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Shitheads and Shiteaters

A point seldom made and a contradiction often missed is the ironic similarity between fundamentalist Islam and the ongoing putsch of the Christian right. The fundamentalists on both sides want to regulate human behavior to the inth degree and if you don't think Christians are every bit as capable of draconian enforcement as the Wahabi Muslims then you missed the inquisition, the witch-burnings and the Iraqi War. This is a clash of cultures and any other arguments are incidental. At a deeper level it is about the basic appearing differences between East and West- even to a deeper level of that between morning and night. These two cultures come at each other in the middle; the Middle East. Although people are basically the same everywhere they appear different.

It’s true that the pig cultures of the West want the oil to fuel their excessive pig lifestyle; hmmm, I wonder if there’s a connection there in respect of Muslims not eating pork? It’s true that the repressive cultures of the East fear the rise of feminine power. It’s true that the West glorifies her as a whore who gives fantastic head. You have to see what seems to be happening in terms of what is really happening. Just as certain plants tend to grow around other plants, terrorism is a natural outgrowth of Western culture.

A lot of the power of the luddites presently in charge of America and the solid block of robot voters that reflexively support them no matter what is the constant fear that seeming decadence will overpower their neighborhoods and homes; drugs, sexual diversity and licentious behavior, street violence and the general breakdown of the moments moral codes- according to the good girls and boys who grew up to be their parents. These people don’t seem to get the message of Deadwood or know much about 17th century London, or how it was in New York at the beginning of the last century; alcoholism and the general brutality of the system toward others. Even though the liars and thieves and assholes continue to be among us and in many cases plague our lives with their mischief, things improve slowly while getting better or worse in a cyclic bio-rhythm of forces most people don’t understand.

The shitheads in charge of the American government at this time are evil motherfuckers. It doesn’t matter if they know this and do it consciously, like Cheney, or are just too stupid to tie their own shoes, like Bush. The suffering given is the same. Behind the scenes major arm-twisting is taking place. Domestically the shitheads have control of the media, the military and the money. Most of the manipulation is taking place from London (which never did give up control of the colonies) and Tel Aviv. Money makes power happen. People in charge always want to be more in charge. The mind set that made them shithead control freaks in the first place hasn’t changed. It’s like watching The Treasure of Sierra Madre over and over again and it always ends the same way.

The world is going through major birth pains. It is the end of one age and the beginning of another. New visions are coming forth while old forms of ignorance are dying out. New ignorances are coming too. The ancient enemy of humanity doesn’t go away, he just shifts his tactics. It is easy to fall into fear and despair at this time. Don’t let that happen. Some good things are on the way but there is going to be some major housecleaning too.

Those who read here know that the shitheads were very likely behind the bombing of the golden dome mosque. Everything that is happening is being orchestrated for effect. But not everything is going their way and they aren’t writing the ending either. Notice how China and Russia have come into play.

The heads of state everywhere know what happened on 9/11. They know what happened in the Florida vote count and they know that the American electoral system has been hijacked. Why don’t you hear about it? That’s not how they play the game. You know about it though.

This nasty ugly mess that has been brought about by the corporations who run the governments is a frightening affair. Besides the oil there are other interests too. There is an enormous population with pocket change that looks damn good to the shitheads at McDonalds and all of the companies that sell shit to the shiteaters. Muslims don’t want to eat shit and there’s a problem all by itself. Western culture is trying to stuff their products down their throat. Meanwhile Bush is skullfucking Gandhi’s legacy in India while behaving in all ways contrary to everything Gandhi stood for. The fact is that the shiteaters are stupid. You would have to be stupid to eat shit wouldn’t you?

In America most people can’t tell because they eat shit all day long and have for years. They eat shit from the TV and they eat TV shit. They are entertained by shit and they especially like shit when you put colorful wrappers on it and add a lot of confection. When people collectively eat shit for long periods of time they turn into shit. But shit is good. Shit turns into nitrogen and it makes nature abundant and colorful. These people are compost for the new age.

The biggest danger is the trivialization of life. Everything is tending more and more trivial and superficial. The luddites are correct that a cancerous agenda is at work to subvert the values they hold dear and the shitheads are at great pains to let them know this. Those roomy camps that Halliburton is building in the US will seem realistic when the people who don’t exist on a steady diet of shit object to being tormented under increasing restrictions and fascist efforts that are ‘for their own protection’.

Why am I writing this? It is a little different. I just want you to play with some of these ideas. The shitheads are a logical progression that appears when a culture has entered a certain phase. The shitheads are always around but their numbers aren’t so great. You will note that the number of people engaged in certain lifestyles and forms of behavior are also increasing.

Karachi has almost 20 million people now. A plague could go through there like a wildfire. All these massive urban experiments are totally unprepared for the logical result of a bad experience. Did you think Katrina was bad? How about the response and the followup? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Life corrects itself. When life gets way out of balance it sets certain forces in motion.

It’s important to realize that Muslims are not a bunch of inflamed ragheads. Islam is, in its finest expressions, a powerful and beautiful thing. So is Christianity. In their essence these things contribute much that we all value without knowing its source. But just as the governments have been hijacked by shitheads, so have the religions too. On the one hand are the growing numbers of extremists and on the other hand are the mealy mouthed cowards who won’t stand for anything. Right now it’s a shithead’s world. Are you a shithead or a shiteater? Are you?

Right now the best thing anyone can do is to think about where they are and what they’re doing. Think about what you value and what you don’t mind losing. Think about your proximity to large numbers of shitheads and shit eaters. Eating shit is bad. It will make you sick and it might be contagious in a sudden and wild way. You don’t want to be there if you’re not a shit eater. Heads up.


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