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My Thoughts are too Dangerous to Speak

Let me see if I have got this right, somebody fired a lot of rockets into empty lots in Siderot and Olmert (he whose face looks like a grinning skull) ordered some murders. Oh they blame these things on Hizbollah and they blame them on Hamas but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that it’s the IDF that likes to launch rockets into empty lots.

It’s difficult to understand how .05 percent of the population can have such a locked down control on the banking industry, the American government, many European governments, most of the international media, the entertainment industry and god knows what else, all while making anyone who points it out a pariah dog bitch regardless of the fact that it is demonstrably fact.

It’s difficult to understand how a fat slug of a presently comatose mass murderer could storm the Temple Mount creating an Intifada and then make it the fault of a wretched, huddled mass of displaced peoples who can hardly feed themselves. It’s hard to imagine how these same wretched people now have their food, water and power shut off to starve them into submission with the intention of driving them off somewhere far away.

It’s hard to imagine how the lawyer (Stolz) defending the man (Zundel) hijacked from one country to another merely for questioning an event and finally imprisoned, can also be imprisoned for defending the man. It’s even harder to imagine when the Red Cross figures of this event are at odds with the declared numbers and when detailed forensic investigation of Treblinka has irrefutably shown that there were NO mass graves there.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone would ever be imprisoned for questioning something... unless... UNLESS... someone doesn’t want any questions asked because of what the results might be. After all... what could investigators find that would contradict official published stories? Is there something to find? Why would impressive legal machinery be set into place to silence those who ask questions? After all... the death count listed outside Auschwitz continues to be lowered by the same people imprisoning the people questioning the event.

It’s hard to imagine a people who daily practice the same tactics practiced against them against a people that they displaced off of the land upon which they were living before they displaced them. It’s hard to imagine that a company from a certain country was controlling security at all of the 9/11 airports, the London tube and the Madrid train station and that members of their security forces were caught video-taping the 9/11 attacks and dancing around and one wonders... one wonders indeed how they knew about this in advance.

It’s hard to imagine that dual nationals from America and this country are responsible for all of the wars following. It’s hard to imagine and difficult to understand how this country could launch a horrible attack on Lebanon or that there would be such questions remaining about assassinations the world over that benefit no one but this country and the countries they control.

It’s not surprising to now find that Entebbe was orchestrated by the Israelis.

As I go back in time and watch the progression of events as they move to the moment in which I write these words I have to say that there is an overwhelming weight of evidence that indicates that the drive toward the creation of Israel and the activities of Israel since have resulted in the lion’s share of death and suffering on this planet since. There is no other way to see it. Even if we don’t leave out Chairman Mao they get the Oscar.

It could be that there is some shadowy alien pod race that is making all of this happen just to blame it on the same victims that always get blamed- and who’ve made out like gangbusters since -but I find that difficult to imagine. No matter how you play it out they are working for them because they are in many of the positions of authority.

I find it odd that most of the so-called anti-Semitic offenses of recent years have all been revealed to have been perpetrated by Zionists jitterbugging through blood puddles with Herzl-rock on the headphones. Please see the actual police reports in France, the US and elsewhere for the slimy details.

I am starting to believe that the nation of Israel and those who created it for the purpose it serves today are guilty of worse crimes than even the most imaginative of us have suggested. I am starting to think that whenever this ‘chosen people’ thing got said it was The Devil himself saying it. I am starting to think things that I can never say but I will be goddamned if I don’t connect some dots and have at it with a will while I am still standing.

I have come to the point where I just can’t take it any longer. I just can’t take the ongoing impunity of emptying automatic weapons into nine year old girls. I can’t take the false flag outrages that are blamed on the people being eliminated. I can’t take these odious, blood-sucking swine going on and on and on while the world masturbates in front of its TV set. I just can’t take it.

I suspect that this is the source of the fog I was talking about. I suspect that this is the source of most of the evil that plagues humanity at this time. I realize that the smear machine will come after me. I realize that I’ll be labeled and branded and god knows what else but I don’t care. If I have to live in fear of these forces then I will have to count my life not worth having been lived.

I’m lucky that I’m not important enough to have a reputation wide enough to where anything said about me would make any difference. But I assure you that I would have long ago compromised such a reputation if I had had it. It’s as plain as plain can be. This doesn’t make Iran and Russia and China the good guys; not hardly. Every nation in this world is run by compromising me firsters. Lucky for some that they have laws and constitutions as yet uncompromised.

Israel and her lap dog America and her lapdog England and who knows who is sitting in whose lap; but we can be sure there is a circle jerk of canines with their noses up each others asses who only turn away long enough to gorge themselves on human flesh and blood and misery.

These are the people that did 9/11. These are the people who are running the killing fields of the moment. These are the ones who have revised history to their own purposes, who silence dissent, who fire university professors, who control the medium of the massage, who rape the children and who place the children in the hotel rooms for the politicians to fuck and who videotape it and then murder the children afterwards and who then control the politicians. These are the shits who control the banks and the arms industries and who are marching you as these words are written toward the grayscale destiny of your final hours. Connect the dots.

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