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Ron Paul, John Edwards and the Powers that Be.

It’s impressive, I’ll say that. Ron Paul has really hit a nerve and the powers that be don’t like him one bit. For me that’s all the information I need. Sure, there are those that are going to tell me that the powers that be set it up that way and that Ron Paul is just another side of the powers that be. They’re going to tell me the game is locked on all sides but I don’t believe it.

Funny things happen in history and bad guys go down. It happens. Sometimes it happens much later down the road than we would like, but it happens.

I’ve seen two candidates in this present spectacle that I could live with winning the White House. Those candidates are Ron Paul and John Edwards. The reason I bring this up is because the powers that be want a John McCain and Joe Lieberman ticket. John McCain is a neo-con tool and Lieberman is an Israeli Zionista. That’s a good combination for the powers that be. If they’re really lucky they’ll get Giuliani as Attorney General too.

The assault on Ron Paul is coming on many levels. He’s been smeared as an associate of white power groups. That was blown out of the water but it keeps on getting said because that’s how Swiftboating is done. You keep repeating the same things over and over as if they hadn’t been disproved. People are that stupid that if you say something over and over they figure it has to be true because why else could you say it over and over on mass media?

Next they took radical statements made by someone purporting to support Ron Paul; possibly Lew Rockwell and they made it out as if Ron Paul had made these statements, this they did on CNN. Then they make out like the statements were being made over two decades because they happened between 1989 and 1991. Ron Paul disavowed all of these statements as being any indication of his position but there goes another Swiftboat down the river of darkness.

Then they compare Ron Paul to a terrorist on MSNBC. Then they list the votes from Michigan and don’t mention the over 50,000 votes that Ron Paul got but they don’t mind mentioning far lower numbers for other candidates. Mostly they don’t mention Ron Paul except dismissively.

Then we get the FACT that Ron Paul votes weren’t even counted in New Hampshire.

Ron Paul’s position on issues is readily available, I won’t debate them here. He’s a sound man with a sound plan and as radical as some of the ideas are they are all good ideas. They won’t get implemented because nothing ever gets done as it should. They will be debated and they will lead to positive compromises and that’s always to the good.

On the other hand, with people like John McCain and Joe Lieberman in office you might as well just start accepting the fact that you are all Palestinians now. You will be sure to see more phony terror attacks and more phony terror alerts because you are headed into the metaphorical darkness of Egypt only it won’t be a metaphor.

On the one hand you have bombastic ignorance and on the other you have certain evil. These are interchangeable as cause and result. You will be up shits creek and into an American Gaza to the smarmy, sonorous tones of the unctuous Lieberman and his talking parrot McCain.

They’ve got Bloomberg in the on deck circle. They’re quite serious about this people.

Let’s put aside John Edwards membership in an elite organization. You’re not likely to get a presidential candidate who hasn’t got some connection to something. We’re looking for the best possibilities. John Edwards is a populist out of the Jimmy Carter mold. He’s a human being as much as anyone running. It’s obvious he is passionate about his platform and it’s a good one. It’s a good one as far as the majority is concerned.

Isn’t it time for a collation of good? We’ve got various coalitions of evil. We’ve got all kinds of talking snake heads attached to the same body. We need a collation of good. It would be a fine thing to see John Edwards and Ron Paul running together in a power sharing combine. You say that’s impossible? You say they have nothing in common? They’ve got plenty in common and one thing they have in common is enough to make it worth our time. They love America and they’d like to get it on track.

I think it’s time that these men- and any others that want to see real change- come together and recognize their common interests as well as the dangers; great and terrible dangers that face America and the world if the Zionist stooges gain yet more power. They’re already running the show. Wolfowitz, Pearle, Feith, Chertoff, your new attorney general and a host of others are all dual nationals whose interest is Israel’s gain and who view America and its people as canon fodder and financial cows. They’re operating behind the scenes and they want to come out into the open. They’re far enough along that they’ll dare anything now.

These men along with Michael Ledeen, William Kristol and a number of others, lied America into an unnecessary war, are culpably involved in the 9/11 attack and connected at various levels to most of the terrorist activity of the last seven years.

Ron Paul in power is going to throw a spanner into the works. I don’t know about Ron Paul’s chances on his own but aligned with someone like John Edwards it might make for a strong case. Fiscal responsibility is critically needed. Ron Paul’s platform addresses this. Our foreign policy is a shambles; John Edwards could do much to change that. Why would this coalition be a crazy idea when McCain Lieberman isn’t? You hear ridiculous talk that McCain and Lieberman are moderates. They’re neo-cons and they’ve got murder on their minds.

As with most of what I write the idea is to generate thought and hope that along with so many others who want a better world that it will help to form the government we need.

Right now voter fraud is epidemic. While we slept, vicious flesh-eating swine have insinuated themselves into every area of our lives. They’re assaulted the constitution. They’ve assaulted their own country. They’ve made laws designed to criminalize the ordinary citizen. Tazer-trolls are patrolling the malls and streets of your towns and cities. The press is an organ of the neo-cons. We have to bring them down. We need an outcry so pervasive and vast that these neo-cons must flee to the country where their loyalty abides. They intend to make it worse. How much can you take? We’ll see won’t we?

“Occasionally the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants.” Your country is in the hands of a hostile, foreign, occupying force. You need Ron Paul to change this condition. Ron Paul needs the help of others with followings of their own to accomplish it. It’s time for everyone of good faith to put aside their small differences and unite behind the much larger common goals that they all share.

People from the different campaigns need to talk to each other. There is room in a new administration for all of these people in their areas of expertise. Make it happen.

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