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So, You Think You Know All About George W. Bush?

Information concerning the activities of the Bush Crime Family is readily available on the World Wide Web.

The suspicion of murders and the odd coincidence of epidemic suicides in the Bush lineage is impressive.

The connections to mind control, Satanism and pedophilia are also numerous and strange and to be had in abundance. Here’s just one.

I’ve put just a small portion of links here because there is so much of this that you can go blind looking for it. When you go looking for connections you can be astonished by what you begin to discover; from probing in depth connect-the-dots to strange speculation.

How can such things be? When one starts to wonder at how something like 9/11 can be covered up they need to look at the large amount of other things that are covered up. It’s an international industry and a growth industry. And there is a trail of bodies all along the highway of your inquiry.

I have given you some food for wonder and rumination because of something I just discovered and it is good to have some comparative information already up and running. I just uncovered something and I can’t understand why I didn’t see this before. I have invested large blocks of time into trying to gain a comprehensive picture of the virtual cities that run off of the side tunnels of the rabbit hole. How did I miss this?

While Bush was governor of Texas, he didn’t pardon anyone on Death Row and he didn’t commute any sentences except that of Henry Lee Lucas; without a doubt- the most horrific killer to have been on ‘the row’ while he was governor and certainly one of the most horrific killers in American history. There’s a lot of speculation about Lucas and his sidekick, Otis Toole. He did or did not kill up to 600 people with O’Toole occasionally involved. But he did kill a lot of people and in some terrible ways.

Why would Bush grant this man clemency; of all the people he could have given a pass to, why this one? It baffles the mind. Nor did he make it possible for Lucas to later be tried for so many other things or to be extradited to other states. This is the governor who laughed about and made fun of Karla Faye Tucker and wouldn’t grant her clemency, or Gary Graham either. This is the governor who executed more people than anyone else.

Even stranger, Lucas’s rap partner Toole, was also given clemency in Florida. What are the odds?

Henry Lee Lucas? I am dumbfounded, really dumbfounded. G.W. B. possibly involved in a Satanic mass murder in Brownsville Texas? Geddoudahere. Okay, one or two strange events in a person’s life… that can happen. But what do you have when you get dozens and dozens of strange events connected to serial killers and horrific mass murder and Bobby Seal’s airplane and drug cartels and voter fraud and simultaneous attacks on New York and Washington D.C. and the systematic dismantling of The Constitution and The Bill of Rights along with unending war abroad? What do you get?

No one who reads the information contained in these links can fail to be impressed by the sheer weight of damning coincidence and criminal association. Then, one day, you find out that Marvin Bush was in charge of security at the WTC and that all sorts of funny things were happening there in the weeks running up to the attack. What the heck was Marvin Bush doing in that job of all the millions of jobs on the planet?

Let me not digress. I keep coming back to this Henry Lee Lucas thing. I keep thinking about Brownsville/Matamoros. Somebody please tell me what to think here.

You wonder about the media? Can anyone be anything but mystified as to why this Lucas clemency didn’t light up the airwaves like Las Vegas? Why hasn’t there been any questions asked about Bush in Brownsville? It was never cleared up. There’s no explanation given. It was important enough to inquire about at a certain time. Is it just water under the bridge?

I’m not maintaining that all of the things you will find in these links are true, or that what they imply indicate what they imply. Certainly I’m not trying to get you to believe that Barbara Bush is Alistair Crowley’s daughter... however, it’s not impossible and the basis for the speculation is legitimate.

More and more, I think g.w.b’s childhood must have included something like this...

...and that we really are living in a world where the worst sort of behavior; things you probably can’t even imagine, are the chosen entertainments of a great many world leaders. Pore over some of the information. A great percentage of it is not in dispute. What might be in dispute is the portion we don’t know; what these things imply.

The monsters of film and literature walk among us. The laws that we think we live by are selectively employed for common crowd control. Our laws cannot be intended to keep us safe if they cannot keep us safe from the ones who make the laws and break them as whim may dictate. I’m not asking anyone to believe any of this. I’m just asking, doesn’t it make you wonder?

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