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Sank Heffen for Leedle Boyz- 33 Days and a Wakeup

I’ve been trying to say, “Watch.” during the last several offerings. Certain things are taking place and they are all connected. Things don’t happen all by themselves, unless they’re earthquakes or tidal waves. Right now we’re looking at the human equivalent.

The Honorable Mark Foley’s laundry has been hanging on the line, unwashed, for a long time. Now he’s going to the cleaners. Lots and lots of people knew all about it. And it is surprising that it has hit like it has before the election. This is one of those October Surprises that surprises everyone; especially those who are still orchestrating their own.

What puzzles me is, since it’s an observable fact that the media- regardless of any and all opinions to the contrary, is in the republican neo-cons hip pocket... why would they be all over this when it’s a given that they print only what they want to print; only what their masters tell them to? Their zeal at this juncture is highly suspicious. It’s as if the whores on the corner suddenly found Jesus and started doing rap gospel instead of selling their ass.

Something’s fishy and it isn’t just Ann Coulter’s underwear. Nothing short circuits the sexually repressed American culture like sex. Nothing gets the pit viper neo-con fundie religious nuts into a mouth foaming frenzy like sex. Sex is from the devil, just ask them. And nothing gets all of the self-righteous sanctimonious talking heads and columnists and opinion writers as hot and bothered as sex. When its sex involving a political figure AND when it involves young boys, it goes right off the Richter Scale. Conservative organs everywhere are harder than they’ve been in twenty years just thinking about...THE OUTRAGE. A great many evangelicals won’t be going to the polls. It’s a heaven sent disaster for the Republicans and on paper it seems one of the nicest things to happen for the human race since the last Bush left office. What are we to make of it?

This guarantees the election and the leadership to the Democrats, except for Diebold, except for whatever is coming up on the false flag terror front, except for whatever the reason the press did this in the first place.

Call me paranoid, something doesn’t look right. It could be that the corporate masters, seeing the writing on the wall, have just switched horses and are going to ride the Democrats now but... given that the committee chairmanships will change, given that the commissions will be Democratic and given the certainty that Bush will be impeached and given the exhaustive efforts at voter fraud and the WTC and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq; the massive disinfo, the torture manifestos and god knows how many things I could list until I run out of space... something doesn’t smell right and I’m not talking about Rush Limbaugh.

As I was writing this, another message came in from A. Magnus alerting me to massive ‘put option’ activity on the DOW, NASDAQ and S&P. I am not the guy to go looking at why there is so much action in gold and diamonds and platinum right now. Of course, during the false flag WTC and 7/7 London Bombing there was enormous activity in this respect, a lot of it coming out of a small Middle Eastern Country that will remain nameless. Some millions of dollars worth from the WTC action have yet to be collected.

Most of us who have studied the strange history of the last 6 years know something of what has been going on, as opposed to those who haven’t studied it at all and have rock solid opinions based on something or other.

Are these ‘put options’ a reality? Given how many of us are aware of what happened before, how come I get only two Google hits when I search for ‘put options’
for October 6th?

Another thing is that the catchy date. We had 9/11 and we had 7/7 and now we got 1066 or the Battle of Hastings, sort of. It makes you wonder.

You and I know these suckers are nothing if not blatant. They count on the collective stupidity and incurious nature of the hoi polloi. They count on the fear and confusion and they count on the belief of most, that their government would never do certain things even while they are doing them right in front of your eyes. They lie constantly and get caught constantly and it doesn’t seem to matter...UNLESS IT CONCERNS SEX. They just got found out as the source for the Mohammed Atta laughing gas video. It doesn’t matter.

Those of us who have researched the matter know that pedophilia is a massive operation through governments around the globe. Certainly the Dutroux case and the various British scandals as well as The Franklin ‘call-boys in the Reagan White House’ cover-up have shown this. It’s a given that one of the reasons so many members of congress are silent when they should cry out and why they will vote for the nastiest legislation that might not even float in the Klingon Empire is that blackmail over such things is rampant.

Certain government intelligence agencies from certain countries are engaged full time in arranging scenarios where influential politicians are trapped by their weaknesses and videotaped for posterity.

Yes, it all sounds like those conspiracies that never happen. It’s better to believe the illogical and absurd explanations given for things that COULD NOT have happened that way. I guess most don’t realize that ‘government’ is a conspiracy, or that all of us conspire every day about something or another.

What is it in people that makes them blind themselves rather than look for the truth? I don’t understand that. What is it in people that allows them to believe their government would never do this even when we see them doing it in front of us; when we hear them lying about it, when they are caught lying about it. What is it that makes us deceive ourselves into accepting the comfortable lie? What’s wrong with us?

They lied about the WTC. They lied about the basis for the Iraq incursion. They phonied up the Intel. They lie just about every time they move their lips and yet, people bob their heads up and down and become roused to their own deaths as ignorant canon fodder at the mere sound of horns and a passing parade.

This is a mystery to me. I am not made like this. I often wonder whether there is some gas, something in the water, some subliminal pulse that beams out across the land and which some of us have a built in immunity to.

Today comes the massive world wide demonstration against the fascists. Tomorrow comes 10-6-6 and those ‘put options’, or not- I’m not that informed about it. I know they’ll do something and blame it on somebody, probably Iran. And it will probably be outrageous enough to justify their doing what they really want to do and you know what that is. Or it may all pass or come on another day. For this writer it is just to say again and again, “Keep your eyes (and your mind) open and watch.


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