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Oh When the Saint's Go Marching In....

Thank you for the emails and the inquiries as to my take on the London bombing. My position on all of these things taking place at this time is that they are connected to an overall strategy of fascist intent connected to certain global, corporate interests allied with governmental interests- which they control. Behind the corporations are individuals joined together in an effort to exert their own idea of order upon the world and to reap whatever benefits they consider important to them. They are on both sides of every conflict. They engineer these conflicts by various means and they profit from the conflict. They are the source of ongoing disinformation. They regulate what is taught in schools and what passes for entertainment and thereby control the general level of intelligence in the world. That intelligence level is going down by the day; dumbing down.

Behind the people behind the corporations behind the governments are discarnate entities that have interests that are different from those of the individuals they use to exercise their will upon humanity. You can call them aliens. You can call them dark forces from the inner planes. You can call them the ancient enemy of man. You can call them Ray or Jose. They are there. They broadcast into human consciousness daily from locations deep within and far away, from outside and inside. They hijack human minds and turn them into serial killers according to disposition. They enrage whole groups of people against each other. They exercise unusual tastes in those so disposed. They feed on human stress and fear. Humanity is a herd of livestock for their appetites.

Is this strange enough for you so far? It gets stranger. There is a point where Scientology and the Urantia Book and the writings of Gurdjieff touch. Murmurs from Atlantis and Lemuria echo through the liquid medium wherein the memory of such things reverberates. Call it the ether. Call it some specific section of The Akashic Records. Call it anything you like. It’s there.

Now all of this wild and fantastic action takes place within the body of God. God is within, ahead of and behind everything going. Some would argue that The Ring Pass Not allows for things forever estranged from God. I wouldn’t know about that and it has nothing to do with me or what I am discussing here except to say there are some places you can go that your imagination has no capacity to envision… but they are there.

The key item anyone needs to remember is that everything is under control and that it all works out according to a plan that is in one set of hands alone; no matter how great the superstructures; the nations, the fortunes, the citadels, the armies, the darkness or your fear. It is all built out of the same thing and will be reduced to the same thing in time. What is one to do?

Surely this essay was meant for my other blog but I have nothing more than this to say at this time here. Of course I can tell you that the London bombings are a designed distraction from things coming to the surface in certain locations. Various investigations are on the verge of indicting America’s criminal administration in nasty, nasty affairs. The aggregate beliefs of the world have been tilting toward agreement upon collective wrong-doing in high places.

I could say that real terrorists would have placed their bombs more efficiently, would have maximized the body count. The actual placing argues that there was more afoot than just killing people.

I could also tell you that bombs are in place all over the world already; just as they were in the WTC buildings before the planes hit. It’s just a matter of setting them off. This is a good point to keep in mind.

What would I tell you? What would I tell you the concerned resident of somewhere, someplace, Planet Earth? I’d tell you that things aren’t going to really straighten out until about 2012. Until then they are going to get increasingly worse. I can tell you that the actions of the puppeteers orchestrating the dance of bush co. are part of an epic play that turns out contrary to their intentions. I can tell you we are in that state of advanced labor at the birth of The Aquarian Age. Some things have been alive a long time. They will not die easy but they will die.

I would not myself live in centers of urban madness nor do I delight in the cornucopia of strange entertainments and various exotica that make up the buffet table of present time. I wish not to be the monkey with its fist full of mango caught in the clay jar. I wish not to follow the Judas Goat through the killing gate. I will not be crying “Alas Babylon” It means nothing to me. However that is not the case with many here. “Where your heart is there your fortune will be too.” Expect weeping and lamentation over ‘stuff’.

You reside in the midst of a carnival game of ‘problem, reaction, solution’ one of the main tools of fascism is to create a boogeyman, have the boogeyman do bad things (or say it did) and then swear to protect you from it. It then, by increments, reduces your liberty under the banner of protecting you from something they created in order to curtail your liberties. As many times as this has been done before people never seem to believe it will happen again; that it will happen to them and that it could happen in the land of the free.

I continue to believe that most of the American mainland is under some sort of chemical or hypnotic fog. Every time I see the long dead Bin Laden appear with a different face, spouting phrases in a voice long debunked as NOT Bin Ladens; every time I hear about a new Al Qaeda with a new name I just shake my head at this child’s play of transparent magic.

Sooner or later and, for your sake, I hope it is sooner, you must all, as a nation, refuse to shop or work. You must bring the entire nation to a standstill and demand the ouster of the criminal band that illegally seized the reins of power. You do not have the guns to confront them. You do not have the media to expose their lies. You cannot affect them at the ballot box when they are counting the votes. You do not have what you need to have on the one level but you damn sure have it on the other. If you would collectively get together and shut down the engines you can transform your world. Of course you have to buy food and drink. But you don’t HAVE TO buy anything else. You can’t lose your job if the whole nation does not go to work.

It may be that you can’t hear me. I’d be surprised if you could. But we need repeating towers that will bring this message like cell phone repeating towers across the world. The voice of the people is stronger than the voice of the vampire overlords. Rise up! And sit down!!!

Let us become a world of Gandhi’s. Let us become a world of non-violent non-contributors. Let us bring this world to its knees for the sake of the world, ourselves and for the world to come. Either you can exercise your rights to demand your rights and drive the darkness from the corridors of power or you will be beaten to your knees. Daily your rights are being removed because of threats orchestrated by the government whose job is to protect you. Wake up!

We’ve all seen the wave at sports stadiums around the world. We need a wave that shows the common understanding of what is required moving across all of the lands like a prairie fire, like a tidal wave, like falling dominoes. If everyone tells everyone else we can all sit down and change the world. You do not have to endure the manipulations of jackals making lunch of your fellows for their own personal gain. Wake up!!!

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