to get a big wakeup call and that goes for the human race as well. You may think that things are out of control and that the big Roadmaster of life might go off into the ditch at any moment but... I assure you that EVERYTHING is very much under control.

The safest thing you can do for yourself is to keep an understanding heart and behave according to what your conscience tells you. These are the times we always heard about. We are living in them right now. Do yourself a favor and assume the mantle of a true human being and live and act in a reach to your higher self. This is achieved in all the little things we do every day. This is achieved by knowing what is right and not being afraid to say and do it.

In any case... turn off your TV set and turn on your heart. Everything is going to get sorted out. You don’t have to worry about that. Just do your best and don’t walk by those in need when the moment is upon you.

And now I'd like it very much if you would listen to this song.

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