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Strike up the Band, we are Marching into the Sea.

Super Tuesday came and went. Uniformed cheerleaders dressed in their candidates colors did splits and cartwheels and flashed their underwear in passionate surrender to the ringing cadence of catchphrases and steely eyes misting. They stared into the glorious future whose veils were parted before the force and wisdom of these great souls chosen to stand in the face of uncertainty and trial and lead their respective flocks into the Promised Land.

Amidst the clamor of war and economic ruin, Amidst the squalor of appetite and entertainment; within the kaleidoscope of torture and genocide bought with their dollars and committed by way of their indifference, the American people went to the polls and voted for the candidate whose lies sounded the most like what they could live with along the course of ‘business as usual’.

They don’t know where they’re going. They just want to take care of their families and go to the movies in their heads. They want to eat that turkey dinner and have drinks around the barbecue, send their kids to college and retire to a condominium somewhere south of the death of their capacity to dream of a saner world; much less contribute to it. Their better world begins with them and ends no further than the next block. It includes their relatives and friends and it ends with them being eulogized for all their sacrifice and humanity at a well attended funeral; sail on America. Let your vast stomach rest on the shopping cart as you surf through the aisles of shiny colored shit. It just gets better.

People get the leaders they deserve. They lead the lives their vision can include. They are the strength and sinew of their time. They are the musical notes that dance on the lead sheets of the composition. What’s that you ask? “How come my head is filled with all these cartoon characters?” Tom and Jerry, The Coyote and the Roadrunner... beep... beep and holy shit!

Let’s look at the candidates. There’s Hillary Clinton who supported the war even though she knew it was bogus. You’ve got to look strong and that means showing your ass to the powers that be so they can jackhammer it into the White House. Looking strong isn’t being strong but the latter kills your candidacy. She has no hard words for the present occupant. She serves the same master. The Kyl-Lieberman bill tells us all we need to know of Hillary. Her pounding the drum about Iran tells us all we need to know of duplicity, hypocrisy and empire.

Obama took his Kennedyesque persona and said in no uncertain terms that Israel tells him what to do more than Hillary. Hillary objects and says that she can do more things with a donkey and ping pong balls in the Knesset than Obama can and she’s got an extra hole to offer. Dress them both in white thigh high boots and a red micro mini and offer a two for one sale.

Anyone who doesn’t think that Israel is running America hasn’t been listening to the candidates because everything they say dovetails with the interests of this world government seat designed for the purpose it serves today. Like the houses of Congress. Like the present administration they’re all listening to Radio Sharon, broadcasting 24/7 by satellite and beamed across the world from his coma suite. Tell the truth like Cynthia McKinney or Ron Paul and watch what happens.

John McCain does his old war horse routine and talks about how much ass he’s going to kick and gets called a moderate. Mitt Romney slides like a greased pig in a rubber suit out of the chute of America’s first Scientology experiment. How well I recall Bush flying into Salt Lake City to ask the church Starship Elders to put a cork in Professor Steven Jones. Mitt’s going to do what George did. Hallelujah for that. Elmer Huckabee is going help with the rapture. Jesus is by his side.

If both sides of the equation answer to the same genocidal maniacs, I have to ask the big question; what’s going to change? If America has been transformed into the Land of the Stupids, who send their kids to fight wars engineered by a foreign nation then what does that make America? If members of AIPAC can practice espionage on the American government, get caught-handed and have the act slowly disappear behind the scenes what does that say about the American judicial system? Enter Mukasey.

How did it get to where blatant murder and treason could become the order of the day? What strange power allows Mukasey to tell Congress to kiss his ass? Who has sewn tight the lips of the Congress and spayed and neutered the lot of them? Oh ye great icons of government, ye tireless servants of the downtrodden, ye courageous street fighters for the greater good... you do us proud.

The game ain’t over till it’s over. Unseen across the world there is a mighty army being born. Evil cannot prosper forever and “V” lives in many a heart and is being reborn again by the thousands with every nasty little step that evil takes. It is a fool who imagines that their seat of power is an enduring one. It is a fool who thinks that nothing will ever change and that the banquet will go on forever.

What sort of people are they who would kneel before the promise of things that never come and exchange their freedom for the privilege? What sort of a people will let faceless goons dismantle the house in which they live and sit on the couch in front of the TV until they come for the couch?

Fear is one thing when it is still only in your minds. Fear is another thing entirely when it is in your face. When the day comes that you have to choose between your comfort and your safety we shall see what you are like on that day.

My sympathies to all of you who played the whore, who played the violin while your nation burned. You have my sympathies; all the important names, all the gladhanders, all the fat freaks in muumuu’s trotting down the aisle of “Let’s make a Deal.”, all the cotton candy eating, star-struck contestants dancing in the light of your children’s reflecting navel rings... you have my sympathy. I know how it ends.

There is something in the human heart that cannot be extinguished. I do not care how many decades pass. I do not care what trials may be endured. There is an unquenchable flame in the human heart and it will rise to the occasion. That day will come.

For now, we must endure the parade of whores and cowards who mouth the saccharine platitudes that we have heard every time the bunting gets hung, every time the band tunes up, every time the same old show begins. For now we have to endure the hypocrisy and lies that will find no action when the power changes hands. There was never any power in these hands. When you cannot master yourselves then someone else will master you.

Give yourselves a hand. It takes a rare breed to stand before the world and spin a fairy tale that won’t come true. It takes a rare soul to have the stones to mask their contempt before those they intend to enslave and destroy. The unfortunate truth is that in these days they are not so rare at all. People are waiting in line to sell themselves to the highest bidder, a bidder who stole what they had to begin with in order to possess the coin to buy them all.

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