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Some Clarification of what this Blog Stands For

You will have noted the “Comments” section recently and some of the comments about Jewish control of the world banking system as well as a propensity for global troublemaking. It could happen that new and occasional readers of this blog might come to associate comments made with the mind set of the writer of the blog and I feel the time is at hand to clarify what I think and what I stand for.

Politically, if you read The Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights you have my political position in a nutshell, probably a coconut shell given the size coordinates. Socio-politically I am mostly a Libertarian Socialist. It seems obvious to me that things like universal health care and a dispensation to assist the troubled and unfortunate should be the hallmark of any great nation or nation intending to be great. It also stands to reason that the individual bears a responsibility to the welfare of the whole. I’m just letting my words come as they come. With whatever ease a man may write his thoughts, to that degree he is probably telling the truth insofar as he knows it about himself.

Spiritually I know there is a divine order and that there is only one mind in which we all share. I know that everything is made out of mindstuff and that the universe is conscious; physics has already proven this. To the degree that any man or woman makes that one mind their own mind, to that degree they are in harmony with the whole. This is something I know, not something I take on faith. Along with that I am personally convinced of reincarnation. It isn’t something I have a degree of faith in or a hope for its reality as a process. I know it is so because I have experienced evidence of it on a number of occasions. I know there is one divine origin of substance and being. The confusions of religions are veils that trap the ignorant and fearful. There’s only one source, one regent. The ‘appearance’ to the contrary is the fundamental illusion that is the source of all conflicts.

Within the order and disorder of humanity our chief problem is our perception of differences between us. This is why I hold racism to be an indication of base ignorance and one of the chief dangers of civilization. Zionism is racism and it comes out of the Talmudic perception that Jews are superior to other human beings. The Talmud in many locations states that gentiles are not human and are inferior to Jews. This is my problem with Zionism. I have no problem with Jews. I brought up reincarnation and my conviction of its existence for a reason. We all get the opportunity to be man and woman, black and white, Muslim and Jewish and Christian and Buddhist, rich and poor and so on. So what you are doing by scoffing at and opposing one system of beliefs is that you are scoffing at and opposing yourself at another location in time. Sometimes that is necessary. Sometimes we are here to transform the ignorant acts of our past.

I single out Zionism on the occasions when I do because it is the biggest problem in its sphere in this world today. It is the primary cause of all other unrests. Terrorism, as it exists in the Middle East today, is a reaction against Zionism. Zionism is an insanity that is supported by a certain segment of the Jewish population. It is comparative to Wahabi Islam and Luddite Christian fundamentalism. I group them together as examples of human ignorance. They are example of the ancient karma of repression that takes one shape or another, just as the shadow in Mirkwood took the shape of Sauron in Mordor after it was driven out of there.

I want to be clear that I have no grievance with Jews per se. I’ve met some contemptible representatives in my travels this time around and I have met some truly good representatives too. The same goes for blacks and Asians and all the rest. There’s good and bad in all of our collections. Of course, good and bad are relative to the mind of the person interpreting it, so good and bad may quickly reverse according to perception and circumstance. Ethnic jokes come out of observations of individuals within certain groups and then become definitions of the group itself by those inclined to make those sorts of judgments. There is some amount of truth in nearly everything or you wouldn’t be able to perceive it at all. The irony is that the essence of truth cannot be seen.

I don’t know who controls the Federal Reserve and I haven’t given it much thought. I do know that Zionists have far too much influence in American politics and I know that they lied and connived America into the Iraq war with the assistance of ‘other’ fascists who wanted it that way. I know that they are behind the push against Iran and Syria. I know that they murder Palestinian children and, as one commentator said, use them for target practice. Zionism is another expression of materialism. Materialism is the key evil of existence. Zionism is fascism. Zionists also have a working control of a large portion of world media and they use it to legitimize their terrorism and to paint all else as an evil threat. The truth is that all of these other threats continue to exist because of Zionism. It is an absurdity to say that God has decided that you should have such and such a landscape when you are the ones reporting what God said. Did God say to the Muslims that the Israelis were chosen people and granted all this real estate by divine imprimatur? Did God go to any other religion and say this? No. God apparently told these other religions something different. Bullshit is bullshit and this is bullshit.

When Theodor Herzl created Zionism after the Dreyfuss affair some hundred odd years ago he made it clear that the Jews should use the tag anti-Semitic as a club. He said that it should be used whether it was true or not. It has become a powerful slur, far worse than comparative slurs. It has become a weapon for suppressing criticism of any kind. It has become a powerful tool for the blackmailing of nations. It is a bankrupt term that no longer has any meaning except to render the opposition mute. Criticize anything that goes against Zionist interests and you are an anti-Semitic. It is anti-Semitic to criticize the Israelis for shooting children hanging up their laundry or walking to school. It is anti-Semitic (according to Paul Wolfowitz) to use the term neo-con.

Today, armed gangs of Zionist mercenaries roam through Iraq blowing shit up. British soldiers are routinely caught in camouflage on their way to set off bombs. The Americans are busy at this as well. Two of the most evil men on the planet ( I will have a separate article on them in the near future) are not Jewish. They are David Rockefeller and Rupert Murdoch. David Rockefeller may be the individual most likely to be said to head the Federal Reserve. It would probably be best to say that a small group of fascist vampires, ‘some of whom’ are Zionist Jews, are actively working to enslave the human race.

Jews, like people from all walks of life, have made enormous contributions to the well being of us all. No group can be singled out as evil by nature. Zionism, like fascism, like racism, like Stalinism and other deranged schematics are always evil and never good and they are all fundamentally the same. That is what I believe. You err if you think I hold any other opinions here. I am for the greatest good for the greatest number of people and I oppose exclusivity; the possession of great wealth by a minority, artificial class systems, draconian laws, injuring people for gain, lying media organs and the suppression of dissent. I cannot, within the framework of one small essay, cover all of the available ground but I can give some idea of where I stand. I’ll take whatever licks there may be for what I have said here. I believe these things to be true and I believe the greatest threats to world peace and the biggest terrorists are based in Washington D.C. London, England and Tel Aviv, Israel.

I want what is noble in the American and British and Israeli hearts to overcome the darkness that presently runs their foreign and domestic policies. These three were behind the 9/11 attacks, no other. These are the enemies of humanity and their time will come. It is up to us to have the courage to stand and tell it like it is, to refuse to submit, to encourage what has been called the better angels of our nature so that sooner, rather than later, the dawn will break and the darkness will be sent away to gnaw on its own entrails until it surfaces again.


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